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DAILY CHAT / 18/06/2012


Nice and sunny this morning :) , hope its the same for everyone else. May go out for the day. Hope everyone is feeling fit and ready to go today.

Pete I cant wake you up at 10.00am as probably out by then, so i shall ask Andie to nudge you instead.

Keep positive and focused and have a fantastic day. Also if your back Garry hope the ride went well for you.

Will pop back later on. xx :)

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Morning Jilly, got up early today. Sun shining down here after a very wet night. Got to clean the house for my coffee morning tomorrow. Catch you later. x


Hi Andi ,

Just had a thought :O (with the odd brain cell i have) Why not ask Pete to clean the house for you. He`s on holiday , and we know he is ok with the hoovers. :)


That sounds like a very good idea. :) Have gone mad and finally cleaned my lounge window (don't like cleaning windows much :P ) and surprised how un-yellow (if there's such a word) it was. I'm sure it will make the room smell better though. :) Have now got to vac the suite. :o

Phoned at 8 to make that physio appt and amazed that someone answered the phone! Am booked in for 3 so will report back after. :o :)


Morning all - been up and out with the dog - very warm this morning and thankfully dry - had my breakfast and just about to get crackin' on a bit of housework - must be rubbing off Andi!

Had terible nigtmare last night - could be all the c**p I'm eating at the moment!

Love to all



Hi Pete. Just read your post about your niece. You could try sitting down with her and going on to You Tube and have her watch 'Smoking Kills - the Bryan Curtis story' - it's a very graphic short film about a young man in his thirties who contracted lung cancer and was dead within a couple of months of diagnosis. Not sure if you've ever seen it. I hadn't until a couple of days ago when someone posted a link to it on the NHS smokefree facebook page. I guess young people think cancer is something that happens when you're reaally old (which for them could be anything from 35 onwards I guess!). The film brings it home that young people can be very unlucky and the horrors of the reality for those who are so unlucky......Hope you manage to convince her xx


Morning all

The sun is shining here too today, let hope it lasts 8-)

How is everyone feeling?

Thanks for your advice about Finley22, I’ve not seen this - I think I’ll have a little look later. So so sad how many young people start smoking when there's so much information out there.

Sounds like you’re all doing brilliantly, well done.

Is there anything you need from me today :-S

Speak soon


Good morning everybody.

Thankyou all for your help, as in my niece and i shall have a look Finley, thanks. :) just got back from buying some paint etc, i wonder if you can tell what i will be doing for the next couple of days?? :o I hope everything goes allright the safto Andi, :) keep us informed eh. Speak later.

Pete :)


Hiya Pete - do have a look and see what you think but really, I reckon if you want to try a shock tactic with your niece, this ought to do the trick. It's very disturbing :o I have to settle down and get on with some work today, I've been really distracted for the last couple of weeks and am gonna be in trouble if I don't crack on today. Catch up with you all later :D


Where is everyone today, enjoying the sun? :-D


Good morning Claire, looks like those that don't have to work are doing their domestics. :o That's apart from Jilly whose lucky enough to be taken out for jollies most days. :D :D


Good afternoon all, hope you're all okay :)

Pete, I simply don't know what to say on the situation with your niece. I've been sitting here for a good 5 or 10 minutes and part of me wants to slap the backs of your legs for joining her in a smoke, then I figured you'd probably enjoy the spanking so cancelled that idea ;)

Everyone's given really great suggestions thankfully- keep us updated?

I miss the rain. It's too blimmin' hot *grumbles*

Big hugs and love to you all- let's shake our fists at the nicotine monster and say "We don't need you!" Or, give it an innapropriate hand gesture ;)



Lol, Hear, hear! :D :D


Hi All - I've been a really good lass today and got lots of work done. Had no choice really otherwise I'd have been in deep doo doo, but I did break off to go to the smoking (or rather, not smoking) clinic and had my carbon monoxide read. For the first time since giving up the fags I got BIG FAT ZERO yaaaay!! I feel very pleased with myself (although it's nothing I've done different, probably just all the rain has got rid of the pollution round here). Nya nya nyar. Going to treat myself to a bag of M & Ms. :D :D


