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Hi everybody, I joined this site some time ago and although I have never posted before I have often read your postings and got an awful lot from them. I gave up smoking at the beginning of January and I've got to say this time I have found it very easy. I have tried many times before with different forms of NRT and managed for several weeks but the whole process was a nightmare, just never stopped craving a cigarette.

I thought perhaps explaining why I have found it so much easier might just help, even if it helped just one person it would be well worth it. The main reason I found it so much easier this time, I believe, was my choice of NRT. Nicorette Quickmist. Previously I have tried patches, they made me feel like I was missing something, didn't really help at all. Chewing gum, made me think about smoking all the time I was chewing. Inhalator and e-cig just continued the hand to mouth habit and I just continued to think about smoking the real thing. I know all these methods have been successful for others but they just didn't do it for me.

Quickmist on the other hand was a revelation. Initially I used two sprays at once (twice an hour, no more) and got that strong taste of nicotine in my mouth which I found very satisfying (sounds horrible, I know lol). Put the thing down and felt satisfied and it seemed that satisfaction lasted a lot longer. What I found then was that I soon got over the actual need for the action of smoking, if you know what I mean. I always really enjoyed a cigarette with a brew and so initially I always made a brew when I was going to use the spray so I didn't miss a cigarette then. When I'm out just knowing it was in my bag and could be used discreetly was a big plus also.

I'm still using them but not nearly as much. It's more a case of knowing I've got one around. I know this time I will never smoke again. In fact I have become one of those awful ex smokers that complains about other people's smoke, I really can't stand the smell and the thought of smoke going into my lungs drives me mad. I just wish I'd managed to do it a long time ago, dread to think of the damage it's done.

Anyway that's all for now. Keep strong and keep trying.

All the best,


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Hi Pip. Welcome to the site and well done you, that's excellent 5 months +. You star. :-) :-) :-)I use a vaour thing and have recently not needed it as much. :D :D

Keep strong and come back and say hi on our daily blogs anytime just for a chat or rant. :-)

have a great day 8-)

Sue xx


Hi Pip, well done on quitting 5 months is brilliant. I bet you are so proud of yourself.

Please join in our daily chat. lots of friendly people.



That is simply fantastic. Well done indeed. Very pleased for you and it won't be long until it's a whole year and all that lovely money that you've saved hope you're treating yourself as you go along your journey!

Join us at any time, you will always be welcome.

One day, I too, will be able to say 5 months today!

Keep up the good work.


That's real good going Pippa - just keep in mind, that you never need to smoke again - unless you insist.

Great too, that you find the spray good. I have one, but it nearly knocks me out. - it's so strong!

But it works for you... I can't argue with that. Just goes to show, we all need to find our own way until we get there.

Regards, and stay safe and well from the smokes.


Hi Pip,

Really glad you have found success in giving up smoking and a product that works for you.

Sally... :)


Aup Pip :) :) its lovely to see you here :)

A massive and I mean a massive well done to you for getting to 5 months quit :) :)

Thank you so so much for telling us your story, cos like you have said, different NRT works for different people :o

Keep strong and you take care now gal :)

Pete :)


Thank you all for your very warm welcome. Although I said I would never smoke again I haven't allowed myself to be lulled into a false sense of security so will continue to be part of this community of such lovely people fighting the same battle as myself. Thank you once again.

Take care and my very best wishes.

Pip xx


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