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DAILY CHAT / SUNDAY / 24/06/2012

Good morning everyone,

Hope you had a good nights sleep, and ready for another smokefree day.

Bet you all thought i had slept in. well I didn`t. I got up at 6.30. However when i tried logging on to the site, my mouse died on me (the pc mouse) :(

I`ve mucked about with it but no joy, so i will be off to the shops later to buy one. I hate using the pad on the laptop i find it hard work.

Anyway all of you have a lovely day. will log in later. xx :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else. Started thinking you were talking about a pet first. :( Had a terrible night - seemed to be awake mostly tossing and turning from 2 o'clock onwards and all I could hear outside was wind and rain! :P Bet Pete slept well though. :)

Will check in again later.


hi andi and good morning. may be we ought to chat in the middle of the night, I know what you mean about not sleeping. Trouble is when I do manage to sleep through, I wake up with a headache then. can`t win.

Like you say bet Pete did sleep. Confused us both yesterday, didnt expect that did you. See if he manages his shelves today.

Will chat later. xx


Good morning everyone

How are you all feeling today? Are you all enjoying your weekend? Your all doing brilliantly :-)

I'll keep looking in for any questions

Speak soon :-D


Morning Claire,

Seems its only us girlies that get up early. Hope your ok love. Going to get ready to go out. Gotta buy my mouse (pc. mouse)

See you soon. xx :)


Good afternoon Pete, Are you still hiding under the bedclothes, ? :O away from us women. :D or are you busy doing your shelves. Just being nosey! :D

Anyway whatever your up to enjoy your day . see you later. xx


Hi all. Andi - sorry you didn't have a good sleep. I actually did sleep well last night, for the first time in ages. First two or three weeks of not smoking were HELL in terms of sleep and then, just as things were improving I decided to knock the booze on the head - not become teetotal, but drastically reduced my intake of wine (which seemed to have crept up since I gave up the piggies) and I was back to square one - tossing and turning, too hot, too cold, uncomfortable etc etc - so I know what it's like. I'm 8 weeks smoke free at the end of today :D Onwards and upwards. Hope you all have a great day xx


Lenne - where are you? Hope you're OK. Let us know how you're getting on? x


Hey Finley, I'm fine thanks I've been keeping an eye on all the goings on but not feeling like sharing so much, don't worry about me you keep fighting the good fight! xx


Hi Finley2012,

8 weeks blimey it goes so fast doesnt it. well done love. pat yourself on the back. :D

As for the sleeping, andie has my sympathy, I am off to get a new pillow next week see if that helps.

Enjoy the rest of your day.. catch up later


Okay folks , Can anyone help tango57. Just posted a question about weight.

Did say claire would help when she logs on.


Hi everybody, just finished cookin dins, a bit late today!! not my fault !! cant help it !! :D

Andi sorry you didnt get a good nights sleep gal, it's been really windy here too, not so bad now though, and the sun is out 8-)

Jillygirl know what you mean about the mouse, mine went bozwol last week, i had to buy a new one, how much easier it is!! :)

Finley its nice to see you here on a Sunday gal, 8 weeks eh, thats fantastic gal just fantastic, and cutting the drink down!! :) thats what i have to do next !! :( but i will, although i think that i will have to cut it out compleatly.

Jillygirl my Niece txt me earlier, saying that if i had got a thick head, that i should take a couple of asprins, cus they would help me!! the cheeky flippin Madam her!! :D :D

Just been lookin at the posts that you and Andi sent last night, you've just got no cofidence in me what so ever have you ????? huh not bothered anyway, i can take it, cus i'm a man, so there :P :P

Pete :)


Good afternoon everyone. Wondered where Pete had got to all day again - worried he'd fallen off after all - especially after last night's wonderful blog! :)

Finley, nice to see you and thanks for your comments. I seem to get one good night a week at this rate although I think I'd just had 2 on the trot - thought Id cracked it but last night was even worse than usual. :( Never mind - will need an early one tonight - glad I don't like watching footie! :D :D

Jilly, you just seem to be on one long round of shopping - first a mouse (hope it works ok) then a pillow - how the other half lives! :D :D

I went shopping this afternoon to the garden centre for compost and picked up some shrubs too. I'm a bit of a plantaholic. I want to get out in the garden but it keeps showering and leg-pulling today so have given up that idea - again! :o

Pete, how old is your neice?


Hi Andi, my Niece is the same age as i was when i started smoking!! :( 13 but i tell you gal, she acts about 23 some times, with the things she comes out with :D

As for last night, i was not alone, as when we were sat down talking, Hollie one of the young barmaids came and sat down with us, while she had a break, she was very helpfull, cus she had quit 5 years ago, didnt even know that she had smoked !!

Then she went back behind the bar, and Jim came around, the Land Lord who i know has quit for about 2 years now, a big man as in you would not tackle him, but he was as gentle as me with her, so you see i was not alone, they all helped my Neice and me :) :)

As for planting shrubs this time of year, not one of your better ideas gal, cus there roots will not start growing until October time, so you will really have to look after them, until then. :) but i cant fault you gal, being a horticulturist myself, i love plants, plus they dont moan at me!! :o :D

Pete :)


Thought you might have said that - 13 - like me too - I didn't go in pubs in those days at that age though! :o Especially being taken by my uncle!!! (what I did used to do though was go and buy cider in the offie - not much changed over the years really, eh? :D :D


Hey Andi, times have changed, pubs have changed, and when i lived with my Dad, i used to go down to the offi to get some lager, and there were girls and boys younger than my Neice guzzling on cider etc.


On the horticultural front (cor, that's one hell of a long word for you to spell correctly!!! :P ) most of my garden is growing in pots. I moved house over three years ago and have still not got the garden organised. Autumn before last had an old Bramley removed and have been trying to dig out as many roots as possible ever since. got the last patch of about 4 x 5 yds left to dig. :P :X then can heel in a few plants and work on the design for next year. Meantime the front garden also needs weeding, double digging, designing, planting etc. etc. So much that as I can't decide where I want to concentrate on I don't do anything. :(


Andi - the horticultural part of me comes from the 70s--80s when i worked for the council, maintaining gardens and parks in Derby.

I was young then and easily learned about gardening, just the Latin names!! that i couldnt spell, so i never got to go to college, but thats me again!! :o

Pete :)


HI Pete and andi, Just come in from cutting the beech hedge, checked in here and your all talking about gardening. Got some cosmos to plant tomoz.

if the weather is fine.

Sounds like your niece is taking charge of you now.

take care all of you . Off for a shower then see whats on tv. probably repeats, or footie.

Gonna sign off now. luv ya! xx :)


Aup Jillygirl, am same as you gal, done it for today, but i'm back to work tmoz on 10 till 6pm, so will not get on here till about 7.30 when i get home :( you keep in there!! your doing just superbly-fantasticably-increadibley-dinamicabley-good at staying quit, and i luv ya for it gal xx

Good night everybody, time for me to climb that flippin wooden hill again, nite nite all

Pete :)


Just got in from an evening walk with my friend and her dog. Went to a local park and it's a gorgeous evening after how most of the day was. 8-)

Nite nite all, sleep well,

Andi :)


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