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DAILY CHAT / FRIDAY / 24/08/2012

DAILY CHAT  / FRIDAY /  24/08/2012

Good morning ,

How is everyone today?

Weather wise :- Here in yorkshire looks like rain. I hope its better wherever you are.

No plans for today as such, I hope everybody has a good day. Nearly the weekend and another week of being smoke-free. I cant believe how chatting to other quitters can help so much. Best site on the internet.

Catch up in a while. Going to see if Emjay will help with the grand opening of the cafe later on.


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Morning Jillygirl, yeah to-rite gal :) good job its friday cus am creamcrackered and am ready for a rest :) :)

Did you get all your ironing done young Lady ??


Ironing done, meal eaten. :) went to bed at 11.00pm. :) woke up at 4.45am :( got out of bed at 5.30am. So here I am watching the heavens open. Was going to go into town today but going to wait for the rain to ease off.

Anyway love you take it easy today. Think about them there wheels. You could buy a new outfit to go with the car. Then you would be trendy.

Catch up later on. better find some healthy recipes for the cafe. xx luvs ya. ;)


Good morning Jilly, Pete and everyone else.

Don't you have to work tonight the Pete? that's good. :) And for all your hard work I will award you an extra day off this weekend! Hurray, Yippee!!!! :) :) Why don't you make the most of it and take 'er indoors out for a yomp (or romp :o ) over those Derby Dales like the other masses at the weekend? Might earn you extra brownie points and keep you outa that pub and temptation! :o :D :D

So the weather forecast is a bit iffy (as usual) for the weekend. Our rain is supposed to come in about lunchtime so better leave all inside work for later. Might even involve ironing if the washing's dry.

See you later. :)


Morning Andi, yep, we work 4 x 12 hour shifts when we work nights.

I thankyou very kindly for giving me an extra day off this weekend, sooper dooper, that means that i dont have to go back to work until 6am Tuesday :) :)

Andi i reckon by the time you've pulled all those triffids up in your garden, your washing will be just rite for ironing :D :D



Why dont you come and chat on here, instead of going on the old blogs :o

So you've been quit for 12 weeks thats just stewpendouse :) :) and at 74 years i think you must be the oldest - young Lady on this site ;) :)

I hope to speak to you soon regntcy :)

Pete :)


Morning all, sorry did'nt post yesterday and hope all of you are doin OK out there. Regntcy 12 weeks is great - I'm in my 2nd week at the mom. Hope you get some sleep Pete and your gardening done Andi. Yep rain due to here to at 3ish. As usual left my umbrella in my car at the station so will probably get wet again. Looking forward to the long weekend


Morning Chris - bit of a challenge for you this weekend then! :) Sunday's supposed to be the best day - maybe a good day for a bike ride! :D :D


Morning Chris, glad to hear your ok, and yeah i think the weathers the same all over, it gives it getting better on Sunday, huh believe that when i see it

Speak soon :)


Hi Chris , hope your ok. and well done on keeping positive.

I thought you London chappies wore bowler hats :D or am I showing my age. he he :D :D


A little something for Jillygirl

who is just a sooooper whirl

She opens the daily chat

with a funny pic & all that

She loves a bit of a laugh & joke

and usually gives me a poke

She is also very witty

not like me a bit drippy

She loves to scoot her scooter

hope she doesn’t run over my hooter

When she reads what I’ve put here

I will be hiding with a can of beer

So if you see a big flash

its Jillygirl givin me a bash

:D :D :P :P


Oh my word! You are a happy bunny at the moment aren't you! :) :) I wish I could be as creative and amusing as you are - always making me chuckle. :D :D


Aup Andi,


I'm a happy bunny cus i've finished my fav shift, '' and '' you gave me an extra day off, this weekend :D :D


Andi -- you've got brains, i havnt, your a lot fitter than i am, and you;ve got beauty :) :)

well you look a bit of alright with the light off :D :D

Am out a here :o


Hi andi , by you certainly have been cheering Pete up. At least it keeps him occupied. Well all this poetry must have use up the 3 brain cells he`s got.

(cringe hope he didnt hear that) :D

See you soon.


Theres a certain fella who`s on this site,

Who cheers us all up day and night,

Yes Pete you make quitting such fun,

With all of the jokes, your number one.

