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Almost relapsed today

I'm a parent of 6 kids 4 daughters 22,21,20 17, and 2 boys13,12,. My older 2 moved out my 20 yr old isnt helping me Can't clean help with nothing .. I told her she has 2 go. If u can stay away for all these days u can stay their. My 17 yr old omg have made everywhere we moved to complicated a group of girls wanted to fight my daughter . I came where we are a yr ago because of all the problems she caused in Ny. I'm at my wits ends with my kids I thought bout smoking a cigarette I cried and been talking on the phone . Ok I'm a strong person but everyone has their breaking point and I'm really at it... I'm just glad I didn't go buy them cigarettes I would be mad with myself. Yes life is very stressful at times but I'm not gonna let my kids stress me to the point I'm smoking again... Just needed to vent still angry and upset this has been a difficult day...

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And she wasn't even home like 10 kids were here to fight and see I had to talk to these disrespectful kids and tell them to leave my property or I'm calling the police... Kids nowadays have no respect


Hang in there Crystal, just get through this day without a smoke and tell yourself the same thing tomorrow and every day, one day at a time just don't smoke xx


Well done Crystal for not lighting up, you can be very proud of yourself for that.

This has certainly been very difficult for you and as you know smoking will not make it any better. Stay strong and hope that you have some help to resolve this problem😊x


Oh my what a day! But you came to the right place to vent and in addition by venting you did the correct thing instead of smoking. Every child situation is different and they are especially more challenging when they reach an age where they are considered adults by society but need a bit more life experiences to live up to that title and thus they NEED A HEALTHY YOU to coach them along. Continue to stay strong in your SMOKING QUIT CRYSTAL and DO NOT QUIT ON YOUR KIDS. They need you. Seek additional help from, law enforcement to just talk to them or clergy or counselor or professional help, where they share their thoughts. Get help for them and yourself please.


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