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I am going cold turkey!

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Lady and gent, I am going cold turkey!! You have given me strength! I will be updating you on how it is going!!πŸ€—

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Well done nkineza, remember to take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time, keep reading, knowledge is power and keep us close for support.😊😊😊

nkineza4 MONTH WINNER in reply to Corrina125

I shall read 24/7!! I will definitively keep you close for support because a cigarette usually never leave my right hand! πŸ˜–


Welcome dear though is not easy but at the end of the tunnel there is always light

Hi nkineza

I went cold turkey, I stopped drinking coffee for a while as I associated that with smoking, went out walking "a lot" but after 3 months things seem to calm down, iv been a non smoker now for 4 years so keep it up, I also had a lot of support from the Quit Support community xx

sha2greys1 YEAR WINNER

Hi I quit 4 weeks ago before that I cut down on my smoking a couple a day then 4 weeks ago I stopped completely I do wear a patch

but only at work I read at break time.

I noticed the other day how bad people who smoke smell I thought yuck I am glad I don't smell like that anymore, also I feel my head is a lot clearer & I am a lot happier good luck to all going cold turkey , it's worth it in the end no matter how you get there

nkineza4 MONTH WINNER in reply to sha2greys

It isn’t easy to go cold turkey at all!!! πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

justnice5 MONTH WINNER in reply to sha2greys

21 days cold turkey and still have the odd craving. But I feel better can breath again with out having a sore throat. Food tastes better and have an appetite again.

Wish you all well.

sha2greys1 YEAR WINNER

Have you tried the patches I get mine from Super Drugs they wereΒ£20.00 for 2 boxes each box last's a week not bad considering the cost of those cough stick's (as I call them now).

nkineza4 MONTH WINNER in reply to sha2greys

I have tried patches in the past and I managed to keep smoking while wearing them!😱

sha2greys1 YEAR WINNER

I smoked about 15 a day slowly cut down to 10 a day then started to wear the patches & cut down to 6 a day then on the 6 November I just decided not to buy anymore only had 8 in a packet was at work that day had patch on smoked last one at bus stop at 8pm never brought anymore I kept the packet for a couple of weeks tomorrow I will be 4 week's smoke free, I did try a vap but that made me cough and I felt that I was still smoking

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