DAILY CHAT / FRIDAY / 03/08/2012

DAILY CHAT    /  FRIDAY  / 03/08/2012

Good morning everyone,

Friday again, another week nearly done another week staying smokefree. :)

Well at the moment got blue sky in yorkshire, just have to see if it lasts. probably rain later.

No plans for today. Just clean the budgies cage out. Got him for another week yet.

He still sounds like the oven timer. :D

Hope you are all feeling ok and positive.

Lisa-jane hope things went ok for missy.

brekky time now so see you later on. xx :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    Think someone's just turned the lights out down here - showers clearing up this afternoon is our forecast. Just as well I decided not to run this morning.

    See you later. :)

  • Morning Andi, enjoy your day. Forecast here is sunny and showers this aft.

    Could do with being in the middle where its sunny eh.

    see you later. xx

  • Good morning Andi when i came on i didn't see your post, for some reason it wasn't there, hope you have a great day whatever you do, sorry about your weather ours is lovely today :) xx

  • Good morning Jillygirl we have nice weather here again today, something must have gone wrong :D :D, got a long lie this morning, second time in ages

    got more bad news yesterday, another family member passed away yesterday, and another one is terminally ill :( wish i could skip this year :) really struggled with piggies but managed to stay smoke free, the only good thing that happened,

    I hope you have a great day today, and don't get confused between the budgie and the oven :D :D

    away to have breakfast will speak later :) xx

  • Morning Sue, so sorry you've had more bad family news. :( I guess it just goes like that and yes, what a year it's panning out to be for you. It's obviously a big test for you keeping off those piggies but it also goes to prove that you - and all of us - never really needed them after all! :)

    Onwards and upwards!!! :| :D

  • Hi Sue, Sorry about the bad news. You find it seems to happen like that in familys I went through the same sort of thing a few years back. But you are still remaining strong I have got to admire you for that. If you want a moan or simply someone to chat to we are all here for you.

    Budgies cage cleaned. :P Suppose I ought to look at the oven as well. :D

    see you soon hun. xx

  • Making me feel dizzy going up and down with all these overlapping posts! :o :D :D

  • Thanks Andi i never thought of it that way, yesterday was too busy phoning everyone, sorry i made you dizzy :D :D xx

  • Hola! Good Morning Everybody :-)

    Weather is a lot cooler today than yesterday, well - the office is anyway!

    I've not been at my desk much this week and so I could do with a bit of a tidy up and tie up a few loose ends. Nothing like a good sort out :-)

    Sue, sorry to hear of your news, big positive hugs being sent to you. Stay strong xx

    Andi, maybe you could go for a run this afternoon? Do you find that running in any particular weather is better for you or do you just prefer a good run in the lovely sunshine? 8)

    Jillygirl, I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are flying by, one minute it's March and then I blink and it's August! All good in the hood though :-)

    Pete has re-sent me his message so both Claire and I shall finalise our fun competition today....

    Hmmmm... we are just discussing the prize :-) watch this space :-)

    Speak to you in a bit :-)

  • Buenos dias Emjay - are you off on your hollies again? :D :D

    Friday is my day off from exercise so no running today. My last run on Wed was a bit naff but decided it was cos I'd been to circuits the evening before and had just done a spinning class! :X :o :D :D Exercise today is a bit of housework (hoovering - a bit lax on that lately) and am considering going out on my bike after lunch for a bit. Have really got to get back on track and shift these extra kilos I've put on lately. I estimate it to be about 4 so not too bad but still going the wrong way - until now!!! :|

    Running weather ? haven't run in the rain yet - sure that will come before too long :o sun is nice and I haven't had big heat yet for any running - all early days for me. :)

  • Hi Emjay, I did set you a bit of a task with the cyber prize he he. :D

    Hope you and Claire are ok. Your right the weeks are flying by . I cant believe I have been on this site for nearly 4 months now.

    Better than the telly ! :D

    see you later on. Sue got me thinking I should clean my oven. :O So will get busy after lunch. :)

  • Afternoon (just) all. Feeling much better today, yesterday was just awful!! On Sunday it will be TWO WHOLE MONTHS, I actually can't believe it. When I've quit before I used to look at people smoking and envy them. This morning walking to work I looked at somebody smoking and thought I will never put that S..T in my body again - great eh? Have a love FRIDAY afternoon everyone!

