Good morning,

How are you today? I hope that you woke up feeling like a positive happy non-smoker.

Any cravings you get just bob on this site, have a scream and a moan and by the time you have done that the craving will have gone.

I wont be on for a while today as I get the keys for the new flat today.

Will catch up later with you all. Have a lovely day. xx :)

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  • Morning all

    Sorry I have been rather quiet last few days / week but been a bit up & down and as I am a little more positive today thought I would let you know /post something. I think as time passes everything becomes more real (which means as a smoker everything is not real because we are hiding behind a crutch / prop all the time !!), this brings new anxieties & problems and it is then up to us to overcome them !! Since I quit my lungs / throat etc have always felt v. raw but I now think this is all part of recovering. The BIG plus in all this is however I feel or whatever my health situation or whatever layer / state I am in emotionally I am NOT GOING BACK to dragging on those horrible white cancer sticks !! Filling the poor lungs with toxic smoke is NOT the answer for anything.

    Being FREE from this addiction over the last 3 + months is the BEST THING I could have ever done.

    Best wishes & stay as POSITIVE as you can !!



    P.S. Jilly - enjoy your NEW home.

  • Hi Jonathan, nice to see you and glad you came on. Yep, it's a real old roller-coaster for quite a long time. But, if you think of it, in the scheme of things, as in how long did you smoke for and how long have you been quit, it is but just a drop in the ocean at this stage of the game. It is a long game and we know you will succeed. Let's hope that lots of others can follow your lead. :)

  • Hi Jonathan, You certainly seem positive and its good you except ups and downs like you do. Like you say 3 months you wouldnt want to waste all that for a ciggy . BIG well done to you , I really do admire you. :)

  • Hi Jilly & Andi

    Thanks very much for your kind comments - keep them coming !! Yes Andi in for the long smoke free journey now - but it at least gives us a fighting chance (as a smoker doing 20 cigs a day with asthma I had kind of had it!!).

    Best wishes



  • Aup Jonathan, its great to see ya on here again pal :) 3 + Months quit is just flippin fantabolisoooooo :) :)

    We are all made different, our bodies are all different, and the repairing of the damage that smoking has caused will be different too eh :o

    Hang in there Jonathan, cos your doing so so well with your quit :) :)

    Hmmm, whether you flippin like it or not, am sending you loads of big big huggs rite now pal, and at least one of em will get ya :o :) :)

    Take care Jonathan, and hold your head up high, cos your a none smoker now, do you flippin hear me pal !! A NONE SMOKER :) :)

  • Up and down up and down, I know, if we were kids on a swing we would enjoy it!!! hoping it is the process that causes all these discomforts, i've now been thoroughly checked out by the doc, no infections nader but still breathless and coughy and sometimes hoarse, can't believe I've done this to myself, but......people keep saying it does get better so as the others said, we are turning in to long game people!!! Well done you, have a nice weekend. xx

  • Oh Sin! What are we going to do with you, eh? :o So, that explains why you're such a good cyclist then. does it? Big feet to power those pedals round. :D :D Maybe that's what you should have been doing instead of tramping round the shops. I'd much rather have no presents than some bit of tat, probably made in China. Let's face it, if we want something then we buy it, and we buy what we want, not what someone with no idea thinks we might want.

  • s'pose :( The shoe situation is getting a little desperate now, see I need 8 1/2 but no one does that size. 9 is too big, 8 is too small, bowling shoes look silly for every day wear :D Before anyone says try websites who do wide fittings, been there, looked, - eeek, they're seriously ugly. haha feel a bit bad now I've finished sulking. Hubby keeps asking why I look so sad, tsk, men eh?

  • Oh dear! Sinfree, sounds like you have had enough of today. Sometimes you feel like screaming " does anybody listen to me" . I know the feeling. Never mind at least you didnt give in to Mr Nic. So you must be getting better, without realising it. Take it easy . xx

  • Hmm, it was really horrible that ciggy at close quarters, mind you I'm coming down with a cold. Maybe if I hadn't had a cold I'd have whipped that ciggy out of her hand before she knew what was happening and smoked it myself, that would have taught her not to talk to strangers :D

  • Huh! just did a long post and it's vanished! :(

  • That's weird it came through to my email but you only get so much it went up to ..."it wouldn't be fair" .....

  • Ooer. :o Type it up here and then I'll finish it. :)

  • I've just posted you a post too, it came out ok, now thats gone :o

  • I can't type all that, I'm on my phone, it would take me all night. You said you have a cold and a bad chest and can't breathe

  • So I cancelled my yoga today as she's always saying "It's all about the breathing". Not fair spreading the germs either. Went out on my bike and had a nice ride. Third time this week and I didn't get off for hills the last 2 times out - just had to go into granny gear. The wind yesterday was wicked though, always seemed to be in my face! :o :)

  • Jillygirl, I louve the picy gal :) :D :D I hope you got the keys to your new flat :) :)

  • As the gremlins seem to be about, I'm going to call it a night.

    Nite nite Sin, Pete and everyone. Sleep well, see you tomorrow. :) xxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, Sinfree, jillygirl and everybody, speak tomorrow :) Sweet dreams all, and Andi, you get to bed with a hot water bottle eh :) :) xxxxx

  • I've done 20 miles on my bike this week, the weathers been quite good really. Could have gone again today but I had to wash my hair, then it would have gone a mess if I'd gone on my bike. I walked 3 miles on Tuesday too :( made my leg muscles sore yesterday.

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