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Long time

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Hi everyone been a while but with this Coronavirus at home with alot of time on my hands nearly been 5years for me stopping smoking I for get now it’s weird don’t think about it or fancy one even when having a drink hope everyone finds help and encouragement reading posts like mine I know I did when I first quit keep going take each day at a time

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Hello Lottie :) Great to hear from you again. Its always lovely to read posts from our Long term winners. 5 years is fantastic , how time flys. Yes posts like yours are always welcome to our new quitters. Thank you so much. :) xxx

Doing the happy dance for you. 😊💐✖✖


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Lottie24 in reply to jillygirl

Thank you 😊

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Hi Lottie, lovely to hear from you💖

Thanks for popping in to encourage others, it really does help🚭👍

Wow 5 years is amazing well done👏👏

Take care and stay safe my lovelie🌈💐xx

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Lottie24 in reply to Briarwood

Thank you 😊

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tonalchemyBadge pending

You are truly an inspiration, Lottie24. Thanks for that.

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It is encouraging for a recent quitter like me (50 days) so thanks for posting👏

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Amazing Lottie! You’re an absolute star 🌟 !! So so glad you’ve cracked the smoking habit and like you say, don’t even think about it now. When you first quit you don’t think that would ever be possible but you’re living proof and that gives so much encouragement and hope to the new QS quitters! Stay safe and well Lottie, much love, Poll x

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Roxie804 Weeks Winner

Thanks so much for the encouragement. Rixie80

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Thank you

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Roxie804 Weeks Winner

Thanks for the encouragement. I have about 4 months and having a depressive day. I am 79 and wonder if it’s worth it . I’ve been trying to stop for years and nothing helped. I wonder why I can do it now although I feel miserable. Thanks for listening.

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Catmad10Administrator in reply to Roxie80

Hi Roxie, I’ve only just discovered your post so sorry for the late response.

It is never too late to quit smoking, I’m not too far behind you in age and for me quitting is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I discovered this site by accident and with the incredible encouragement I got in the early days I am where I am today. I think the current climate may be contributing to your mood, it is for me. I’m normally upbeat but the lockdown and isolation is making me miserable. You have successfully quit for 3 months and that is fantastic, you should be really proud of yourself. Please keep going.

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Roxie804 Weeks Winner in reply to Catmad10

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I will keep going.

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Healinghurts1 YEAR WINNER

Thank You, trying to encourage fellow new smokers while yet dealing with my own anxiety and pain has been a test of my commitment to quitting. This is so real. I have never been this thank for people I barely know. People like you makes this community what it is.

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