DAILY CHAT/ 21/06/2012 (longest day)

Morning all,

Weather is miserable and rainy. never mind. Hope you are all feeling well, and positive today.

Yes Andi did sign off early yesterday felt a bit crappy all day. Think its with this swollen leg and ankle thing. Prob go see the doc again next week.

Off to the shop to buy my great nephew a pressie. (new born). so might keep me busy.

Pete you really seem busy with the computer training. We do appreciate it.

Catch up later on. Off for my breakfast now. xx :)

Love to everyone else. :)

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  • Morning Jillygirl, yerrrrrr raining here too, just got back from shopping and i didnt get run over by the trolls!! :D :o

    Tell your hubby that i'm not doing any painting, wallpapering, not nothing today!! you tell him to get them stockings on!! ohhh on you that is :D :D

    I hope you have a better day today gal.

    Those piggies were getting at me last night, thats why i wrote the blogs, as in to keep my mind occupied, and also my fingers working the keys if you see what i mean ?! does that make sense ?? :o

    Speak later

    Pete :)

  • Wakey-Wakeys Andi- its time you were up gal !! :D :D

    I thought you Girlies didnt lay in ?? :o

  • Good Morning Pete, Hubby not doing any painting today either. It was just me being a misery yesterday. :( When I have been shopping going to clean house. Make a lemon cake for tomorrow as my brother and sister in law are coming up from Essex. They are non smokers so at least temptation wont be there.

    Know what you mean about writing blogs, it does keep you busy and keeps your mind of those piggies. I find it helps.

    Got mi nora battys on today :D so hopefully legs wont hurt too much.

    You take care love and will catch up later. luv ya. xx

    Just going to help you wake andi up now.

  • Hi pete dont know what i have done but you might have got my message 3 times. tried deleting but didnt work. :O

  • Good Morning Andie,

    Wake up love ! Pete and i are missing you. :D

    Or have you been out already with your training.

    Hope you are ok. see you later. :)

  • Morning Jilly,

    Weather in London is crap also, very humid think we need a storm. Day 16 for me and feeling stronger every day. Also without the booze, GOD I feel so healthy and I'm lovin it! Jilly sorry you're not feeling too good, try elevating the leg when resting. Hope you feel better soon x


  • Morning Dawlol, - Dawn - whoooooops, erm i think i called you pal yesterday !! well your pic looks like a bloke :o :| its an easy mistake for an old boy like me to make!! think im digging myself a bigger hole here, best if i scarper!!

    Pete :)

  • thanks dawlol, i am putting my legs up when i get chance, works for about 1 hour then they start aching and swelling again. seeing doc next week.

    16 days eh. :) well done love, be proud of yourself. keep at it.

    see you later. xx

  • LOL! That's allright pal, I know the pic looks like a bloke but don't know how to change it! I'm not very good with computers! Have a nice smoke free day.


  • Good morning everybody, nice to see a few of you up and about now! :o

    Jilly, I think you had a well-deserved lie-in today cos I was checking at 7 and you still hadn't started us up then like you normally do. ;-) Hope your legs don't swell up as much as yesterday - it's a b..... nuisance I'm sure and a bit curtailing at times. :(

    Pete, couldn't you sleep today? I think my early night worked as I didn't wake up quite as much as usual - it was p...ing down every time I awoke though. :P

    Dawn, nice to see you on here this morning - hope you have a good one. :)

  • So, today is my original quit day and I am so glad that I did it all that time ago and didn't wait til now.

    Yes Jilly, I was out earlier when you all called - Thursday is PT day. I worked quite hard and don't feel anything now but I bet I'll feel my backside tomorrow! :o

    Before I went I drove along the clifftop and couldn't see across the bay or the tops of the blocks of flats as there was a sea mist.

    Anyway starving now so going to have my last bit of chocolate cake! :P :)

  • Hi andie ,

    Thought you would have been up, when i called this morning.

    Done my shopping etc, now i am off to make my cake.

    Keeping my horrid support stockings on, drive me mad but got to do what a girls got to do. :D

    You enjoy your choccie cake love.

    catch you later. xxx

  • This will probably be my last post on here as I have started to feel very uncomfortable and possibly the quitting journey would be better off, for me, if I went solo here onwards. I am starting to get paranoid- the dump comment was probably meant harmlessly but the only way I could interpret that is because I opened my heart and my private life to the group in regards to not only my mental health but issues with my partner- dump as in he almost dumped me I am guessing? Not supportive, nor funny.

    Thanks again for getting me this far guys, love and hugs and take care. Please use more thought in your posts people, some people are more delicate than others.

