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Cold Turkey


This is my first post I have been a smoker for 37y I tried the Ecigs they gave me a bad throat, so I went cold turkey and for 7 weeks I have not had a cig, untill yesterday I gave in , but I was I'll for 2 hr after cold sweats, rapid heartbeat, pounding headache, giddy, stomach churning nearly passing out, I have NOT gone back and the cigs went in the BIN can someone shed light on why I had this reaction .

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Hi Bob. Aww, what a shame you got so far without smoking. Did something happen that caused you to start again or was it just a case of I can't take this any more, which many of us go through whether cold turkey or using some form of NRT. But never mind, just a blip and you've thrown them in the bin now. How many did you smoke yesterday? Did you smoke your first one as fast as you used to smoke? The symptoms you describe do actually sound like a panic attack or perhaps the smoking and sudden rush of nicotine caused a rise or drop in blood pressure. Are you OK now? If you experience feeling that way again even without smoking I would definitely suggest seeing your Doctor just so he can check you over to make sure there is no serious underlying cause. You did so well getting to 7 weeks, think about what made you cave in and try to plan what you will do next time the same circumstances arise to avoid giving in again. It was most certainly habit as you would have been well rid of nicotine by 7 weeks, but then it is the habit that's hardest to kick. Good luck and hope you're feeling a bit better now.


Hi Bob, a similar thing happened to me when I was cutting down, I used to smoke 20 a day and over the week I started cutting down whilst using my e cig. I was having say 10 then 7, then five then three then I only had 1, the evening after I went to have the first and only one of the day and it scared me to death when I'd finished, I don't know if I smoked it too quick or what but my heart started racing and could feel it pumping in my kneck, I felt dizzy and so ill, I have to say I have never touched one since so it did me a massive favour. Good luck to you on your quit :)


Aup Bob, a massive big warm welcome to this lovely quit site pal :) :)

I think the gals have said it all and good on them too :) But if you are worried about it, then I would nip and have a word with your doc, just to be on the safe side eh :)

Speak soon, Pete :)

Thank you so much, it was only the one cig I had, it was a case of the Devil on your shoulder but in a way feeling ill has put me off the cigs, so I'll keep going if I get the the Devil again I only have to remember how ill it made me.

Hi Bob, I'm afraid I have no answer to your question but just wanted to say well done for reaching 7 weeks cold turkey, it's never an easy thing to do and that Devil is always a sneaky one but now you know how awful smoking that one cig made you feel it will definitely spur you on as will the support on here. Good luck and have a great day :)


Hi Bob, welcome to Quit Support :-)

It is normal for these two things to happen 1) Getting caught out by a cravings and 2) feeling the intensity of the nicotine and all those 4,000 plus toxins entering your blood stream and vital organs after going for some time without.

You've been offered some great advice so far and I have to agree with Sin in that if you feel this way without doing any of the smoking bit, then it is worth a visit to your Dr.

Let us know how you are getting on now and keep up the good work :-)

You have done ever so well so far and it sounds as though you got straight back on track after your blip, so a huge pat on the back to you :-)

Well done on getting to the 7 weeks.The feeling of wanting to smoke, I think, never leaves you but as time goes on it just gets a bit easier to cope with and happens less and less.You absolutely CAN do this, stick close to the good folk on here who will always be there with an ear and a helping hand and all will be well. SHOUT long and hard if you need help. Hugs H x

Thank you everyone for your kind words it's been a great help to me, still off the cigs Let you all know how I get on.


Hi Bob, Welcome to quit support, Everyone has already assured you. So stay focused you can do it. :)

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