Do you still get the urge to smoke whilst driving ?????

I live in Derby and work near Sheffield, so it takes me about an hour on a good day to get to work, i used to light up at the same places each day.

Hi i'm Pete and this is my way i beat it!!!!!

I made a quit date and the Sunday before, i went to town on cleaning my van, not because it was dirty, because i always kept it clean, but to get rid of the smell of cigarettes, - so i bought some upholstery cleaner - i cleaned the dashboard - seats - doorpanels, you name it i cleaned it!!!! i even washed the ashtray out and put some money in it for emergencies. I took the cigar lighter out as well, but most important!!! i took that emergencie pack of fags out of the glovebox, dont you forget that!!

I also bought a air freshener - a nice one thats not too strong, called Pacific Ocean, not like some of them that stink!!

I bought a packet of fruit pastilles, which i cut the top off the bag, and placed in a pocket in the doorwell so they are easy to get at whilst driving.

I just have a pastille when i used to light up, seems to work for me, also i keep a inhalator on my dashboard for hard times.

I hope this may help some of you and if you have any tips or want to tell us how you beat it, then ''please'' come and tell us, we would love to know!!!!

Pete. :)

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  • This is a great blog Pete, thanks for sharing :-)

    There are many people who find it quite difficult to not smoke when driving. Especially those who spend a lot of time in their cars, vans or trucks.

    Having a good clean out is a top tip and as Pete as already done himself, it pays to plan in advance of any potential moments of weakness.

    Thanks again Pete :-)

  • Hi. I quit smoking 6 weeks ago and to begin with driving in the car was one of my worst times for cravings. I'm using inhalators so make sure I have one loaded and ready in the car - I've found I don't use it that much but just holding it helps. Also, have lots of sugar free gum to chew and as the previous person said, treat the car to a good clean out. I have a local hand car wash service, which will do inside and out for a tenner and the car smells so lovely after it's been done, I don't want to make it all stinky again by smoking!

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