    Dawn x

  • Well done and congratulations in advance for getting to 2 months. :) :)

    Sounds like you've really turned the corner and I bet you love the feeling of freedom when you see all those people still smoking! :) :)

    Enjoy your weekend Dawn and I hope the weather stays fine for you.

    Andi x :)

  • Hi Dawn, glad your feeling better today. 2 months is brilliant , keep it up gal. :)

    Funny how your attitude changes about smoking the longer you have quit . I feel the same.

    We will have to have a joint celebration on Sunday Your 2 months and my 4months. :) :)

    see you later. xx

  • Thanks guys!! Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

    Dawn x

  • Typical: ! Win a prize and they`ve driven off and left me all alone. :( Sat here for 4 hours and still no sign of em. Do I care NO! :O well may be a little bit :P

    must be good cars ,my favourite is the red one.

    ah well go watch some more lympics . call back later. bye.

  • Hi Jilly, sorry if you've been Billy No-mates this afternoon. I went out on my bike and it turned quite sunny. When I got back I worked out I'd cycled about 18 miles and then was in a hurry to get my dinner as I was hungry! :o :D

    Have to catch up with the cycling now so will look back in again a bit later. :)

  • Hi everyone sorry i've not been on was helping my sister in law, she's had 3 friends die in 2 weeks, one was a suicide

    well done Dawn for Sunday, 2 months, that's brill :) :)

    How do you manage to cycle 18 miles Andi, i couldn't get to the end of my street, mind you i'm scared on the roads on a bike lol, no wonder you were hungry when you got in lol xx

    then i got caught up in the cycling, it was amazing, i was jumping up and down cheering all on my own, the cat looked at me as if i was mental, he's probably right :D :D

    will speak soon promise :) xx

  • OMG what a time you're having!!! :o

  • Ok girls only kidding wasnt really waiting all that time. cleaned house and oven, and budgies cage today so not too bad. see you all later on. :)

  • So what was for dinner tonight - roast budgie? :D :D

  • Thought maybe you put him in the oven whilst cleaning his cage so he just timed himself out!! :o

    Only kidding! :D :D

  • Hi Andi that was sooo funny :D :D :D i was just gonna say hope she didn't get the oven and the budgie mixed up :D

    Only kidding Jillygirl :) xx

  • Like it ! no budgie still thinks its an oven timer. :D

  • Aaaaaaahh poor little budgie :( naughty Andi & Sue

  • Hiya, I was just about to say I thought you'd gone to spend your wages in the pub on the way home in the old northern tradition but suddenly there you were!!! :D :D

  • i was late leaving work tonight cus i had to wait for a wagon to come back before i could lock every were up :X :(

    But its the weekend now yippeeeeeee :D :)

  • It must be Friday and summer - I can hear the fireworks going off on the pier (must be at least 3 miles away!) ;-) :|

    Anyway, now I know the old man's home safe and sound I'm off up the wooden hill!! :o

    Nite nite all, sleep well and see you tomorrow. :)

  • Nite nite and sweet dreams Andi, speak tomoz gal :) :)

  • Hiya Pete :) not seen you in awhile i've been busy so not on as much x

  • Aup Sue, yeah it sounds like you've been busy aswell, what with one thing and another, and i havnt been on much cus of working this c--p shift :(

    You finished that decorating yet gal ??

  • Hi Pete no nowhere near finishing hobby got a tummy bug and i can't wallpaper, aw well it will get done eventually, that's awful hours you've had this week no wonder your glad the weekends her :) x

  • Nite nite Andi :) x

  • Sounds like everybody's doing house work today, dont mind hoovering, but polishing's a bit naff :P

  • Hi Pete, Glad your home safe and sound. budgie asleep now and I nearly am.

    well done on coming first in the competition. Big ed! :D

    Going to bed in a minute so see you tomorrow. luv ya. xx :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, sounds like you've been busy aswell, and will speak tomoz gal :)

    Nite nite Jillygirl, you get a good nights sleep gal, luv you too xxxx

  • Pete you got your cyber prize yet, it's a good un :)

  • Just had a quick look, but theres no vans !!!! and no blue ones either :( :P

  • Getting tired myself so off to bed

    nite nite everyone speak tomorrow luv ya :) xx

  • Nite nite and God bless, luv you too Sue xx and speak tomoz :) :)

  • Just had another look and the yellow one has got a blue ribbon around it :) so thats close enough for me :) :D

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