I've just been back to Sainsbury's and they've got fresh supplies of the half-price Thorntons that I missed out on the other night. ;-) (So I bought 2 boxes!!!) :D :D


chuck one over ere then will you? :P


Well good afternoon everyone. All the clouds have now disappeared from the sky! 8-)

Lenne, back to hibernation for you? :(

Jilly, still roaming round the Yorkshire Moors? :)

Pete, not passed out from the paint fumes? :(

All others - still working? :(

Soon be dinnertime for all. ;-)

Had my physio session. Worked on back problem, thought it had affected my calf. Got small damage to calf - nearly jumped off the couch when he started working on that! :o Got to go back next week and have 'homework' to do til then. :P I can do any exercise I like (so long as it doesn't hurt my calf) EXCEPT RUNNING! That is - can't run til I see him again, then we'll see! :)


Hi Girls and guys, Back from my trip out, ended up at Blackpool :-) Really nice and warm. Problem is now after walking so much my ankles have swollen again. :( Ah well! cant have everything can I. suppose i will have to dig those support thingys out again. Watch out Pete Nora battys back.

:O Dont fall off any ladders if your decorating. :)

You all seem to be busy today. Housework etc. hope it was a piggy free day for you all. xx


Hi everybody,

Andi im glad your physio session went ok, apart from the calf bit !!

Claire i would like to set a new quit date please- today although i only had one, that was one too many!! I should have been stronger for my niece, then perhaps it would have made her think!!

I am even more determined to quit now, to show her that i can do it!! then maybe she will follow my footsteps and quit herself. I am a stupid old prat sometimes, i know i am.

Lenne i wish you would come around and bash me gal, might knock a bit of sense into me eh?! Speak soon.



Hey Pete don't forget Emjay's saying: "Every quit is a practice etc etc" (can't remember the rest hehe) :o

Something else not to forget - doesn't matter where in the world she is



Pfft like I would hit you, silly :D *hugs* you're my pop2! xx


Hi Pete, Dont you be too hard on yourself. Because you are so nice and such a softy you gave in to your niece. I bet your niece knew you were an easy touch. At least you had the guts to admit it. more than lots of folk would. We have all been there.

Anyway your on the right track again. :)

You must be the only fella I know who has so many girlies chatting and sending there love to you. :O

catch up later. xx :)


Jilly I love you, you can always think of the right thing to say! :)


Hi andi , you dont do too bad yourself. I have been reading the blogs with the newbies. will chat with them too.

Poor Pete, just want to give him a hug dont you. (then we will tease him ha ha) :)

see you tmoz or may be later going to soak in the bath. :)

Stupid ankles. :( xx


Thankyou ever so much,Andi-Jillygirl your so thoughtful, and two gorgeous-gorgeous Ladies / Girlies :) I thought you would be mad with me :(

Thankyou again :)

speak later

Pete :)


Hi Pete, you are a dafty. We love ya . :)

Will chat tmoz. putting my feet up now. xxxxx


Aup Jillygirl, i hope you had a nice day out gal huh alright for some !! and you were spot on about my niece cus she can twist me around her little finger, she can, she's my favourite. :)

Andi my new quit date is 18th June just in case i lose my memory, and add a few days/weeks on eh :D

Lenne you've got enough on your plate without worrying about pops 2 and thank you for your very kind comment, and for not bashin me!! :)

Nearly bed time now so i will say nite nite to you all and sleep tight, speak tmoz.

Pete :)


Hey, don't be daft about the quit date - you can leave it the same cos you only had one - didn't you? :o Anyway, I'd give you a hug too but my arms aren't long enough!!! :D :D

Nite nite xx


Hey everyone

Hope your all well.

Its a brand new day, the sun is shining so lets all be positive ;-)

Pete - reading through all these messages. Its so easy to have a little 'blip' when quitting smoking. Your certainly not alone. The thing is you know you shouldn't have had that one and you've carried on with your quit again. Its so easy to think - oh well thats it i might as well carry on smoking. :-( You also understand why you felt you needed that one and hopefully in a similar situation you will know how to manage that craving. DONT give yourself a hard time. Think of Emjay on your shoulder!!!

Take care


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