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Smoke Free for 3 Months

Hello, new to this type of thing, glad to see so many others who chose to quit and others trying, just like me. I have been smoke free since March 18, not one cigarette. Immediately after I stopped smoking, I just noticed some minor fatigue. A couple weeks after, I had what appeared to be a sinus infection, but was actually related to me quitting cold turkey, I was told. Not too many issues since then, although, at certain times of the night, I do notice shortness of breath. I won't be doing anything strenuous or anything like that. Most of the time, I am laying down for awhile, and when I sit up or stand up, I become very short of breath. I was wondering, is this a side effect for most people around this time? I am 26 years old, have only smoked about 4 years, maybe half a pack a day. Like I said, it's mainly at night, but sometimes early in the morning when I wake up, I will also notice a slight shortness of breath. I've read it's cilia being repaired, which I have been trying to spit that tarry mucus out whenever I can. Was just trying to see, and hoping, that this was a normal thing that I'm feeling. It's not all day, I'm not too winded to walk distances or anything, it honestly seems the worst when I'm at complete rest, then go to do something requiring movement. Any thoughts and/or insights would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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Hiya peace and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

Congratulations on 3 months smoke free, terrific achievement so well done to you👏

Unfortunately sob does appear to be a side effect of quitting and other members have also had this problem😩 I think it is your body repairing itself but having said that, if you're in any doubt then it's a good idea to get checked out by your Doctor. This can give you peace of mind that there's no underlying problems👍🏼 please keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on. There are some very good breathing techniques on the right of this page which might help you as well. You really have done very well with your quit and you made the right decision to quit while you're young, so good for you. Keep up the good work😊x

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Ah that's actually a relief to hear. At least I know I am not the only one. Sucks we have to go through it, but it's for the best, right? I'll definitely be sure to check in on this site. If anyone else has some advice or insight on the issue, please feel free to share. Thanks Briarwood.


A big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community PeaceBwU :) and a massive great big well done to you for reaching over 3 months quit and cold turkey too :) :) I truly take my hat off to you :)

Rite, down to the nitty gritty :o as our lovely Briarwood has said, SOB is quite common amongst our members in the first few months of their quit :o and maybe a trip to your GP wouldnt go a miss eh :)

I'm just wondering Peace, if you do any form of exercise at all :o cos I found that exercise helped me in the early stages of my quit to get rid of all that flippin gunge in my lungs :) ok, I coughed and spluttered for a bit and spit it out into a hanky or something :o BUT I got rid of it :)

If you look to the right of your post, you will see PINNED POSTS - if you click on the No 2 breathing exercise, this may help you too :)

Peace, your doing ever so ever so well on your quit journey :) :) and I hope your very proud of yourself too :) cos am dead proud of ya :) :) and now go and treat yourself to something really nice :) :)

Please keep us informed on how your going on :)

Good luck :) Pete :)


Hi Peace and a warm welcome to quit support.

Congratulations on being 3 months smoke free. that is an awesome effort. Many people tend to suffer with SOB as part of the body repairing.

Keep up the great quit you have going :) :)


I am having same problems. I smoked for three years,5-6 ciggs per day on avg. Quit cold turkey. Its been one month and i have faced all kinds of symptoms. light annoying Chest pain mostly in morning, Shortness of breath,cough,mucus,sinus infection which was very bad, acid reflux.Its has been one month and i am on meds. If your mucus is yellow or of any color other then brown check with doctor. Otherwise some pulmonologist might help you with quitting. For me right now its fine. But i feel chest discomfort now and then. Sometimes i feel short of breath but its very light.But makes me uncomfortable. Cough will be there for 2-3 months i guess.

Cigarettes contain many chemicals and they affect many parts of body. Almost all parts. You body depends on it and when you quit it has to adjust to the new environment.Quitting side-effects vary from person to person.

Get well soon.

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SOB and anxiety were the worst symptom for my quit. I'm 87 days in and it wasn't until day 65, that my breathing seemed to be getting better. I highly recommend that you discuss with you Dr to insure there is nothing else going on.

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