  • Lenne - what dump comment? I didn't see it. I know we all have to do things the best way for ourselves, but for me, I will be reaaally sorry if you leave here now. You've really been an inspiration to me, very honest, open and always supportive to other people no matter what shit you're going through yourself :). Whatever you decide I'll respect you for it, but will miss you very very much if you disappear :( All the very best and keep strong, as I know you will xxx

  • Hi Lenne, I know I'm new to this site but your message has really touched me. I don't know what dump comment you mean, but I also am going through a difficult time with my partner so can try to understand! Hopefully you will post again as I and everyone will miss you. You were one of the first to answer my post. So think again and please come back

    Dawn x

  • Hi Lenne,

    What am i going to do without you love :(

    This means I will be the daftest in the bunch. :D

    Whatever you decide love , you know your amongst friends here. Even if you come back after a break.

    You make sure you look after yourself. will miss you loads. xx

  • Lenne, Lenne, Lenne, --

    you said the other day that you had saved a blog of mine, by sceen erm erm saving it or something !! and that reminded me of what we do at work, thats all gal !!!! :( i thought it would be easier than copy-and-paste, thats all.

    At my works we call it sceen dumping, as in dump what you see on the screen onto m.s.word, or m.s. paint

    Oh my God, i am so so sorry Lenne, and i honestly did not mean any hurt to you or your boyfriend, honestly Lenne !!!!

    Lenne, please please dont go gal :(

    I will leave this site, not you !!!!

    Please get back to me


  • Hi there Shoegirl, I am jillygirl we havent chatted before but i am pleased to meet you.

    Looking through the blogs you will probably tell i am one of the silly ones and oldie too.

    You`ve done really well with your quitting. Keep at it . well done. :)

    Got to go now but please join in again , the more the merrier.

  • Hey- helps if I post what I am going on about doesn't it, duh hehe:


    I do suffer from severe paranoia, so please tell me I am freaking out over nothing because at the moment I am so frickin' angry and hurt lol!

  • Lenne, i didnt mean anythink by it gal, its just a saying that we use at work !!

    I am just one hell of a hopeless old boy, dont know what im saying-dont know what im doing-just dont know anythink these days :(


  • Lenne, i've just found the blog in the archives.

    Oh my God, I can't breathe I am laughing so hard. Firing blanks?! Possibly the best line I have heard... ever you proper made me laugh, such honesty and bluntness is a WIN in my eyes and I would be honoured to adopt you as my second dad *hugs*! Thankyou so sososooso so much for this message, you've touched my heart so deeply I have taken a screenshot and saved it because it is so lovely and funny all rolled into one- just like you! Thankyou again Pete for being amazing. Love you tons pops2! xxx

    You called it a screenshot, well thats the same thing that we call a screen dump at work

    Look Lenne, sometimes i put my mouth into gear before my brain, and i know that i say things that i perhaps shouldnt, but thats ''ME'' gal

    Please Please dont go gal, i prommise you that i will leave this site, rarther than you Lenne, take care gal !!


  • Bah, context context context! Sorry to you all for the drama, last thing any of us needs- out of context sounds horrible now it's straight back into normal mode I'm sorry Pete that I am such a spaz! Sorry to everyone else as well, did I mention I'm a bit of a plonker sometimes? ;)

    Not your fault Pete, my brain don't work at the best of times. Can I offer big apologies, and possibly a hug if allowed? xx

  • Lenne, yeeeeer you come back gal, and i tell you that your not a s--- nor a pl-----, you are just a bit delicate gal, which i have noted in my erm erm what do you call it !! is it brain???? of mine, well something that i havnt got much of gal. :) and yes please i would luv a hugggg, :D thankyou :)

    Pete :)

  • Lenne, Lenne, please don't leave us - we all love you and your witty comments that are nothing like I could ever think of! ;-) I'm 55 too, same as your Mum so it looks like she, Pete and I could all have been at school together - could you imagine that!!! :o :D :D Mind you, in those days the classes were all streamed instead of (how I understand it these days) all chucked in together than sat on different tables. It sounds so complicated - and the poor teachers - I do feel sorry for them. :( (my friend used to be a primary school teacher so that's where I learnt about more up-to-date procedures. :) )

    I'm rambling a bit now, anyway, don't go altogether, please keep in touch with us all, take care and try to stay off those nasties if at all possible,

    Love Andi xxx

  • Hi Lenne, after reading everyones comments I think nobody meant any harm.

    I too am like Pete and come out with silly comments , :( but dont mean it nasty or harmful,( think its an age thing) but sometimes if your a bit low in yourself you can take things wrong way.

    Have you thought about just doing one day a week on this site, and then we will all feel happier, and you dont have to feel pressured. we all love ya. xx

  • Hey Jillygirl, you keep that age thing to yourself eh,

    I'm just a stupid-idiotic-thoughtless-inconsidarable-useless-smokeless-inhumanian-wolly of a pratttttt :P

    So you see age dosnt come into it !!!! :D

    Pete :)

  • Okay YOUNG! man , :) but your not getting away with the only one thats stupid etc. I need some company. even if age comes before beauty.

