A year ago today!

A year ago today!

Hi all non-smokers and non-smokers to be :-)

I have just reached a major milestone, my 1st year without smoking.

Giving up smoking was one hell of a ride.

It took a lot of will power, NRT (Patches), AE Staff (chest x-rays), my GP,My family's/friends support, support groups (Quit Support) and in the end I needed counselling (Severe Anxiety) to get to this year smoke free.

During my quit I experienced lots of withdraws effects, and I found the first 3-6 months both physically and mentally challenging.

Physical effects:

1, Bleeding Gums

2, Lots of coughing

3, Increase phlegm

4, Coughing blood

5, Coughing up tar (lots off!)

6, Shortness of Breath

7, Tidiness

Mental effects

1, Anxiety, including health anxiety

2, Panic Attacks

3, restfulness

4, lack of concretion

5, Depression.

6, Vivid dreams

The bleeding gums took around 3-5 weeks to heal, however to heal my lungs has taken nearly a year! - Even now I will still occasionally cough up small bits of tar.

Mentally, I needed professional help to overcome my anxiety, and I am still working on this, but I'm defiantly on the road to recovery.

Anybody thinking of quitting smoking and reads this post, please don't be put off by my experience. Everybody's quit is different and to be honest, knowing what I do now, I would still go though what I did in order to be where I am today - Smoke Free.

For anybody now giving up I would recommend you do the following;

1, Speak to your doctor and tell them your planning on giving up and ask what support is available

2, Join a support group - Quit Support is fantastic, and I really do mean this.

3, Stay positive - No matter how down you feel, keep in mind that you will be free of that nasty habit which is killing you from the inside out.

I'm sure most of you have seen this image I'm posting before, but it's a good reminder for me where all that all that tar I have coughed up came from - YUK!!!!

To a smoke free future

Love ya all




My Quit story I wrote at the back end of last year -


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  • Well done, Ian. 1year is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your post about what you felt and the support you got. Lots of encouragementfor other members.

  • Thank You Jilly :-) x

  • wow!!!...fantastic Ian..Just read you quit journey.. you are an inspiration to us all :)


  • Thank you Glolin :-) x

  • A massive gigantic well done to you Ian, 1 Year quit whooooooopy dooooooooo :) :)


  • Thanks Pete :-) - And thanks to all Quit Support for there continued support x

  • Well done Ian i love your honesty and I know how hard is been for you reading your previous posts but wow a year that's brilliant be proud xx

  • Thanks Beth, It was a rough ride but I'm so pleased I can call myself a non-smoker now :-) xx

  • Just great Ian! Huge congratulations :)

    Hope I can get there too. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Good luck with everything xx

  • Thanks Betts :-) xx

  • Well done hun, a full year, that is massive :) ESPECIALLY as you found it so tough. Big respect you are an inspiration to us little guys still plugging away one day at a time :) x

  • Thanks Pinkie, your not that far behind me ya know :-) xx

  • Wow....well done....1 year is an amazing achievement ;)

  • Thanks Mindermummy :-)

  • Wow Ian,

    Your a superstar....love how you persevered with all the symptoms! that's great and very positive to hear...I am 3 weeks and soo excited and cant wait for 1 month. I am still coughing up tar and feel bloated and overweight but that's not going to stop me from .....Well done!

  • Thanks Alana, you will make it.

    Never give up, giving up. It was a rough ride, but it's so worth it in the end.

    Stay positive and you will soon be there. Good luck :-)

  • Hi Ian, HUGE Congratulations from me on reaching 12 months quit :-)

    I can relate to so many of your battles, especially the anxiety, and still fighting that !!

    Here's to the next 12 months, and great support from all on ' Quit support ' :-)

    Stay Happy, xx. :-)

  • Thanks Mrsunnyside. :-) All your support has meant so much..

    Thank you all again :-) xx

  • Well done Ian - My quit is very close to yours and for all the ups and downs, reaching a year without smoking is a fantastic feeling isn't it.

    The ride isn't always pleasant and it seems you've had more than your fair share of challenges making it all the more of an achievement.

    Here's to year 2 smoke free.


  • Thanks Edd. It's really is a fantastic feeling, and I definitely don't have any urge to smoke again. :-)

  • Now that is an inspirational story. 99.9% of people would cave in at the 1st hurdle but your perseverance is to be applauded. Congratulations on reaching a year.You certainly deserve the Gold Medal !!!!

  • Thank you lane, it's really nice to have that 1 year winner badge x

  • Well that is Supercalafranchalisticexpealadocious.... what an A MAZ ING quit.... well done to hun am as pleased as punch for you :) :) :)

  • Thanks Droopy :-) I see your halfway, won't be long now for you :-)

  • Ian,

    WELL DONE on your first anniversary,what a star you are.I know it hasn't been easy for you but you stuck at it and look at you now.AMAZING effort.Huge hugs heading your way,I'm really happy for you.H x

  • Awww, thank you Helen. I'm so please I got though this first year.

    I can now honestly say I can never see me smoking again. The appeal has completely gone :-) x

  • :-)

  • Congratulations Ian on a major milestone, reading your story I think you are amazing :) x

  • Thank you Briarwood :-) x

  • Thank you so much for posting your story. It's inspiring!

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