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5th week in Progress - Smoke Free - Cold Turkey

Hello Non Smokers,

Hope you all having a great smoke free weekend. My 5th week is in progress, its getting better for me . However, i do get this strong urge sometimes to smoke a cigarette and its so annoying .

I understand how much work i have put in , how much harmful cigarette is , i try different deep breathing techniques and exercises but my mind says sometimes its ok to have a cigarette and calm down. I am worried of possibilities that my mind would use to trick me. Would like to get your thoughts.

Also , i want to know i have been going cold turkey , is it ok to start vaping or should i remain cold turkey ? Thank you

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Hello Sekar😊

You could vape with no nicotine first?, see how that goes?.. But really the choice is yours. If you feel you may cave in and smoke then get a vape, that's so much better than the cigs with all the poisons in!

There is a post or two Karen wrote about vaping in the pinned posts section.

Just stay determined and focus on other things when you get a craving. You're doing really well


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5 weeks cold turkey that's amazing well done 👏👍 I'd love to do it cold turkey, keep going ☺️

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Thank you all for the great support . I have decided to keep it cold turkey for now :)

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That's great. It can be really tough but totally doable. I did it!.xx


Wow I couldn’t go cold turkey (although it is all in the mind I guess). Huge well done to you.

One thing that an app told me was to fill a small bottle with a cigarette and water. Anytime you get a craving smell it and remember if you drank it then it would kill you!! (Shocking if true huh) Might work to help the tough times.


If your mind try's to trick you remember 1️⃣ cigarette is never enough and I know if I ever had one, I'd be right back to where I started😩 Just keep saying NOPE coz you're doing brilliant🚭👍🏼 Well done sekar👏🏼👏🏼😊


I vaped last week when I was out drinking with my coworkers. My opinion is keep a vape pen handy for emergencies but never vape like how you used to smoke.

You will be replacing one habit with another (albeit healthier) habit. Try not to smoke as much as possible and vape one when you feel your brain is about to blow.


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