Was dreading today

Hi everyone, as you all know I had my lovely old English bulmastiff booked in to be put to sleep today and have been dreading this day all week, arrived at the vets in tears with archie, lovely young vet called us in and examined archie, to my relief she said I really don't think it's his time yet, she has prescribed some very heavy duty painkillers and medication and has suggested we try him on this til after Xmas, so home I went with my dog!! Obviously this is not a cure but if he's not in any pain and I get another month with the old boy I'm

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  • That's great news about Archie, you can spend a lovely Christmas with him now and spoil him :) :)

    I'm very happy for you, enjoy your unexpected time together and get Archie's stocking hanging up now :) :) x

  • Thank you Briar, what an emotional roller-coaster today has been! Didn't even consider reaching for a ciggie either! Had big cuddles with archie tonight, got his stocking up!!! Given him all his meds and hes away with fairies at the moment I think lol

  • Oh I'm so pleased that you have that extra time :) it's so difficult when your pets are ill, they really are a special part of our lives. Enjoy Christmas with Archie and spoil him rotten :) x

  • Thank you lily, yes he's being spoilt rotten, being squashed by him on my sofa as we speak! He was weighed today 10st!!! He's the size of horse

  • That is good news about Archie. You can now have nice Christmas with him now. :D xxx

  • Way hay Sharon, thats just fantastic news gal :) :)

    Soooo, you've got the old boy for another month at least then :) thats just great gal :) ermmmm, just wandering :o have you thought about getting a puppy, so then, Archie can teach him how to go on eh :o cos dogs do talk to each other, in their own language that is :) and perhaps Archie will enjoy bossing a youngon about eh :| :D :D

    Like I say, just a thought gal and you take care :) xx

  • He he, Monky my son would love to get a pup but to be honest now I'm working again and as much as I love dogs they are like having another child! I won't miss picking up the poos aswell in the garden everyday lol

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