18 days - need support please

Morning everybody, I hope you're having the best day possible.

I'm using my Nic spray but have not had a single puff of a cig since 4th May. Today is the third anniversary of my son's death, I'm strong this morning but going to the beach later where we scattered his ashes, and memories will hit.

He was only young, 28, and a dad to young children. Sorry, I'm waffling.

I'm determined I won't cave in today, because smoking won't help my pain or sadness, just make my asthma flare and make me breathless. Just need to know that I've got your support to get through please. Xx

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  • Oh my goodness! You have my support, totally - sending you virtual hugs and thinking of you on what must be a very sad day for you. take care and stay strong xx

  • Certainly a sad time ahead for you but it certainly sounds as if you have prepared yourself and have such a positive attitude towards your quit.

    it is often when we feel sad, and or angry is when we tend to cave. However, you know that no matter how we feel lighting up wont make it better. Be proud of yourself as you are doing brilliantly.

    we certainly are here to support you any way we can at this very sad time for you xx

  • Oh I'm genuinely sorry for your loss Blindfaith. I can only imagine how you must feel, and I'm sure I'm not even close.

    I had a bereavement and started smoking again but it didn't help me either, just made me physically worse.

    Lots of support here whenever you need it😊. Breath in all that fresh air at the beach, take your favourite memories with you today and hold them close.

    All the best xxx

  • Thank you so much folks xx

  • Stay strong, you have us with you xxxx

  • So sorry for your loss, Blindfaith, losing a child is just about the hardest thing to bear. As you said, smoking won't help your pain and sadness so do stay strong today. I'm sure that your son would have been proud that you have managed two weeks smokefree because that is a marvellous achievement! It does get easier but we need stamina and patience to beat this fatal addiction. You're doing so well - just hang in there and remember Not One Puff Ever!

  • Big virtual hugs for you today, hope all goes well. Post on here at anytime if you need support.... or just a chat....

    We'll be here xx

    Karen xx

  • So sorry to hear about your son, However I bet he would be so proud of you for stopping smoking. Just bob on here anytime. BIG hugs >>>>>>>> on there way. :) xx

  • Sending a big hug and oodles of support x

  • Just keep going on what will be a tough day. Memories are bound to hit hard just wanted to let you know you will be in everyone's thoughts who has read this today. Heart goes out to you. xx

  • Thank you all so much, your support helped me make it through. I've hit the Nic spray pretty hard, but not had a single puff. I went to the beach, and felt at peace.

    Thanks again xxx

  • 💐💐❤️💐💐. You got through today, well done you😊 and so good to hear you felt at peace. xxx

  • i am so sorry to here this I really do feel your pain I lost 2 sons both 19 but 3years apart sending you hugs and all my love

  • Ger, im so sorry - I can only know that your pain must have been horrific xx

    Thank you to all x

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