Long time no see!

Hi everyone,

I've drifted away from the site over the last two years but still look in from time to time and it's great to see that the camaraderie and support still continues.  :) 

It's 4 years ago today that I packed up smoking. I discovered the NHS Choices website and was inspired by people on there and joined the forum. They were (still are) a lovely bunch of people, very supportive of each other and a place where you could go to have a rant and a laugh and share the "journey" with people who were going through what you were going through. I'm sure that I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for them. :-)

I did it cold turkey as I always told myself that that would be the only way to do it and to never have a puff again. It was tough at the beginning and I spent a lot of time sitting on my hands and stuffing my face, but I succeeded and to this day I have never had another puff, although I have put on about a stone in weight.

I also discovered the NHS Couch to 5K forum just after and used that a bit to get me running, even though I'd always said that I would never run. (Bad for your knees and back, don't you know, and I need them more for skiing. ;-) ) The programme really helped me to get into the routine of getting out there 3 times a week.

I'm still running and exercising and struggling with the weight  ;-)  but I've never had another puff to this day.

To those of you struggling, you will manage it in your own time and the best time will be when you manage to lose all the aids and finally be free from the hold that the nicotine holds on you.

Onwards and upwards!  :) 

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  • Wow Andi, 4 years is fantastic 😊

    Thanks for coming back and posting, it's great to know you are doing so well hun😊 Definitely gives us all hope 😊😊

  • Hi Andi, what a great post. Congratulations on 4 years 😊

  • That's Fantastic Andi . Thanks for posting . what an achievement . It's lovely when you read posts like yours. It gives us newbies hope 

    Take Care and good luck with the running 

    Maddy x

  • Hello  there Andi !  Great to see you again. It doesnt seem  4 years ago  since we were supporting each other. Mainly having a laugh with Monky.   He has actually made it through the rough patch and now taking  charge of us all. ( He thinks he is  anyway).

    Still love him to bits.

    Good to know  your still exercising,  your amazing.   :)

    Take care. xxxx  :) 

  • Hi Andi, lovely to see you and 4 years is absolutely brilliant, well done hun👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

    Still keeping fit I see, although by the looks of it, you're still nodding in the same deck chair😂😂😂

    So good to hear you're feeling all the benefits of your quit and thanks for popping in to encourage us to keep going🚭  You truly are a great example of what can be achieved💐😊

  • What a wonderful 4 year mile stone!  I've turned from cigs to sweets...trying to get away from the sweets sooner than later!

  • Carissa, I lived on mints when I quit but we used to have discussions about our food cravings, mainly stuff like chocolate, crisps, Hula Hoops and all sorts of rubbish.  ;-)  It was quite some time later that I realised that I was hardly eating the mints any more.

  • Hi Andi!

    I started with tic tacs, but then donuts were much better!  I am trying to stay away from said donuts and pop a sugar free candy with xylitol which is actually good for your teeth!

  • Tictacs are good - I still use them.  ;-) 

    Isn't xylitol that stuff that acts like a laxative?  :-O 

  • well if you abuse it, like any other thing we put in our bodies it can have a negative effect, yes, and this one happens to act like a laxative!

     However, I don't even have a serving size, I don't need to, the hard candy lasts a long time, and I feel satisfied for a few hours after having one actually so I think I am safe for now!

  • Thankyou soooooo much Andi for your post, cos am sure it will help a lot of our members :) :)

    4 YEARS gal :o :o that is just amazing :) :) Andi, you are one awesome lovely Lady :) :) 

    It dosent seam 5 minutes since we all met :o  

    Its lovely to hear from you again, it really is  :) :) and av missed ya gal :( :( ermmm, just wandering if you got married yet :o cos you say you've gained a stone in weight, hmmmmm, does that mean we got the pitter patter of tiny feet soon :o :P :P :D :D :D 


  • Thanks for all your lovely comments everyone.  :) 

    Jilly, so lovely to see that you're still around here.  :) 

    Pete, of course I haven't got married you silly bugger!  ;-)  Are you still making your lumpy gravy every Sunday?

    Thanks to whoever has updated my badge.  :)

  • He doesnt change does he?  xx


  • Nope!  :) 

  • :P :P :D :D 

  • Soooooo, what ya upto nowa days Andi  :o 

    You still running, cycling :) and I hope your calf has been ok :) :) 

  • Really inspiring to read a 4yr smokefree member!

    Thanks for posting up

  • Wow!!!!m. 4 years is simply brilliant😀😀 thank you so much for your inspiring post. JUst what our new members need 😀😀💖💖

  • You give hope and courage friend to many that need it like my self....  Question and may help others did all the bad side effects subside for you over time?  

    We have many people that suffer for months and my self included and I thought it would be great hearing from you on how you felt quitting and when you started getting better to now.

    Anyways, don't be a stranger friend, come back around and talk to us more often!!!!  Congrats!!!!

  • I smoked for well over 40 years - started when I was about 13, but I consider myself lucky that smoking didn't seem to affect my health although I think I was starting to spot little things that helped make the decision to quit when I did.

    I guess that like any kind of bereavement the first year was the worst. You just think that you're doing just fine then the next little thing pops up and tries to drag you back down again. I used to just tell myself that I didn't do that any more (as in smoke).

    You will get there, I'm sure you've already realised that it makes no difference to your ptsd whether you smoke or not so you don't need that crutch any more. You are doing really well, keep up the good work, it will get easier as time goes on.

    I'll try to look in from time to time and check up on you.

    Don't forget NOPE (Not One Puff Ever)  :) 

  • Thank you ☺

  • Hi Andi

    Congratulations on 4 years wow

  • Hi Andi--I am not likng the weight gain at all-Hard on self esteem--It is so hard to get off--Ive never been this size in my life--I don't think I could run although I am swimming--more like dog paddling and kicking my legs while hanging on a Styrofoam tube and I walk outside and on treadmill--Instead of feeling stronger and losing weight --Im so tired afterwards I want to lay down--I struggled with the breathing thing for a couple months now--it is finally getting better--but that too has hindered me from much exercise-trying to breathe right and exert a little kinda equaled panic mode-This site is wonderful and Im glad you are popping in-I think the worst is over for me except the weight-I love food--and it seems to love me too--You are an inspiration--Thank you xxx MmeT

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