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Good Morning everybody, Up early again so I thought i would wish you all a good smokefree Monday. Hope you all stay positive and dont let those piggies start to niggle you. I am off to child mind in 10mins. so will catch up later. Emjay its all yours love, keep em all positive. I have a couple of questions for you later when i have time. Love you all.

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Good Morning Everybody :-)

You're a star Jillygirl, i did try to give you a bit of a day off but you still beat me to it! :-) I've a few things to post up here later once I get into work, but ask away and I'll see what I can do :-)

I'm off into work shortly so shall have a good catch up with all your new posts. Last nights ones had me chuckling away. You are all so funny :-)

Speak to you all in a bit.

Welcome to any new members :-)



Good morning Emjay, WOW early bird or what!!!! :D

Your off on hols on wednesday then, i hope your going somwhere nice and hot, 8-) i dont want to know where you are going too, cus i'm not nosey, i dont want to know if your going abroard, so dont tell us eh!!!!

Just wondered if you wanted somebody to carry your bags for you, thats all :D :D

Like Andi says, is there going to be a stand in for you, or you working from hols?? cus dont think i would last very long on here without you keeping them gals under control!! :o

Working nights this week :( :( hate em!!

Pete :)


Good morning everyone. I tried getting on last night but it was on a go-slow, then crashed on me. Tried again before going to bed and the site had been taken off!! :( :(

Anyway, it's nice to see Emjay a bit earlier but what are we going to do when your on holiday - is someone going to stand in for you?

Just come back from the gym but have lost my mojo again - suppose it's the weather again. Apparently there's torrential rain on it's way here any time now. It must be at Lenne's already. They're just saying on the radio that we might get one month's worth in one day!! :P :P

I've just remembered that I had a bad night's sleep so that's another thing to contribute to my glums.

Hope you all have a good day and manage to keep away from those nasties.

Andi x


Good morning Andi, i'm sorry to hear that you are a bit glum today, know what you mean about the weather though, cus its yucky here today, and if i had got some ''mojo'' i would gladly give it to you gal :)

You stay with it gal, go munch on some chocs if you need tooooo :o

I've tried really hard to order sun for all next weekend, so keep your fingers crossed eh, 8-) :) speak soon

Pete :)


Morning Pete, is it your night shift come round again already? I'm surprised you're able to sleep cos I see you went up the wooden hill early again last night. S'pose that's so you get up early then get another kip in before going to work? (Yuk! I can't cope with "normal" nights these days. :o )

Chocs aren't really the answer though - I felt like I was an eating machine yesterday so I must be good today!! ;-)


Hey hey Andi, if you want to munch gal!! you do it :) because you do loads of exercise to burn them dreaded cals off!!!! dont you, erm you said the other day that your pt got you boxing, and you couldnt stop laughing, well, have you got a shed or something, so you get a strong bin liner, fill it with old sheets or something, tie the top up, and tie it up somewere, put a sticker of my hooooooter on it and give it hell gal, and have a laugh while you are punching my hooter, :D :D

I can remember, ooooh some years ago now i got a punch ball which was on a sping, ha ha it was allright for a bit, then i gave it a really hard punch, it sprang back at me, hit me in my face and gave me a bloody nose :D :D

As for sleeping today, had about an hour, no good just cant sleep during the day, nor eat so will lose a few pounds i expect, speak soon Andi, and stay positive :)


Just been shopping and picked up a bargain pork pie! They call it medium but to me it's a monster! Love the way they give the calorie etc details as per 100g but don't tell you the weight! (is that allowed?) Anyway then they talk about "per 1/4 pie". Now how's your maths? :D :D

100g = 382cal, 1/4 pie = 282cal.

Really hits that savoury spot though! ;-) :)


mmmm pork pie *drools* If you ever want to calculate it properly try Googling the pie in question :) Pork pies are so awesome- especially covered in pickle *drools some more*


Good morning! I got woken up by phonecall so I am all grumbly, but wooooah what's this... can't be sunshine can it! Yup. It's sunny today how confusing. Maybe I should go back to bed ;)

I got a bit worried going to sleep last night because I went to scratch my arm and realised that I left my patch on but I think I took one off before I went to bed; so either my memory is really awful or it's BEYOND awful and I've been running around with two patches on today, one on each arm, or it's just a case of remembering taking off the patch I wore the night before last and just simply forgetting to take the one I wore yesterday off.. phew my head hurts! :o

Maybe I should start wearing my patch on my forehead so I won't forget about it (joking)!

Must link the blog I found with nice recipes to the healthy eating blog on here after this... so I shall catch up with you lovelies later. Have a great day, lots of love and hugs to you all!!! xx


Good morning Lenne, you dont half make me laugh gal :D :D the things that you come out with!! You keep your head together gal, and watch out for those piggies, wont you!!

