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Health check

I got to work last night and there was a big medical van in the yard, one of my work colleagues came out of it and shouted that it was my turn for a health check !! ha ha nobody new about it, obviously the memo must have got lost coming from the office to the mill, as per usual.

The nurse checked my-ears-eyes-erm water-blood pressure-body mass index, all were ok apart from my left eye, which i had had an opp on for a detached retiner a few years ago, while i was chatting to him, i noticed this machine on the table, i thought :o :o and i was right, it was to check my resp_____ erm how hard i could blow, i thought i will fail this test, he got me to take a deep breath in, and blow into this machine, which i did 3 times, then another 3 times but to blow out as hard and fast as i could, didnt like that one.

He new that i was 56 and had quit smoking 6 weeks ago, but before he gave me the results of the test, he asked me if i exercise ? and i said yes cus it helps me with the quitting, haaa

he said, because the machine says that you have the lungs of a 48 year old. I was rite chuffed i tell you !!

This tells me that exercise is important for helping to repair your lungs :) :)

I hope i havnt bored you toooooo much.

Pete :)

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OH WOW! Pete, thats brilliant. I bet you were chuffed. It makes you feel 10ft tall when thing like that happen out of the blue. I shall have to exercise more, troble is these heels of mine and tendons are supposed to rest. but the swollen legs are supposed to exercise. Never mind keep doing a bit of each. Gonna stop moaning now. BIG hug from me. :)


Just doing your house work is exercise gal :) :) you look after them Nora Battys of yours aswell Girl :) hmmmm luv the hug


Can you not get a GP referral to your local gym. They have people there who are trained to help people with different kinds of problems so they can get round them to do some kind of appropriate exercise.

Wouldn't some kind of water-based exercise be best for you? My mum used to do a aqua mobility class which she really enjoyed.


Lots of people on here seem to have done all these breathing tests because they have all given up with using smokestop and other services. As I went it alone I didn't do any of this kind of thing. Even when I saw a nurse and doctor soon after giving up neither of them suggested I do this. I have to see the nurse next month for some injections so I'll see if I can do them then cos I think the results would be really interesting for me.


Andi you should do really well with the breathing test, you do plenty of exercise, and you are always on the move arent you :) :)

I think when people go with the stopsmoking support, all that test reads is the amount of carbon-monoxide that you have in your body !! i said i think !! i will ask Emjay when she wakes up :D :D


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