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A little disappointed with myself as I smoked 5 cigarettes 1 on boxing day and 4 new years eve :( , both times after having a few drinks :) , I had been worried that this would happen and now it has I am not going to beat myself up over it. I am back on track ;) and don't intend to start smoking again, Instead of saying I smoked 5 cigarettes I am going to say I never smoked the other 1,115 which is what I would have smoked had I been still smoking 20 a day :) Hope you all managed to stay quit and that you all had a wonderful Christmas :) and I wish you all the best for 2013 :) xx

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Hey Delina, its normal for you to be feeling disappointed but try and see this experience as a learning curve. Think about what you would do if you found yourself in a similar situation... What would or could you do differently next time?

Thanks ever so much for sharing this with us all as I'm sure that there are others who feel exactly the same.

Congratulations on getting back on track :-)


Hi delina, you've got a really positive outlook to this, which is great :), so I know you won't let this slip up lead you back to smoking :), your still an ex smoker, and I think it's brilliant that you've managed to get right back on track :) cause that's not easy to do, I know.

I wish you a Happy smoke free 2013 :)


Hi Delina

Giving up smoking is really difficult and I think most of us have done the same thing at one time or another. At least you didn't just carry on and as you say what are 5 cigarettes when you think of all the others you haven't smoked. Good for you getting straight back to it with that attitude you will do it. Alcohol has got a lot to answer for :) I've tried to keep away from it as much a possible for exactly that reason, well just until I know I can trust myself.

You can do it xx :


Thank you John and Emjay, would just like to say Having not smoked for nearly 8 weeks at that point the real cigarette tasted no better than my e-cig so I really don't know why I bothered, on a good note I visited my family in Somerset and took my left over patches, mints and spray to give to my brother who really needs to give up for health reasons and he is now on day 2 without a ciggy, just spoke to him on the phone and he never coughed once which was lovely, we will be supporting each other :) no one said it was going to be easy but the support definitely helps :)


Thanks Kazz your right about the drink, strange thing is when I am drinking at home or with none smokers I don't even think about it, just going to carry on with my e-cig and keep telling myself how well i have done to get this far :)


HI Delina, sorry you had a Little misshap, cos thats what it was, am so glad you got back into quitting so quickly :) :)

I wish you a happy and lovely smoke free 2013 :) :)



Hi Delina, great that you came and shared your slip-up with us and we can all say "There for the grace of God .......". I know you're surrounded with smokers in your family so it must be very difficult for you. Well then, 2013 is a New Year and I'm glad that you're starting as you mean to go on and even getting another member of your family on board. I'm sure your sisters will follow suit again soon.

I hope you think of 2013 as your year of FREEDOM! :) :)


It took me many years of trying to stop, just don't stop quitting, you will beat this. We all have relapses when we think we are giving something up, you are not depriving yourself from anything and your are not giving up smoking, you are stopping choking yourself. All the best and keep positive and smelling lovely and saving money :)

Wishing you a smoke free 2013 and every year after that too



WTG Delina !!!! You have such a positive attitude. I love the way you said how many cigarettes you didn't smoke. It made me smile and after the day ive had i needed cheering up. Keep up the good work.!!!!


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