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Daily Chat. Thursday 05/07/2012

Daily Chat.   Thursday   05/07/2012

Good morning ,

Firstly Emjay and hubby HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! for yesterday. If we had known we could have got some bubbly out, as well as Claires cake. :D

Very misty here this morning, so not sure what its going to do.

Off to docs this aft, with my nora battys :D see what he can do.

Hope everyone is fine and happy. will call back later. :)

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Good morning Jilly and congratulations on reaching 3 months today! Toot, toot, parp, parp!!!! (fanfare :D :D )

Good morning everyone else. :)

It finally stopped raining last evening and we had about an hour off early afternoon - mind you I've just seen the next doom and gloom forecast. :o At the mo it's dry but grey.

Piccie looks like a chocolate box lid - do they still do that with boxes of chocolate?

Off to see PT in a mo - might try a little trot with him - see you later. :)


Morning andie, still misty here. its a pot luck day. Your right piccy does look like choc box . Not seen any of those for years. will let you know if i do see one.

Hope it stays fine for yoou and your training.

see you in a bit. xx :)


Morning Jillygirl, and yes

Hip Hip Harragh to that young Lady for reaching 3 Months :) :) thats just fantastic gal. I will have to find a bottle of bubbly and a slice of cake for you today :D

Its looking like a pot luck day here too :(

Morning Andi and i hope your training goes ok

Speak in a bit

Pete :)


morning Pete, cant wait for the cake and bubbly. Its thundering now. ah well whats new.


Good Morning All

Well done jilly on your 3 months Sun is out in London so looking good Have a great day all and stay smoke free



Thanks Garry. Hope your ok. Think I`m going to move down to London. Thundering and pouring down here in yorkshire.

Take care see you later. xx


Goooooood morning

Thank you again for my birthday messages, i am still off however I spoke to Emjay and she told me to look on here. I've had alovely few days off, back to work tomorrow for peace and quiet!

CONGRATULATIONS jillygirl, you've reached another milestone. You have done amazing and i know everyone apreciates your support and advice you offer.

Speak soon everyone 8-)


Hiy'all, I've just got back. The sun's coming out - hip hip hooray! 8-)

Good session, went running on the prom and up through the chine and my calf behaved itself so I can continue building it up. Finished with a bit of boxing again! :o :X Off to sort myself out for rest of the day.

Speak soon. :)


Hi Jillygirl, got you some cake gal, for after lunch by the way :o :o but just cant seem to get the bubbly on here !!



Your a star * *******************


What do they say ?? Your worth it gal, and you definitely are!! :) :)

Fred :)


Hey Everybody, I've had quite a busy morning so far and can't believe I've only just made it onto here!

Pete, I've supplied the bubbly but think I might have forgotten about the champagne flutes! :-)

Garry, enjoy the sunshine while you have it, looks like it might be heading this way. Hope it's here for the weekend 8-)

Andi, glad you're halfway back at training and won't be feeling too sore tomorrow. A nice bubbly bath may be on the cards hey?! :-)

I love the puppy picture Jillygirl, it's fab :-) Congratulations again on hitting your 3 month mark. Hope it all goes well at your appointment this afternoon. Keep us posted won't you? You probably already have, but just in case... remind your Doctor that you have stopped smoking and see that your records are updated :-)

See you tomorrow Claire :-)


Well it's been very quiet on here this afternoon - I guess everybody's been out enjoying the sunshine 8-)(sorry Pete, you've had to sleep through it :( )

I decided to go for a walk on the prom rather than doing anything in the garden as it's so wet anyway. It was soooooooo nice then I walked back in the sea and wished I'd taken my cossie and towel with me - couldn't believe how much warmer the sea felt after last time! :o it's still probably only about 14 C! (Brrrrrr :D :D )

Got back to see what's going on here and got some good news for everybody! :|

I logged on and have got a message from our Sue. She's been having a few problems health-wise and also to do with her father's estate and has not felt like coming on, BUT the good news is that she HAS NOT succumbed to those piggies! :P :) She's not doing too badly and hopes to come back to us soon. We look forward to that Sue. :)


Hi everyone, a bit later on than what I thought, because just before I went to the docs my hubby wanted to know why there was a piccy of a cake on the computer. I explained that all my friends on here have sent me it for reaching 3 months.

Is it really 3 months he said. Right then I`m going to treat you to some tea and real cake.

So thanks to you all, didnt have to make my tea. :)

As for the docs, he`s put me on to water tablets but a low dosage. see how i get on. Also going to check if i have a vitamin deficiency as the cuticles on my fingers and toes have gone really dry and cracked. I thought it was the oedema but he didnt think so. So got to have a blood test etc on the 18th. Meanwhile got some cream to put me on. I also mentioned that i thought I had slept funnily on my elbow and it has hurt for 3 days now.

After prodding it exactly where it hurt :X he told me I had tennis elbow. but not to worry about it unless it got worse. (huby said I shouldnt watch anymore wimbledon on tv. lol.) :D

Anyway glad to hear Sue is still smokefree. bless her she has had a lot to cope with.

Andie so glad you managed today without your calf playing up.

Will see you all later. xx :)


Aaaaaah that's lovely news Andi, I'm so happy to hear that she's as okay as possible in the circumstances. Fab that she's remained smokefree throughout too :-)

It must be amazing to live so close to the sea Andi, your so lucky :-)


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