I will go and have a look at the healthy eating blog.

Loads of huggs to you too Lenne :)

Pete :)


Lenne, just read your last post on yesterdays blog, you flippin softy you!!, you've bought tears to my eyes gal, thankyou so much, cus having a bit of a downer today, you've just giggered me up gal, you have :) luv ya and huggs to ya.

Pete :)


Noooo don't be sad or I will have to tickle you or something as equally drastic hehe! I am sending you lots of smiles, hugs and happy thoughts to try to keep your spirits up if you're having a down day (hugs) I would tell some jokes but the only ones I know are a bit naughty therefore not quite forum friendly! xx I admit I have several lists, one for pepping me up when I have doubts that quitting is such a good idea, another suggesting things do keep my hands and mind busy, and another that gives me reasons to cheer up and links to videos and webpages that make me laugh; some days they might get a slight grin from me but other times I fall off my chair in hysterics. It's fun finding things to make you laugh online, if you decide to have a go and find anything funny online do let me know ;) xxx

Remember the main things- we stopped smoking for some specific and valid reasons (inspite of what those piggin' nicotine monsters try to tell us), and it won't last forever and the overall benefits mean we are well on our way to being winners. You will always have my respect, love and admiration because you give so much of yourself on this forum to cheer us on, or up so don't forget to go easy on yourself xx Luv ya pickle!


Oh dear, I've just posted a "non-healthy" blog above! :( Whoops!

Cor, glad I don't have all those patches to contend with, the way I'm sleeping I'd probably lose half of them in my bed and wake up some mornings with half a dozen stuck on me. "Ding!" maybe that would help on my run days and give me loads of extra nervous energy to use

:o ;-)

Did you get all that rain today? they said we were going to get it but it only started raining about 3.30. After lunch I decided to go for a walk on the seafront to try and cheer myself up a bit and the sun was even out for a while! 8-)


Morning everyone same thing happened to me Andi, i couldn't get on at all last night :( we have no rain here at the moment but i think it's on the way, wondering if there's gonna be a summer, sorry you had a bad nights sleep Andi, hope you get a better sleep tonight, i'm going up the road to do more clearing up and get dads clothes to a charity shop so i won't be on again till later, hope you all have a good day, and keep those piggies away, love and hugs :) xx


Hi Suepagal, so theres more clearing out to do, it dosnt seem to end gal does it?? we gave my Dads clothes to a charity shop, so someone could perhaps bennifit from them, its a good feeling :) working nights this week so wont be able to speak later, but should be home at around 7.30 in the morning, so perhaps chat tmoz, you stay with it gal, i know you can, luv ya and huggs :)

Pete :)


Hiya Sue, hope today went well for you. You can collect all the charity donations together and get one of the charities to collect. I found that Help the Aged were always very good, also The British Heart Foundation. Anyway it's a long old job and hopefully you don't have to do it all on your own. I'm sure it's doubly hard given the quit situation but I'm sure you're strong enough to manage it. I'm sure you can manage a few shouts today too. (I'd forgotten all about the shouting - I think that's something I had to do in the early days!)

BIG HUG Andi x :)


Morning again everybody,

just a quick post as I'm just in the middle of trying to put up some information for you with regarding NRT and other therapies. If you have a nosie now, you'll see that I've got as far as NRT products, I'm just in the middle of writing up some information about Champix etc.

Don't worry about whilst I'm away, all is in hand. I'll blog about it later :-)

Right, let me get back to getting this information ready and put up for you instead of only having a job half done!



Afternoon Everybody,

Please don't let the weather get you down. We need the rain so we can have the gorgeous lush green colours in the trees and the grass. The grass that we can then smell when it's been cut... a smell that most of you wouldn't have been able to smell for a number of years until you decided to quit :-)

Remember to turn every negative into a positive and that each thing that may happen or go wrong (network, PC problems, dodgy weather) is another practice at overcoming a challenge :-)

Sue, I hope that everything went okay for you again today with sorting out your Pop's clothes and belongings, it really is a tough job. I do hope it brought you lots of lovely memories as you went along. You are doing well at such a sad time in your life. You really are a strong lady :-)

Lenne, I love all your ways of dealing with things. You are so positive and upbeat. I've had a nosie at the website that you shared, it's fantabulous, some cracking recipes there. No doubt I'll be using some of them on my return, probably after gaining a few extra holiday pounds! :-)

Pete, you and that night shift eh, I bet it upsets your body clock totally! Making your night time in to your daytime, your breakfasts your dinner and so on... Have you ever tried to stop smoking in the past whilst you have been on this kind of shift pattern or is all this new to you? It may be worth training yourself into a new routine now that you are smokefree again. How are you getting on with taking a packed lunch into work with you and eating at the right times? You have to make sure you are eating properly. Remember that information I found about eating more fruit and veg are more likely to stay quit?:-)

