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Daily Chat: Thursday 20th December 2012

Daily Chat: Thursday 20th December 2012

Good Morning, Good Morning :D

I had a jam packed busy day yesterday with a houseful of kids, run off my feet was an understatement! I even braved town with my two Grandbabies. I notice the shops have everything at pram and child eye level!

I have a busy day again today, but shall pop on later. I'm just on my phone at the moment so apologies for my mug shot and no nice photie :-/

I couldn't get on here properly jast night, some of the comments were showing as -12 again... I wondered if there were any gremlins knowing about :x

Lovely to see Jillygirl bobbing about, staying as positive as ever. Your a little star that shines ever do brightly ;-)

How are you all doing on your no smoking journey? For yhose of you who have already sropped, you are over halfway through another week and have another month almost complete!

Anyone planning on starting the New Year as a non-smoker?

Remember, stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do that will improve your health right through.

Financial and health benefits are to be gained.

What is your biggest motivation?

Speak to you all in a bit :D


I've just scribbled a note on my message board in the kitchen for you... Not sure if its attached :D

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Ooops it's a bit upside down and sidewaysie!!

Must be something to do with my pulled muscle on my neck!!



Morning Emjay, you didn't half have a busy day yesterday :o :), i had a busy day as well, not with grandbabies, at least not yet :D :) more with usual housework and Christmassy stuff :)

Am busy again today, although thankfully i'm not going out, it's not half wet and windy here :o :D :D I'm on my phone as well so i can't read your message, will try later when i put the computer on, i hope your neck is better now :)

Hope you have a great day :) xx


Morning Emjay and Sue busy day for me also :( ironing and I have a huge pile of it and cleaning out my cabinet lots of glass to clean. Emjay you saying about anyone giving up in the new year I have persuaded my brother to kick the habit, he really wants to do it as his chest is really bad :( I have saved my patches, spray, mints, and bought him an e-cig so he has it there when he decides to stop as he is not one for going to doctors or quit smoking clinic, He really needs to do it and he knows that so fingers crossed for him. 7 weeks for me Saturday still using my e-cig but I am happy to use it for as long as I need it. Hope everyone is having a smoke free day and well done to everyone who has quit :) and good luck to anyone planning to kick the habit :)


Aup Delina :)

You sound very busy gal :o :) and a massive well done to you for getting towards your 7th week of quitting :) :) annnnnnnd persuading your Brother to quit too :) :)

Stick at it gal, and good luck to you tooooooooo :) :)

Pete :)


Morning delina, well done on reaching 7 weeks on Saturday, your a star


That's great that you persuaded your brother to stop, it's the best thing he could ever do for his health :) See if he will come on here, even if just to read the blogs etc, I'm sure that would help him, I know i could never have done it without everyone on here helping me :) and of course with your experience and positive attitude he has great help from you :)

En joy your ironing :D if your like me you'll put it away for another day :D :D ,I hate doing that as well, hope you have a good day, apart from that :) xx


Just found out my daughter is having a baby boy, so excited :) :) :) :) will post a scan picture when i get it xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Don't know if this will work, but it's the only way I k ow how to do it


my beautiful Grandson :)


Congratulations Sue, what a little angel, beautiful

Itsy bitsy fingers,

wiggly little toes

Teeny tiny tummy

Baby button nose.


Thank you mad, I'm so excited now, can't wait to meet him :)

I love the poem, will have to pinch that :) xx


Aup Sue :)

If your going to bed gal dont worry :)

Its just great to hear that you will have a Grandson soooooooooon :) :) :)


Hiya Pete how's you doing, great i hope :)


Who does the ironing the Sue :o :D :D


Whoooooooooooops it should say -- ironing then Sue

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm think them gremlins are back :D :D


I think they are; i had the same problem earlier :D :D


Mr nobody :D :D :D


Ha ha ha, you mean its automatic then :D :D


It sure is :D :D :D or it's the invisible man :D :D :D


Hi Emjay :)

Have you and Claire bin partying all week :o :| cos Claire just posted her mugshot ;) and now you just posted a pic thats upsidedownsidewaysinsideoutbacktofront :o and i cant read it :P :D :D

I bet you loved it yesterday with all them kiddies around you :) :)

Speak soon if you dont bash me :o :( :D :D


Kazzzzzzzzzzzz have you forgot to switch your comp on gal :D :D


I think she has 'D :D :D

i tell ya Pete this phone of mine is playing up now, it's heading out the window soon :D :)


Its rained alllllllllllllllll day here gal, dont know what your getting at the moment :o :( :(


We've had rain and gale force winds all day, we still have it :o think it's gonna be the same tomorrow :o


Sue i woldnt chuck your phone out the window gal, cos you will let the cold in if you dooooo :o

So that means hubbies hoggin the comp then :( :D


Yeh, but i did have it till 9pm

think your right it's to cold to open the window, i might get blown out :o :D :D :D


You done all your Xmas shoppin then Sue :) :)


Cos what we aint got now, we aint havin :D :D


:D :D :D just how i think as well

got shopping tomorrow, then visit my daughter, take her there pressies :) so i won't be on here till later, just in time for you coming on :)


Yep just got to do a food shop tomorrow, have you got all yours done :)


Me too, just got food shop on Saturday, and jobs a goodn :) :)

I will have to say nite nite Sue, am sorry gal :( :( but got a little something for you, to keep you warm


Take care Sue and luvs ya gal xxx :) :)


Sue its about your bed time isnt it :o :| dont want to keep you up late :(


It's okay Pete i'm fine :)


I might need to go Pete, i'm getting sore :( i need a tablet

nite nite Pete, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx

nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams, hope you get a good nights sleep, luv ya :) xx


Evening! Just thought d say a little hello as I notice you folks are still chatting :D

Night night Pete :-)

Hey Sue, congratulations! What lovely news. I bet you are all excited even more so now :D


I think we may Have a few Gremlins after all, it took me for ages posting the above and then your night night post appeared too Sue!

Good nightly to you too, hope you sleep well :-)


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