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DAILY CHAT  / WEDNESDAY / 25/07/2012

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well.

Anything exciting been happening , whilst I was away. Not read all the posts yet , will do that soon.

thought the piccy today was apt for us all. How much money you can and have saved by not smoking those piggies..

Well not child minding until next Monday. But I am budgie and rabbit minding. Not as hectic with those . :)

Right going now , get a cuppa and toast and catch up on whats been happening yesterday. xx :)

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Good morning Jillygirl your up early, same as me, i couldn't sleep any later, got nothing exciting happening today, just continue to clear out my bedroom, decorating that with money saved from not buying piggies :) weather is lovely here again, hope yours is too :)

gotta go and get my tablets now will chat later :) x


Morning Sue hope your feeling better now. and decorating going on ok. weather here is like being in a sauna, overcast no sun but very humid.

Catch up later love. xx :)


Morning Jillygirl, i hope you had a nice skipping & dancing time yesterday :o :| saving my money up towards some new wheels, cus my vans about ready for retirement :( :( i aint half missed you these last couple of days gal ;) ;)

Aup Suepagal, yeah sun is out 8-) 8-) here toooo , huh havnt you finished decorating your room yet gal, just wondering how big it is :D I hope that you are feeling ok today Sue.

Come on Andi, you not laying in again are you :D :D huh getting as bad as Emjay & Claire at noddin :P ;) Whats weather like down under gal ???? its just 8-) superrrrrrr here.


Morning all and another beautiful day in paradise!!!

Woke up about quarter to six and wanted more sleep so moved my alarm on from 6 til quarter past and snuggled back down. (Phew! a bit hot in here I thought. :X ) Five minutes later I heard an almighty great BANG which even seemed to rock the house. Looked out all the windows but couldn't see anything so that was it - up now. Grabbed a cuppa, got dressed and went off up the Head for a run. Amazing! Dazzled by the sun at the beginning, sea flat as a pancake, a lovely view of the Needles and not overly hot yet. Calf held up well (and yes Pete, I was being sensible! :P ) 8-) :)

Now having brekkie. This is like the old days - 12 weeks today - with the old gang back together. Hopefully Dawn and Lisa will be back today - wonder what happened to Finley?

See you later. :)


Hi Andi, i hope that i didnt say anything wrong to Finley, i shall have to go back on the blogs and have a look :( :( but am just cooking dins, having smoked haddock, mashed tats, and erm well frozen mixed veg today, as havnt got much time, well thats my excuse anyway :D :D


Hi Jillygirl the weather was like that here yesterday but today we have the sun :) for a change, no Pete not finished yet :D i'm just clearing all the rubbish out :D and lifting the carpet, hubby does the decorating, hope everyone has a great day :) x


Andi, i'm so proud of you gal, 12 weeks eh :P :P 8 weeks for me today, hmmmm plus i have to go down to step 2 patch today, erm not looking forward to that !! :( but at least its a week day, it allways seems harder for me at weekends. Rite spuds are done so will go and give em some mash!!!! :D


Great Pete, 8 weeks now. Of course you can reduce your patch as you're really MUCH further on than that! :o (Only a couple of bitsy blips. :( ;-) ) You are plenty strong enough to do it - I'm sure you could ditch them altogether if you'd a mind for it. :D :D By the way, are you still kissing that inhalator in between whiles? :)


Andi, you know they say the more times you try, the easier it becomes ?! :o

I now know that i am different, cus its harder for me this time :( the first time i quit, i did 6 weeks and was leaving the patches off all together, and didnt use an inhalator then, oh and by the way, at weekends i sort of snog it then, You not gettin jealous are you Andi???? :D :D hey Andi dont you go telling Emjay that i'm snogin an inhalator, cus she said that all i had to do was ti tut it, tried that -- its not the same gal :o

Dins done just got packup to do now, then i can go to bed, just hope it isnt as hot as yesterday, only got about 2 hours sleep, rite must go, dont want to but got toooo :( :( speak tomoz, erm where did i get tomoz from, and pants!!!! :o


Hey Pete, I'm not sure that the more times you try, the easier it becomes, more like the longer you go without, the easier it becomes :-) I hope that makes sense.

How is it for you now? Is it a mix of being easy and difficult, or just difficult all the time?

I think that we may have to work a little bit harder together for you as you do seem to be struggling. However, I think it may be easier if you let me know when you have a bit more time (probably around your other shift pattern) and we'll take a good look at everything, planning ahead, thinking about how it really is for you, using NRT, biggest challenges for you, ways of overcoming them etc.

You're probably pushing up Z's now so have a good sleep and we'll chat soon :-)

We really can help you out, you just have to keep on keeping on :-) and stay positive :-)


Good Morning, Good Morning :-)

I'm back at last! Feels like I've been a few miles away and out of touch lately. Only popping on and off to see if there were any pressing questions. It was a bit quiet yesterday, looks like everybody was enjoying the sunny sunshine 8-)

Pet sitting is fun Jillygirl :-) are the budgie and rabbit your grandchildren of fur and feather? Pennies into the piggy bank can be a nice little motivator to staying stopped and as you already know can save a nice tidy sum :-)

Andi, glad to hear how motivated and on track you seem :-) It really does sound lovely where you live, all the more reason to be motivated to go our running just so you can breathe i that gorgeous sea air and look at all that magnificent scenery :-)

Pete, I can't believe it's dinner time already for you :-) You're a cracking cook aren't you, apart from your lumpy gravy that is :p

Sue, really is great to see yo back, and putting those saved pennies to good use :-) I hope you are feeling better :-)

I'm off to catch up on a few bits and see if there are any past blogs that can be used as a refresher :-)

It is lovely to see everybody in such good spirits and doing really well. I wonder how Lenne is doing? I've not seen her around for a bit. Let's see if we can pop a message on to her :-)

Speak to you all in a bit :-)


HI everyone, Just been and ddone my shopping. still very close and humid just waiting for the sun. Pete you have a good rest and well done on reaching 8 weeks. Sue glad the suns come out for you. :)

Andi my goodness sleeping in well done. :)

Emjay the budgie is one grandaughters, trouble is it imitates the alarm on the oven timer.

So got to watch what I am doing if baking. Rabbit just normal thank goodness. :)

See you all later on. xx :)


Aup Jillygirl, gosh it takes you a long time to do shopping dont it, ha ha i used to breed rabbits when i was younger, and while i was cleaning there cages out, i would put them in the house if it was cold, my Mam used to mad at me, cus they always left a message behind them, as my Mam would say :D :D so when i'd cleaned them out , i had to go and scoop all the erm erm messages up, and chuck em on the garden.

Emjay thank you for that gal, i do seem to be struggling a bit, its not as easy as the first time, by far !! speak soon, as am off to bed now, still flippin hot :X have a nice day everybody, and God bless. Pete :)


Hi everyone having a break, it's to hot for work :D going into town soon to meet my daughter, well done on 12weeks Andi, that's brilliant, way to go :), hope you keep going onwards and upwards, i'm sure you will, enjoying your pet sitting Jillygirl, it's certainly less tiring, love that the budgie can imitate the oven :D it must be annoying though :) Pete you keep strong, i know you can do this, you help and encourage all of us so now do the same for yourself :) keep in mind this is for your health, and your new van, i know this seems bad but things will get better, there is light at the end of the tunnel :) i'm really glad to be back Emjay, i missed everyone on here, i have good and bad days, but hopefully it will be sorted soon, i certainly think things would have been worse if i'd been smoking, i probably would have had a chest infection by now, so that's a win :D hope you all have a smashing day in the sun, who knows how long it will last :D :) speak soon


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