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Daily Chat: Thursday 27th December 2012

Good Morning Everyone :D

I hope that everybody has had their fill of turkey and tinsel and are now preparing for a healthy start to a healthy New Year :-)

For those of you who have promised yourselves that 'once all these Christmas choccies (Kaz!)have gone' or 'all these cheese and crackers have been eaten' - I'll get onto shedding any excess pounds... well that time is almost upon you. However, for those of you who want to lead a healthier lifestyle but can't see yourself reducing the amount you eat, or starting any form of exercise, you don't have to go mad and jump into the New Year on a big fitness regime, or start that big diet... You could just simply plan to stop smoking :-)

Stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve all aspects of your life... no dieting, no exercising, just stopping smoking.

We understand that for some of you it may be quite a challenge. However, you may be surprised to find that it could be really easy. You won't know unless you try. Success comes from learning from past attempts and to keep on trying until you get to where you want to be.

How about listening to how it may have worked from for others? We have many members who have now quit who are more than happy to share their experiences so why not listen to their stories, ask for advice and then use the advice that best suits you?

Think about it...

Plan it...

Put into action...

Remembering that together we can do this :D

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afternoon peeps,hope everyone had a nice time at crimbo,still smoke free and the big milestone tomorrow,got through christmass without giving in to the ever present (but diminishing)temptation,you all stay strong peeps :)


Hey Kengreen, how lovely to hear from you :-) Well done on staying strong, you've done ever so well. Looking forward to congratulating you on your 6 months mark tomorrow :D


Hi everyone

I hope you are all having a great Christmas. Well done Ken you are doing a sterling job and well done for getting through Christmas so far without giving in to temptation, you stay strong too Ken and you will start the New Year as a non-smoker which is fantastic. I haven't given in either despite a couple of people trying to sabotage my efforts but I shot them with my imaginary spears and that felt quite good :D

I am definitely going to start my diet and exercise regime on 2nd January but I wont have eaten all my chocolate by then I've got tons of the stuff :) I will have to give some away so I'm not tempted.

I hope you are all having a great day, and for anyone who has had to work today then I am thinking of you as I am sat here eating chocolate with my feet up watching tv :D

xxx :)


Hi everyone, hope you'll had a great Christmas :)

Well done Kengreen, that's brill resisting the temptations over Xmas, you'll get there now :)

Good for you Kazz, zapping those people with your spears :) now you know you can do that overtime :) don't know how you can give away all that chocolate though :o :D :D i could never do that :D :D i'll have to diet once i've eaten all mine :D

have a great day everyone :) xx


If I ate it all Sue I don't think I would be starting my diet until March :) I will send the leftovers to your house :) I made some coconut ice, it was so easy to make and tasted gorgeous, everyone said it was the nicest they had tasted :) So when do you think you will have eaten all your chocolate?

Thanks Sue, I was quite disgusted with those people encouraging me to smoke when they knew I had given up, not sure why they did it, maybe they are jealous because they wish they could give up but haven't done :)


Aup our Kaz :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas :) :)

Am the same as Sue about your 2 friends, they are so so jealous cos they cant do it and you CAN :) :) who needs enemies when you have friends like that :( I hope you gave them a good prodding with those spears of your's :D :D


I think i might finish my chocolate by about February, so i'll beat you :D :D that coconut ice sounds yummy, i've not had that for years :D :)

I think your right Kazz, there jealous, so they want to get you smoking again, which makes them really nasty, well done you, you can overcome any obstacle now :) way to go :) :) xxxx


Hmmmm I see we are talking choc again :) I will finish mine by the end of the Year :( cos got socks, boxers and smellies, mostly, ooooooh apart from my new comp of course :) :) and I don't have to wind it up :D :D


Ken its great to hear from you again pal :) and nearly 6 Months quit, that's just super :) :)

I hope you had a nice Christmas too :) :) stay with it Ken we are all with you pal :)


Thanks Sue, how have you done coping with giving up smoking over Christmas?

Yes we are talking about choccie again Pete :) I will be talking about it even more when I start my diet, people say I torture myself but I become obsessed :)

I didn't get a Kindle for Christmas, can't say I was on the naughty list because I got loads of Prezzies but I've treated myself to a Kindle to be delivered tomorrow. Andi worked out that I had saved enough money from not smoking to buy £200 worth of chocolate and £300 for my new computer so I can afford the Kindle by giving up smoking and chocolate in the new year :D


Hi Kazz, i was okay cause i was on my own, i wasn't really in the mood, hubby was working, so just me the telly and chocolate :) I'm glad you'll be able to get your kindle, hope you enjoy it when you get it :)

You having a tinnie Pete :D :D well why not, it's party time :) Andi and Jillygirl hope your both enjoying yourselves, whatever your up to :)

I'm off to bed now, need to get rid of this headache; will see you all tomorrow

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxx


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