Happy Birthday to me

Hi all,

Today the 11th March 2013 is my 61st birthday and you may say 61 is nothing to celebrate, ( the mirror might agree with that ) but for me, this is the best birthday I have ever had.

Apart from having seven grandkids jumping and fussing arround me ( nice ), I DONT SMOKE!!!!!.

Day 57 Ciggies kicked out, NRT kicked out and still as determined to stay smoke free.

Its not been easy but it has been well worth the effort.

And the friendly help and chat from members of this site have helped hugely in keeping the goal in sight and achievable.


I have had a little flair up of pnumonia just now, Thankfully not bad enough to put me back into hospital and I credit that to the smoke free style of living.

So to new members who are finding things hard, 1/ it does get better, 2/ stick with the no smoke campaign, 3/ you are in the right place, site, to get the friendly helpfull support that will help you on your journey from others who are on the same path who understand what you are going through and will help when they can to get you there.

Thanks to everyone.


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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! well don tomc. what lovely comments and encouragement. :)


  • Thanks Jill, Lovely e-card.


  • Happy Birthday Tomc.

    Wishing you the bestest of wishes for a lovely smokefree year :-)


  • Thank you Emjay.


  • Happy Birthday Tom

    wishing you a wonderful smoke free life :)

  • Thank you so mutch Sue.


  • Happy birthday Tom, thank you for all your support in my view days on this site. Congratulations on being smoke free for so long and long may it last Sue x

  • Thank you simba, as I have said to everyone, this is a great place to be and your support and kind wishes are greatly apreciated, so , Thank you.


  • Have a great day Tom with lot of lovely pressies.

  • Brilliant! Than you madimad you just finished the perfect day in a perfect way.


  • Happy Birthday Tom :) :) and a big well done to you for getting to 57 days quit :) :) you stay strong and keep up the good fight :) :)

    Nice one pal :)

    Pete :)

  • Thyanks Pete


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