Today was my first multiple hour drive.  I had some fruity gum and was chewing on a stirring straw the whole time.  It was so hard for me not to stop and get some smokes.  My car was my favorite place to smoke.  

Once I got home I felt I could hardly move, I couldn't believe how much of my energy not smoking in my car took.  I'm just thankful I did not light up, the lovely people here were on my mind,  just trying to think of all the encouraging words and everybody's given me, thank you all and I hope you had a wonderful day.

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  • That is awesome Carissa, you next long drive will be so much easier now that you have the first one out the way..

    It can be challenging replacing old habits, but it won't be long, and you will wonder why you bothered smoking in the car - especially if you get it all cleaned and freshend up 😀😀

    You can tick thick this off as winning😀😀✅✅🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Well done carissa 😊 As glolin says, get your car cleaned inside and out and it will smell like new 👃 😊

  • Did you ever do good Carissa👏👏👏👏👏

    Being in our trigger spots is the worst.... No wonder you were exhausted!!!!🚗😷🚭

    Congrats from 🇨🇦 3:51am xx

  • Its surprising how much energy we use trying not to do something, habits are hard to break☹️ but ya did great in getting through your drive👍🏼 the more times you do it, the easier it becomes. Be proud of yourself and take some nice deep slow breaths to calm everything down. Sing out loud to the music can also help. Well done lovely lady💐😊

  • Thank you all!  I actually did get my car cleaned inside and out yesterday as a treat to myself for making it that long drive, I know I can do it, although sometimes it seems really really hard, but I have more faith in myself because of all of you 🤗

  • It's very hard to not smoke while driving for me too.  It especially doesn't help if your car still smells like smoke (mine does).  I'm glad that you got through your drive. You should be proud that you were able to do that. :) Have a good day.

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Carissa--that's the way to do it--I have so many firsts to do without smoking--never thought of it that way--Like Linda says next time will be easier--so we kind of have to get thru that 1st one--Proud of you--xxx MmeT

  • WAYYYYY FLIPPIN HAYYYYYYYY  Carissa, wayyyyyyy to gooooo gal :) am loving it :) :) you tell that mr flippin nic who's BOSS, you just dont need him anymore eh :) :) 

    One of the first things I did when I quit, was to valet my van and I tell you, it smelt soooo nice I just could have lit up in there if I wanted to :) 

  • Well done Carissa 2 weeks already :) proud of you. You are winner xx

  • Thank you all for the support!  You are all like a second family!!  I hope everyone sleeps well and the weird dreams subside and wake up feeling rested and ready to take on Monday 😋👍🏻🌙

  • I must say, not smoking in the car i really struggled with. I also have something to chew on, such as gum or mints etc, and that usually takes my mind off it. Well done for not lighting up, its a big achievement :) 

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