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6 whole days

Of no nicotine after 47 years of smoking. Already smoker's cough is gone and so is all that yucky phlegm.

Unlike other addictions, no matter how much we smoked (2 decks a day minimum for me) there is no physical withdrawal.

What helps me most is reading what others say.

Cold Turkey costs nothing...not going to give big pharma an arm and a leg for a drug I am trying to get off of just because they put in in a gum or patch...

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Hi Bluejeans and welcome to Quit support.

You are doing very well with your quit :) :) so keep up the good work.

It's great that you find help from what other people are saying because one of the many great things about this support forum is that we are all on that same smoke free journey and understand just how difficult it can be not only to quit but to remain quit :)

There is no right or wrong way to quit, it really does come down to each individual person and what works the best for them :) :)

Bluejeans, does that make your quit date the 2nd of April. Having your quit date I can add you to the wall of winners :) :)

All the very best on your quit Journey :) :) and feel free to join the daily chat and if you have any questions, just ask away :) :)

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I absolutely envy anyone who c an do this cold turkey especially after smoking as many as you did for as long as you did.Not sure if you've tried to quit before but maybe you need to be aware that once that initial quit euphoria wears off then things can get tough,if it was easy then EVERYONE would do it.Just make plans in case your resolve weakens (REALLY hope it doesn't) but even using an Ecig I found after a couple of weeks the shine of being 'good' wore off &, it got tough for a couple of weeks.Thankfully I'm well past all that now but as I said be aware & be prepared.You have an AMAZING quit going good luck & stay strong.



Huge congratulations on 19 months! It wasnt easy, you strong amazing lady, and you do it anyway :) Brilliant job!

Great to see you yellowsnowdrop :) Hope all's well with you x

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Betts, honey, your 11 months is not to be sniffed at, that's one heck of a quit you got going there.Be VERY VERY proud of yourself because you are AMAZING. Hugs H x


Hiya Helen, massive congrats to you on your 19 month quit 😃

Terrific achievement, so well done lovely lady 👍

You were one of the first to welcome me when I joined and your help and encouragement has meant a lot to me and many other people on here, so THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU 😘 x


What is in your e cigarette Yellow ? Nicotine?

Euphoria after a week? Lol...not that easy or we wouldn't need to smoke, now would we?

A drop dead heart attack would be a great way to go.....but a stroke from smoking is more likely...a fate worse than death.


Aup Bluejeans, I'm sorry, I dont think I've met you before, so a big warm welcome and a massive big well done to you for going it cold turkey :) :) I take my hat off to you :)

We are all different :o for some of us its easy to quit, but for others, like myself, its flippin hard :( soooo, we need help :) NRT and e-cigs help us, although they have some amount of nicotine in them, they dont have the other 4.000 toxins in them which some are highly poisonous :o nor do we get the carbon monoxide into our lungs, soooo, our lungs can start to clean themselves out :) :)

Bluejeans, I hope your feeling sooo proud of yourself :) but please be careful cos your in early days yet :)

I'm just wondering, have you had any side affects from quitting ?


Only one bad side effects ...... tightening of the chest at night. There are many good side effects already.

I am not proud of myself. I am here to listen to, and learn from, the people who have succeeded and are kind enough to pass on their advice.


Going to call you Snowdrop...(yellow snowdrop sounds like something a smoker coughed into white snow). Thank you for your encouragement. You must feel physically wonderful after 19 months off all those toxins. Hope you are off the Ecig's.

My resolve weakens a couple times each day. I live right next door to a variety store but no way am I spending $12.50 for 25 nicotine sticks. Mind you, I would happily give $200 for one cigarette if it didn't affect the quit. Going to save and with less than a year's savings on cigarettes alone, build a well in a town in Africa where the whole community will benefit. Suddenly, it seems a small thing not to smoke,



Great job! I also quit cold turkey. Nothing like watching someone on heroine kick that habit. We can go without a smoke all night as we sleep or even on a long plan ride so big business really socked it to us on the NRT but it does help a percent quit, I think around 20% whereas cold turkey has long term success way over 50%.

You gotta get good with knowing your triggers and I still finding some after 5 months myself!

Call what we quit as "no nicotining" the smoking is just a delivery device but the smoking was a ritual and ritual replacement is a must and ritual replacement is not potato chips (AKA Crisp)! LOL


I used my Ecig for something just short of about 4 months (I quit in early September and was off the nicotine by end of December with a minor blip of a couple of hours before I went into hospital in January last year) I TOTALLY get where you're coming from in that why replace one vice with another (real cigs for replacements) but for many many people it's the only way to go.I know that I wasn't really ready to quit, I HAD to to get the surgery on my back so my trusty Ecig kept me sane and maybe not as bad tempered as I may have been had I not had it. I took my last puff of nicotine, from my Ecig, at around 11.30 a.m. on 13th January 2014 and haven't ever looked back. Good Luck with your cold turkey bluejeans, I truly truly believe that anyone who does it CT deserves to succeed because every minute of it must be hell.

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NO more hell than you Helen. Many doctors recommend one not stop smoking when going in for major surgery.

You are an inspiration.

What gets me about the NRTs is their expense. If Big Pharma or Government really wanted us to quit, these replacements would be dirt cheap. And now nicotine is being advertised on TV again.


p.s better to call me Helen,Yellowsnowdrop is a name I also use on a well known auction site from which I buy beads (seed beads to make jewellery, a habit I started to keep my hands busy when I wasn't smoking!!)


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