Day 3 Update

Hey everybody, day 3 has come around, still smoke free, the withdrawals seem to not be able to make their mind up, at times through out the day i'm just fine, no problems at all, then others i feel like my heartbeat is up in my throat and i feel like i can't breathe at all, also, is diarrhea or constipation a withdrawal symptom? or do i just have that for some other reason? but whatever, just checking in here to say, still no smoking, i'm still trying to go cold turkey here, and i'm still trying to stay strong, nope, not one puff ever!! :)

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  • Hiya Hiro - you are doing awesome :) :)

    Sadly both diarrhea and constipation can be part of your body healing. It is quite amazing all the different symptoms of recovery that people experience.. But everyone says - none of them last for too long, they are all bearable - And it is all worth it :) :)

    Loving your attitude :) :)

  • i'll be honest, had a lot of temptations today, i work at a gas station and is very stressful, i so wanted to light up when i got home, but i resisted, anyway, good to know that those are normal of the withdrawals, i keep checking in with symptoms cause i'm a paranoid person, lol, i just want to be sure that i'm not sick with something else and should go see a doctor, as long as i know it's normal, i can deal with it, i will persevere, NOT ONE PUFF!!

  • Unfortunately our systems are in shock for the first little while and this is all very normal😩

    You're doing great hun so keep up the good work and hang in there💐

  • Hi Hiro,

    My friends a mechanic ( I'm assuming you are as well) and he was a chain smoker... Stressed out all the time .... He quit the cigarettes but turned to those tipped cigars.... He figures he smokes 80% less.... I guess every bit counts..... But he has a bit of a smokers cough so the cigars must be damaging his body.....

  • actually i work at a gas station/convenience store, i'm a clerk, and the stressful part of my job is dealing with drunken assholes and tweakers all day, plus selling cartons upon cartons of cigarettes to people while i'm trying to quit doesn't help, LOL, but i would never switch to cigars, i can't stand the smell of them, LOL

  • That's good ... They're just as dangerous as cigarettes.... Just be grateful it's not you buying those cartons of cigarettes😊 I m going back to bed..... It's 4:30 am I may get an hour in before I start my day..... Take care You're in the hardest part of your quit journey... Not One Puff Ever no matter what happens in our day xx

  • Welcome Hiro! Congratulations on your decision to quit ... and cold turkey, too!

    I wish you patience and endurance today and through the days ahead!

  • Hi hiro welcome to the group. Gosh it must be awful having to handle and sell cigarettes don't know if I'd stay strong. Ur doing brilliant. Yes what u describe... Is normal withdrawal doesn't last too long tho. Hope day 4 is a good one for you 👀😀

  • We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit (Aristotle)....You are doing so well! Keep it up : )

  • Hi Hero and welcome! Yes, I can definitely relate to what you are experiencing. My cravings pop up out of the blue, too. One minute I'm going about life, calm, relaxed and not thinking about it and then suddenly there's this... thing that grabs me from the inside an doesn't let go. :-( But I can tell you this, for sure: it was harder at day 3, much harder, than today, one month in. Ad the constipation? Yes, had it. I reckon your intestines, too, need to warm up to the idea of not having nicotine. :-) In my case, things are more regular now, so, this does normalize after a while.

  • definitely good to hear, i mean things are better today, and i hope they will continue going well, thanks for the support, seems every day i'm getting more and more into NOPE thanks to all the support here

  • Hi hiro when your handing over those cartons of cigs, just think to yourself that they may as well have just got the money and set light to it 😮 Feel sorry for them that they haven't had the courage yet to stop smoking 🙁 Just think of the money your saving 😊 And the healthier body you are trying to give yourself 👍👍👍

    Well done hiro your doing great 😊🚭🚭🚭🚭

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