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Broken bones heal faster (I hope)

Going into Hospital tomorrow for a operation to fix a twisted leg, ha ha. There going to break my leg and straighten it with pins and a cast. its shaped like a bannana after a hip replacement. I have just been told that you heal quicker if you don,t smoke ( I DON,T SMOKE, YIPPEE.) I have been waiting 2 years for this and did,nt know when it was getting done, I only found out 6 days ago so it,s great that I chose the right time to quit.Hope you all keep up the good work while i,m away, no having a sly one because i,ll know when I get back.

Take care and I,ll be thinking of you, I really hope it gets easier for each of you. Remember that quitting is not a problem for you all, its the way you deal with the problem thats the problem.


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Best of luck in hospital tomorrow will be thinking of you- remember to avoid the green jelly it tastes disgusting! xx


Hi Mad, yer its me again, hospital, well theres one good thing, they wont let you smoke in thier, unless you catch fire during the opp, well it dosnt happen too often, i dont think, but there is allways a glass of water by your bed side just in case!!!! :o

Green jelly, hhhmmmm not tried that one, but blue ones ok!!!!

I hope evrything goes well for you Mad, and hope to speak to you sooooon.

Pete :)


Leg fixed, all done and dusted, healed within 10 weeks, they said it could be 12 months. Yippee, sure it helped giving up the fags. Hope your still being good and not puffing away and I hope your keeping well.

Take care



Good Luck with your op tomorrow Mad, I hope it works really well for you after.

We'll all be thinking of you. Andi x


Good luck mad. At least your not going to be wondering how to sneak a ciggy. jillygirl


You're right about a safer, faster healing process for non-smokers.

Good on you for being smokefree :-)

Big Hugs and positive vibes for a super speedy recovery Mad. We'll be waiting here to see how you get on.

Take Care :-)


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