Good morning , well it looks like it`s a S S S day.

Sun, Showers, and Smoke-free.

I don`t know if anyone else looked at Lisa-Janes blog yesterday , but it is brilliant. Certainly gets you thinking about the nasty habit cigarettes cause.

I hope every one has a lovely day as Andi says its poets day! yipee.

Catch up in a while. :)

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  • Morning Jillygirl, love your pic :)

    The day here is scs, sun, cold and smokefree, to be expected in October i suppose, it would have been nice to get a summer though :D :D

    just had a look at Lisa-janes' blog, yuck, a brilliant detergent

    away to get my first cuppa of many :D

    will chat later :) x

  • Good morning Sue, Enjoy your cuppa, and see you later , off to supermarket, butchers etc. Boring! :) xx

  • Hi Jillygirl, i hate shopping, unless it's for clothes night :D :D

    Popped out for the paper so gonna read that now, with another cuppa :D :D

  • Good morning

    How is everyone today?

    There’s some dark looking clouds making heading this way :-(

    Lisa-Jane the video was very interesting and is a really good aid to see what’s happening after just one cigarette. Thank you for posting it on here.

    Have we got any new quitters for Stoptober?

    Have a lovely day 8-)

  • Hi Jarvo, nice to see you back on site, your right that big black cloud is heading over yorkshire now.


    I dont know i may be wrong but didnt Kazachoc start with the stoptober date. I hope she`s coping and not struggling as much.

    well going to get tea ready to go then I can sit and relax this aft if poss.

    My grandaughter has made me christen my legs now. I rubbed my knees yesterday and said ooh my arthritus, She replied Arthur who? So now when I get a pain I blame Arthur. :P

  • Good morning all..

    Miserable day up here, and I have somewhat if a hangover!! Even the rain on the windows hurts!!! :( self inflicted I know !! Worst part is well depending on how you look at it!! But somehow last night I blew up the cooker ;) :( :| defo puts an end to my over cooking now hey!!!

    It was hilarious last nigh... So not funny this morning when I needed an poached egg!! It's only 5 years old??? Is it me or do they not make things to last??

    Oh well ..... Will have to start searching for a new cooker!!!

  • Again my predictive text makes me look like a muppet!!

  • Hi Lisa -Jane, Sounds like you had a good night last night. Hope you get a cooker sorted out.


    Yes your right I dont think things are made to last nowadays. Hope the hangovers :( gone now .

    enjoy the rest of your day. :)

  • Just realised ! I have been quit now for 6months. I honestly can`t believe it. 1/2 a year.

    Will have to send hubby out for a cream cake to celebrate . :D :D (good excuse) :)

  • Hi everyone, just got sitting down now, for a short time anyway, doubt I'll ever get an easy day :D :D

    Hope you get your cooker fixed Lisa-jane, that sound like it was a good night :D :D

    you enjoy your cream cake Jillygirl :) and a BIG WELL DONE on 6 months smoke free :) x


    Half a year and look at what you've achieved and the support you've given to so many on here.

    Well done 8-)

  • Thank you Claire , Never thought I would do it , but so happy I did. :)

  • At last got everything done, and had tea and washed the dishes :), thought I'd never get there :D :D

    time for a cuppa I think :D :) hope your all having a great day :) x

  • Just finished the washing up. Like you time for a cuppa before Pete joins us. :)

  • better go see if i have another cup for him then, if there not all broken :D :D :D

  • Thought he`d have been on by now seeing its Friday, :P

  • That's true, hope he's not been made to work late again

  • Think I`ve just seen him on his bike ! :D :D


  • :D :D :D :D that's where he got to, the pub :D :D :)

  • Right can`t wait any longer for him , off to get my bath, hubby will have to scrub my back.

    Oh Pete toooooooooooooo late again. :P

    back soon, :)

  • Good evening everybody, its the weekend - yipppppeeeeeeee :D :D

    Jillygirl - massive great big big hugggggggs to ya gal :) :) 6 months eh, how time flys by when your having fun :o :| :D I hope those Arthurs arnt playing you up too much gal ;D huh just too late again to give you a good scrub then :P :P not bothered anyway cus just scrubed myself, so there :P

    Sue - the pub eh, i flippin wish gal, and i thought you were having a lazy day today, or was that the other day !! :o think am aving a senior moment :D :D

    Lisa-Jane - nice to see you again gal, sorry to hear about your cooker blowing up, but you know there is a up side to this, you have an excuse now to get your man to take you for a meal :) :) or 2 ;) :D :D

    Its nice to see you again Claire, thought you'd emigrated gal :D :D think its time for me to scarper whoooooooosh

  • Hi Pete, no senior moments, i keep saying a lazy day but never manage to have one, a woman's work is never done :D :D :D

    I love the weekend tooooo, no more washing machine on for 2 days yeeeeesssss :D :D

  • Nice one Sue, yeah i know what you mean about a Womans works never done, cus am the same gal :D :D

  • you should be doing man's work Pete, like your legless table :D :D. loved that name, couldn't get the picture of a drunk table out of my head :D :D

    how you doin tonight, great I hope, and looking forward to a smoke free weekend :) x

  • Yes Sue i'm feeling splenduobilous tonight thank you for asking :D :D

  • Hi Pete , hope your day went well. You enjoy your weekend you deserve it. got you a couple of pressies for your shed one that you can hang up , the other one ? well I think you know what to do with that. :)



  • Ha ha ha ha you just crack me up gal you do :D :D as for the second pic slurp slurp :P :P

  • I'm going to enlarge that pic, print it off and stick it in my garage gal, thankyou very much :) :)

  • Hi Jillygirl and Pete,

    I gotto go now, i;m sitting here sleeping

    nite nite sweet dreams, luv ya both :) xx

  • I know that i'm a boring old boy, but do i really make you want to sleep ?? could be a good little earner for me, could make some tapes and sell em to people that cant sleep :D :D

    Good nite Sue and God bless you gal, and flippin have a lazy day tomorrow, do you hear me gal :) :)

  • Nite Nite Sue, have a good sleep. sweet dreams. luvs ya. :) xx

  • Huh suppose your going now then, now that am ready for ya :o :P

  • OK Pete , glad you liked the drink you deserve it. I am going to put my nora or is it arthurs up for a rest . call back later. If you`ve gone to bed , then Night nite, sweet dreams and love ya. xx see you tomorrow. :)

  • Yes Jillygirl, am off as well gal, you rest your arthur-noras and will speak tomorrow, luvs ya gal and sweet dreams to you too xx :) :)

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