Little Critter

Little Critter

Good morning everybody, it's lovely and dull & grey here :(

I had to laugh yesterday, to cut a long story short, I walked in the house and Monkey the cat was trying to get something from under the settee, so I had a look and found one of her toys, so I lobed it up the other end of the front room, she went after it and I thought no more about it.

Come yesterday evening, I was sat in the frontroom at my computer, computing, as one does, and my Brother-in-law let out a mighty shriek, I looked around, and he said Pete, Pete, there’s a creature!! I said where ?? he said down there, under the settee, then I saw something move, well, I have never seen him move sooooooo fast, he shot out of the room, :D :D flippin whimp :P

The cat was upstairs taking some well earned zzzzzzzz cos she had been out all flippin night, so I went to investigate, I lifted the front of the settee up and there it was, a little mouse, just sat there shacking, I could see its heart pounding, so I picked it up and took it up the top of the garden and let it go, it scooted off into the undergrowth to live another day :) :)

Ok I have given that little mouse another chance of life, but we too can have another chance of life, through quitting smoking, well maybe live longer eh :)

Sooo come all you wanabe quiters, put a plan into action and go for it :) we are all here to help you along the way. Good luck. :)

Pete :)

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  • Hi Pete, so you're the Mouse Hero today, that little critter has another chance at a better life, lucky it was you who found him. Bet the cats not so impressed ha ha.

    Great analogy with quitting smoking.... everyone deserves another chance.

    Love the pic....mouse on wheels

    Happy Sunday everyone x

  • Aup Eye :)

    Hmmm looks like our Emjay's got you working Sundays as well :o I should go and have a nodd if I was you, before she gets back home ;) :D :D

    Erm, analogy ?? I wish you gals would talk in English :P :D :D I may have to google that one eh :o

    I hope you've had a lovely relaxing Sunday xx

  • Well done Pete your a real hero. :)

  • :D :D :D

  • haha, I totally agree, what a whimp. Aww I love little mouses. Years ago we were sat up late one Christmas and we saw a little field mouse pop its head out from under the fire. The fire had a back boiler behind it and as the fire had to be situated on the wall for draft purposes n all that there was a gap between fire, boiler and floor. It must have been nice and warm there for the little mouse. After that we kept leaving nuts and stuff near the fire and we did see it once more pop out, swipe a nut then scuttle off back behind the fire. Sooooo cute.

  • Ha ha ha your as flippin daft as I am gal :o :D :D

    When we first moved in this house, mice used to get into the pantry somehow :o so I bought a couple of traps, yep, I put a bit of cheese on them :D it did the trick :) cos we had a male cat then called Tubsy, ermm a rather lazy cat :o :D :D as I got up one morning, there they were, 2 mice in the traps at the bottom of the bed !! and he was looking soooo proud of himself for catching them :D :D

  • :D :D haha bet the cat couldn't believe his luck, pre-packed mice :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Hey Sinfree, you thought any more about giving Champix another go gal ??

  • I had a couple of halves of tablets last week but they give me stomach ache, then I forgot to take any and I haven't bothered since, tho I have cut down on lozenges to about 2 a day using an e-cig instead.

  • Sinfree, thats great gal :) :) just got to cut the lozenges into quarters and have 4 quarters a day eh :) Erm, has your e-cig got nic in it ?? if you dont mind me asking you :o

  • Why not continue this on the chat?

  • Um just a little erm.....24mg :I

  • I only ever had a mouse in the house once (that I know of). I think one of the cats must have brought it in. I remember they were like a pair of bookends for ages stationed at either end of the sofa in the dining room. In the end they gave up in disgust and boredom as it didn't come back out again. I didn't realise what they were up to at the time. A long time after, I pulled out said sofa to vacuum under/behind it for a change and found an imprint and skeleton in the carpet. The wool of the carpet had actually disintegrated and only the backing was left. :)

  • :D :D :D

    Aup Andi :) did you manage to go for a run then :o

  • That will teach you not to vac under the sofa. Who knows what's loitering under the bed :D

  • :D :D :D thats flippin told her gal :)

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