18 days smoke free

I am feeling really good. Was not well last night went to bed really early last night. I do not know what was wrong with me last night must of had a virus or something like that. But I do feel a little bit better today. But I am not thinking about fags at all. As I know there are not good for me. I hope everyone is having nice Saturday so far :) xxx

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  • Holly, you will soon be a 3 weeks Winner :) :)

    I'm sooo glad your feeling better today Holly :) and please stay in that frame of mind, '' they are not good for you '' cos they aint gal !!

    Have a lovely evening Holly :) and if you get any probs, just you flippin shout out gal, cos were her to help you, if you need it :) :) xx

  • Thanks monky :) And yes I will give out shout if I need help :)

  • Think the change of weather doesnt help. I think our bodies dont like colder weather. I know mine doesnt.

    Glad your feeling better. Xx

  • Thanks. Yes the weather as go cold. :) xx

  • you are doing so well Holly, one day at a time :) :)

    Keep up the great work and stay strong :)

  • Hey Lin, you also are doing very well :) :) dont you forget to congratulate yourself :) :) and of course treat yourself toooooo :) :)

    I hope Sophies looking after you Lin :) :) xx

  • hiya Monky...YAY!!! mee officially 4 months today :) :)

  • in my part of the word that is as it is the 26th for me :)

  • Well Lin, its very very nearly this part of the world too now :) :)


    Whooooooopy flippin Dhoooooooopy Lin, ACE gal, just flippin ACE :) :)

    Lin, if you lived a little closer gal, i'd nip around and cart you off for a spanking del meal at the local chippy :) :) I tell ya gal :o :D :D xx

  • Aww thanks Monky :) :)

    I do feel pretty proud of myself :) :)

  • I'm afraid Lin, I will have to call it a night/day, cos am noddin and got to cook dins in the morning/today :D :D

    Get out somwhere nice and treat yourself and Sophie to something special :) :)

    See's ya later Lin :) :) xx

  • night nite monky...hopes ya haves a nice snuggly sleep..and the sweetest of dreams


  • Thank you Lin, thats lovely :) :) xx

  • Well done on 4 months smoke free. I am happy for you :)

  • Thanks glolin :)

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