We know there are times when things get you down,

But you know we are here when you start to frown.

Thank you Pete you make us smile,

We know you`d always go the extra mile.

So keep your chin up and call in at the caff.,

Sit down have a cuppa and a well earned laugh. :D :D :D


Excellent - wish my 3 brain cells would work that well! :o :D :D


Thanks Jillygirl, love it, love you too gal xxxx :)


Good Morning Everybody.

I can't believe that it's Friday already... again feels like it was only a week ago since the last one! :-/

Pete, loving your little ditty, you've been going to poetry classes on the sly haven't you ha ha. The lengths you go to, to keep occupied :D

Andi, it's your day off from exercising today... I bet you manage to sneak something in though :D With regards to me getting all motivated after following your exercise regime, I've finally made a half decision about exercise... Oooer... I feel a bit nervous about declaring it now ha ha. I think it's a bit like stopping smoking and sharing with friends and family fact that you've set a quit date! Anyways, as I was saying.. I've kind of made the decision... to go for my first run in a long time. I just need to set a 'run date' and see where I go from there... There... I've said it! Watch this space... :-/

Jillygirl, I shall ask HealthUnlocked if there is a way to put pictures up within the comments, if not I'll as k nicely if they can make this possible. I hope you like my suggestions so far, I think there is something for everyone :D

Chris, another week almost passed and you'll be into your 3rd week before you know it :D That's brilliant :D

For those of you who are not aware, we have a bank holiday weekend coming up :D so on a scale of 1-10 (10 being really confident) how are you all feeling about having a smokefree bank holiday?

If you have any plans that might include alcohol, try and plan ahead of how you will manage to stay as strong as possible. What can you do to ensure that after a few sips, glasses or pints (dare I even suggest bottles!) of your favourite tipple, that you are not going to fall into that "one won't hurt" mode?

Now, I'm not saying don't have a drink, or don't have a good time. You can still enjoy yourself. :D Smoking doesn't make your time more enjoyable does it....? :-/

Remember, it's all about staying in control and being as positive as possible.



Thanks Emjay for helping with the cafe site.

My scale for being confident about staying smokefree is 10 out of 10. :)



I havnt forgotten the questions you asked me, its just that i am asking myself some questions, and sort of experimenting on myself, to try and find out why, and where, i went wrong, and succumbed to the ciggies !!!! if that makes sense to you !!

I will let you know asap and give you my new quit date. :)

Whether i use the patches again, or try something else, not quite sure yet on that one, still whizzin around my head !! :o

Maybe if i try some other form of NRT, then perhaps i could kill two birds with one stone, as in the drink as well !! :) as you know there buddies, hmm got to have a good talk to myself and i will let you know.

Rite i'm off up the wooden hill :) maybe speak later if i wake up.

Nite nite everybody if i dont :)


Afternoon all. It started raining at 1 o'clock. Eased off a bit about 3 so I popped out to the shops. Traffic everywhere a bit of a 'mare as in 'let's all go to the local shopping centre!', accidents reported on the radio - just a typical Bank Holiday Friday! :D :D Just got back in and now it's peeing down again - time to veg out in front of the tv. :o

ps Have got fresh supplies of pistachios in for the weekend but will eat much smaller portions than I was on the last Bank Holiday!! :D :D


Hi all you lovely people.

Hope the rain didnt dampen your spirits and you had a good day.

Went shopping but not into town , couldnt face all the hassle , like you said andi traffic everywhere.

Not worth bothering when its bank holidays.

Ah well off to watch a bit of tv, call back before bed time. Where is every one today Sue , sure2, lenne, finley ,dawn ? hope they are all ok. :O


Yeah, I keep wondering where they've all got to too. :(

I'm calling it a day now so I will bid nite nite to everybody and sleep well. :)


Nite nite Andi, hope you sleep well :)

As for you having 3 brain cells, i've got 3 and your a lot cleverererer than i am :o so i vote that you must have 6 or even 7 :D :D


OK Andi and Pete, always the old faithfuls at the end of the day. Love ya both.

Night night see you tomorrow. xx :)


Hey less of the old !! :P

Nite nite Jillygirl, speak tomorrow. xxxx :) :)


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