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Guns feels like a thousand knives attacking them

Hi all! I quit smoking on Feb 7, 2017 after using Chantix for 12 days.

Now my gums feels as though a thousand mini knives are attacking them.

They are not bleeding at all, just in extreme pain. The upside to the gum pain is I can not eat my cravings away so I breathe and pray through them.

I have read this pain is due to my gum tissue healing, but does anyone know how long it normally last?

Thanks a bunch


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Hi Sherry831. did you mean to say you are taking Champix?. Did you only use it for 12 days? I am on Champix and I had slight sore gums but it went away. Don't know if that helps but you are doing really well my love .I feel sick a lot with Champix but I just tell myself this will pass too.


No, it's called Chantix LOL.

I was on it for 12 days when I decided to just stop smoking ( I was told I would be on Chantix for 3-4 weeks before I completely quit, but I bit the bullet early).

I still take Chantix, though. I am not sure how long my doctor wants me on it after my quit date, but all things all possible through God and where I am week He is strong!! So even if my dr was to take me off the medicine now I would hold fast to God and not go back to smoking!

Congrats 🎈🍾🎊🎉 to everyone on your path to being smoke free!!

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Hi Sher 😊

My teeth ached for 3 months and the roof of my mouth peeled. But thanks to the helpful people on site, they reassured me this too would pass and it did. Can't believe the damage smoking does !! Thank God we all quit🦋xx

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I had really sore gums. Felt like I wanted to pull my teeth out some days!!. I am cold turkey so prob a withdrawal than anything to do with nrt etc. Mine lasted about a week. Another reason for me never to smoke again!.. Hope it goes away soon.x

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