    Us nutters have to stick together. xx

  • Now most of you on here are probably thinking that Jilly is going off her rocker! :P Why? you may say. Well she blogged a bit earlier to someone called Shoegirl. After a bit of research have found that she's (yes Pete, SHE :D :D ) called Gerri and lives across the pond and has posted 3 blogs so far. Problem is that due to the time differences she's not quite caught up with our days so we've all missed her. :)

  • Andi, I have just put a blog up for Shoegirl-Gerri-She !! :D :D

    So hopefully she will post on there !? what do you think????

    Any ideas anybody ??

    Pete :)

  • Your asking us for ideas, (stupid). :O sorry didnt really mean that.

    I must admit it confused me where shoegirl had come from.

    I think your blog might work. otherwise wait for the bosses (emjay etc. ) to get back to us.

  • Like I blogged yesterday Jilly (or day before :o - memory going in old age? :D :D ) click on picture and you get their profile (if they've loaded anything - like I haven't! :o )

  • Seem to be out of synch with everyone on here today. :( Have been in and out, went shopping and got fresh supplies of nuts in from Lidl (defo the best quality nuts you can get anywhere! :) )

    Have felt like I've been craving all day long - can't quite decide if it's that or hunger :P - didn't come away from session this morning feeling like I'd worked too hard but tiredness slammed into me in the middle of the afternoon and had to have my dindin early as sooooo hungry! :o Cracked the pistachios after and filled up with them - finished about 10 minutes ago but now hungry again!!! What's that all about? :o :D :D

  • Your growing up !!!! :D :D

  • Sorry Andi, they were nipping at me all afternoon yesterday, so was munchin, thats why i got onto my comp, and had a play and blogged a lot, it kept me occupied, if you see what i mean?! im not very good at explanining myself am ''I'' but i know what i mean :o

  • Well, so long as you know, that's ok then! :D :D

  • its an age thing. :D

  • Hi everybody, i have just googled Gerri, she comes from between Massachusetts- and - Connecticut.

    I havent got a clue about the time difference ??

  • Didn't understand the last comment? :P

    Mass is 5 hours behind us. Am regularly on the phone to a friend who lives there. She phones me at 9.30 (our time) when she's done for the day and having her relaxing glass of wine. Trouble is these days I'm often in bed when she phones as I'm so tired! :o

  • Last comment = you said that you had your dins and then filled up with pistachios, and 10 mins later you were hungry again = just like a young lass growing up

    If you dont get that then i have well and truely lost the plottttttttt

    Pete :)

  • At our age!

  • At your age !!!!

  • You were young once!! wernt you!!

  • I've lost the plottttttttttttttttttt

  • Andi - i am going into hib------- erm a long sleep cus my head is going around in circles, just had enough for today gal, what with one thing and another, going to crack another can open now, and just erm erm doode out of it.

    Pete :)

  • Hi andi and Pete,

    listening to you two is better than any comedy act . you really make me laugh.

    Silly thing is i understand you both. :D :D :D

    I am off to soak in the bath now . as went for evening walk and got caught in thunderstorm. soaking wet now.

    Will catch up with you before bedtime. :)

  • Falling off chair laughing!!! :D :D :D

    YOU ARE ALL MAD - DO YOU HEAR ME???????? :D :D :D

    Now Pete, don't be silly - so long as it's ONLY a tinnie! :o

  • Andi, I agree, they are all mad (makes innocent face) lol :)

  • Hiya, so you're in this club too? :o :) Nice to see you back by the way! :)

  • hey, arnt we all in this clubbbbbbb :D :D

  • you really have to curtail those tinnies now - they're making you stutter! rrrrrrrrrrr hahaha :D :D

  • Lenne, I am so so glad that you are back gal, cus you know that i wouldnt hurt you, or anybody else on this site, i havnt got it in me gal, :)

    Love ya loads and loads gal, you know that :) :)

    Pete :)

  • *blush* This is why they don't let me out in public without a straitjacket lol!

  • Jillygirl, its a good job your er gal, cus i reckon that your a referreeeee between us lot, you seem to calm things down for us madns :D :o

    Cheers gal, luv ya

    Pete :)

  • Jilly, I hope you haven't turned into a prune if you're still in that bath! :)

    Am getting tired now so think I'd better call it a night. It's finally stopped raining for a few minutes! Days are getting shorter now - do you realise that there's one second less daylight today than yesterday? :o

    Nite nite everybody, here's yet another day under our belts, sleep well. :)

    Andi xxx

  • Rite you young Ladies/Girlies am offffff to bed now, but please please tell me if ever i get out of hand, cus i know that it will be me!!!! :) :)

    Luv ya all, and sleep tight all, nite nite :)

    Pete :)

  • Ok everyone If i`m the referee i think we will call it a draw. :)

    Next match is booked for tomorrow.

    Had bath sat with a cuppa (not tinnie) in my jim jams. all cosy .

    Soi off to bed with you all , sweet dreams and god bless.

    See you all in the morning. love ya. xx :)

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