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Day 6 Cold Turkey

Day 6 Cold Turkey

Hello Everyone;

welcome to day 6 of my quit diary, hopefully it will have been of some help/interest/amusement to others who travel the same road. Everything is going well although i still get cravings, I had one just then as I sat down to write this blog as normally the first thing I would do is to roll and light a ciggy, it's a strange feeling, a bit like a wave that starts in your head and flows out through your extremities, not altogether an unpleasant feeling but maybe i'm a little strange. My quitting campaign, ( sorry to make it sound like a war but it is a WAR in many ways ) was a little radical, let me explain.

After several unsuccessful previous attempts I decided to get tough with myself, I'm signing on at the moment having been layed off work six weeks ago so I get my benefit fortnightly. What I did was to stock up on food for the fortnight and then spend all my remaining dosh in one week and smoke all my tobacco, I instructed all my friends not to sub me any money for a week whist I went cold turkey. Unfortunately for kitty ( his name's Liquorice ), I forgot to get any cat food and had to beg a couple of tins off my mate, but then i was unlikely to smoke cat food!! (It's difficult to light). It seems to have worked but I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. What I would recommend is;

- Take a good, brisk walk around the park when cravings strike.

- Think of a treat for yourself for every day you have quit

- Share and air your experiences on the forum

I will do a day 7 blog tommorow and then probably go on to a weekly blog.

Thanks for all your help, you guys are lovely



Yes the lady in the picture is holding a tobacco pipe but then she's allowed to, she's the American Indian Great Spirit!

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Keep up the good work, 6 days is brill. 1 week tomorrow. Yeah!

:) :) :)


Love the picture!


Love the picture, I have several plates showing indian messages and they are very important to me as they treat the world as it should be. Fantastic to get to day 6, well done and keep strong. suecx


Love the picture, well done on reaching 6 days, that's amazing that you've done it cold turkey, keep going strong :) :)


Brilliant news :D

You sound like you have been quite organised with this quit attempt - apart from forgetting poor Liquorice's dinner!

Well done to you, keep up the good efforts and I look forward to reading your blog tomorrow :D


Well done mate I'm on my 4th week cold turkey now, symptoms are now reducing! The cravings have all but gone, I get about 1 a day, get the light headed feeling less now too. Had palpitations once or twice in the whole three weeks but all in all that's been it. I'd say after 20 days your not turning back!! Glad I didn't use any gimmicks etc couldn't imagine tryna wean myself off them an all. Sorry about your job loss, use some of this amazing determination in your job hunt! Well done again....:0)


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