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Just need some opinions please x

So, I'm now cig free for 10 days and life is definitely getting brighter. I saw my practice nurse in the smoking clinic yesterday just to make sure I was doing O.K. (carbon monoxide reading was 2 ppm !!! Yay!!) but she nearly had a fit when I said I was using an ECig (nor gov't recommended,no way of checking how much nicotine is in the cartridges,more nicotine possibly than a cig, the bloom in list was endless !!) but I'm not overusing my ecig and only use it when I really NEED to & best of all it WORKS. Just wondered what anyone else thought.

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Hi ya yellowsnowdrop, its nice to see ya :) and a massive well done to you for getting to 10 days quit :) :)

Hmmm thats a hard one gal, dont know much about e-cigs :o sorryyyyyy.

Just wondering if you have tried the inhalator, cos they are very good, and they are regulated too, I think Emjay or Eye will tell you more :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


Hi yellowsnowdrop, try this web site that eye put on.



Since no one knows the effects of using e-cigs I fail to see how anyone could criticise you for using it if you feel it is helping you. I myself still think the biggest fear with e-cigs is the tobacco companies and the treasury who stand to lose out if they don't move quickly. And of course the drugs companies who promote patches, lozenges, chewing gum and inhalators which lets face it, can't be that good otherwise they'd be out of business by now cos everyone would have quit for good and wouldn't have the need for such things.

The article above doesn't really cover whether the e-cig is harmful, but compares its usefulness as an aid to quitting with 'regulated' NRT. It comes out about equal, no more, no less effective in helping people stop smoking. I myself find it pretty useless, I don't know where I'm going wrong but it just doesn't hit the spot at all and I've been stopped since January. However there are lots of people who have been able to stop smoking using an e-cig and have been able to either cut down on its use or significantly reduce the nicotine content of the fluid they are using.

As for the practice nurse saying you don't know how much nicotine is actually in the fluid, well the fluid I've tried has ranged between 18mg and 24mg which is really quite high apparently. It does nothing for me so when I do use it I find its quickly followed by a 4mg nicotine lozenge because it just doesn't have any effect on calming the craving. I therefore do wonder - 1. is there really any nicotine in there and 2. is there a definite knack in smoking one of these things or vaping as its called.

One thing is for certain, it obviously doesn't produce any carbon monoxide as your test proved so its gotta be better than smoking. Maybe congratulating you on attempting to quit smoking might have been more helpful than jumping on you because you've used ....shock, horror............one of those e-cigs. Grrrr.

Who knows whether e-cigs are harmful, but we DO know that proper tobacco cigarettes are extremely harmful and if you've stopped smoking then that can only be a good thing no matter how you managed to achieve it. I'd say just don't tell her, after all they haven't managed to develop a tester for detecting whether you've used an e-cig so what she doesn't know can't hurt her.


Hi yellowsnowdrop,

Ive been vaping cig free now for 6 months,i use a ego & clearomiser and you can choose different strengths of nicotine you want in your liquid,my nurse who i visit every 6 months for blood pressure told me that e cigs are certainly better for you than analogues so if it suits you and keeps you off the cigs stick at it,there is no proof that they are bad for you yet. Wel done on 10 days.


Thanks all, have only used my ecig 3 times this a.m. for maybe 5 mins in total. i went out for a walk (in the bloomin rain) when I was really craving a cig this a.m it really helps me just to walk it off.


Hi Yellow, I gave up the evil weed 6 months ago with the help of champix. after 3 months i started using the e-cig I just love it, my smoking nurse said anything is better than smoking ! well done to you and lets keep our fingers crossed that the e-cig turns out to be ok. I tend to smoke my e-cig quite a lot but trying not to - keep up your fantastic quitting programme and what ever works for you works for you. I swear it does get easier, I smoked 40 a day for 37 years and still in shock that I don't smoke. Good luck x x x x x x x x x


I know so many people who have stopped or are part using them and cigarettes that it has to be useful at the very least. I would definitely have gone down that road except for the fact that my number one main reason for stopping if I'm honest is that I simply could not afford to any longer and e cigs aren't cheap either. After nearly a year out of work it could no longer be done and sustain myself. My switch moment came when out with my Mum who has dementia and it being a particularly difficult day with her, I really wanted a cigarette and didn't have any. Went in to WH Smiths as it was the only shop around that sold them and paid...... wait for it............ £9.20 (Really) for 20 Silk Cut Purple. That moment made me think ok now you are taking the........... Cameron thats it its over. Funny the things that get you going. Yes of course Im also worried about my health etc but if Im really really honest it was money. However the other thing I hated more than anything was the way i smelled and that is the one thing that seems to be keeping me going is that I now smell ok, as does the dog, the house,the car etc etc. And I suppose the rabbit. Hey Ho. Good luck to the person who is on day one I cant believe I'm saying this but at nearly week 4 it is becoming a little easier, getting through is no walk in the park though is it people? Good luck. xx


Can't believe that W.H.Smith can charge an absolutely eye watering £9.20 for 20 cigs!! Just got me totally speechless here.Funny thing is I was talking to my mum in law yesterday & telling her that I remember when 20 Benson and Hedges was 99p and saying that once they went up to more than £1 I was going to stop. !! Giving my age away I guess.)


Hahaha, I remember buying a single silt cut for 10p from the corner shop with my dinner money. It's one of the things that's keeping me going, the tax and the money I'll be saving, might even be able to take the kids on holiday next year.


I think good or you. Yes nhs just want to make money as they realise a lot of people are using it. I have tried it but after a few uses get strange feeling in chest has anyone else experienced it?


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