Andi, I hope you are not feeling as glum as you were earlier, if there is anything in particular then let us know and we'll see what we can do or say to help you out :-)

I hope the baby sitting hasn't tired you out too much Jillygirl? Saying that, you'll probably sleep well tonight though! Any good feedback from the house viewing at the weekend? Hope so :-)

I've still quite a bit to do here before heading off home but will look in on you all later :-)


Hi Emjay, I think it's just like I said earlier with the weather etc. Got out for a little walk on the seafront earlier so that was nice to get a bit of fresh air. Hopefully I'll be able to get in the sea again before you get back from your hols! 8-) It would be S... Law that we have a heatwave whilst you're away - mind you it wouldn't be before next week if the forecast is anything to go by. (Who can believe that though!?) :D :D


You never know with all this 'good old English weather' though do you?! ha ha

Just a little tip, not sure if it's helpful or not... since I've been accessing this site here in work and having trouble with it logging me out all the time, I've switched to Chrome and it seems to be working a treat :-)


Hi Emjay, just back from the grandaughters. Had a lovely silly day, singing and playing games. Almost like chatting to pete lol. :) :) :)

I too have had probs logging on to the site so next time will try chrome.

cheers love. xxx


What on earth is Chrome? I'm not very computer-literate these days! :o


If you type in google chrome on the search engine you will see.

:O Also seeing i have been out most of the day , I will say good morning, afternoon and evening, and hope your doing ok love. :)


Hi Emjay, sorry i forgot to say thanks for asking about the house. Havent got feed back yet. Not sure if the vibes were right when they looked round. one of those poker faced type if you know what I mean.

Anyway got someone else coming tmoz t. time. :_)


Weird, I'm using Firefox and it seems to be okay :| I do swap between FF and Chrome a lot though because they can get buggy. Still, beats IE hands down eh *makes boo noises at Internet Explorer*!

Seeing my nurse and doctor tomorrow so I am ... not sure actually. Think it's time to drop to 15mg on the patches soon though, it's all in my head how much nicotine I think I need from the patches so I am expecting some tantrums. Probably for the best if I don't count calories for a week or two, what do you all reckon?

I am craving a pork pie with pickle now though :D xx


Hi Lenne, Hope your ok love. Got me fancying a pork pie now with a bit of branston . Lets ask Pete to get on his bike in his break time and get us a couple. lol. :) Sure he would if he could bless him.

Good luck with the nurse and docs tmoz. I am getting to a similar stage with the inhalator. Just posted a question to emjay.

Let me know how you get on . xx


Hi All. Well, after the debacle with my NRT over the weekend, which some of you will have read about earlier (thanks for your patience!) I finally got to meet with a fantastic NHS stop smoking counsellor (Shola) at my local drop in clinic. She sorted me out - told me I shouldn't have been dropped from 25mg to 10mg patches so quickly and was appalled when I told her about my pharmacist's approach - she agreed he was probably trying to get rid of old stock. Anyway, she has put me back on the 15mg patches and inhalators AND gave me a 'goody bag' (smoke free mug, MP3/phone holder, trolley token and pens). After my sorry tale of woe she said she had expected me to say 'So I had a cigarette and now I want to stop again' and was suitably impressed - or at least acted like it - when I said I hadn't actually smoked. I'm sure it's all part of what she's supposed to do, but it did the trick for me and I feel sooooo much better now. Thanks to those who have written messages of support so far and I hope I can go on to be as much support to others :-) xx


Brill news finley, Sorry not contacted you as much as i wanted to. been a bit busy.. All those little gifts aswell all encouragement. Keep up the good work love and take care.xxxx :)


Great Result - high five!!! :D :D Bet you feel so much happier now - told you you'd come to the right place! ;-)

Let's hope that you manage to continue with your quit successfully like the rest of us are. Just remember to STAY STRONG! :)


That's wonderful news!! So glad you're back on track with the correct patch dose and you're feeling good! xx


That's brilliant news Finley, just keep on, keeping on and you'll be fine. Your putting all your efforts into your quit attempt and it'll pay off. Nobody sad it would be easy but everyone says that it's worth it :-)


:) going to sign off now so nite nite and god bless. To the best on line buddies in the world. :) :)

see you all tomoz. sweet dreams.


*big hugs* Sleep well Jilly, have good dreams and see you tomorrow xx


I'm off shortly too - as usual I can't keep my eyes open whilst trying to watch the box.

So nite nite everyone, see you tomorrow, sleep well.


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