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8 weeks and counting

well im now on 8 weeks cannot believe i have come this far i am now off the patches they either kept falling off or i forgot to put them on. i am still having a couple of nic chewing gum gum a day, but overall feeling good, i have noticed i have had to use my inhaler a bit more my chest feels heavy at times not sure if its the weather or what. one thing im finding hard is keeping the weight off im not eating as much as i was but cannot shift not even a pound, very upsetting, im at the doctors today for my hrt so will discuss with her the best diet route to take for me and my age, i go on the treadmill walk more im accutally running now on the treadmill and before i quit didnt do any exercise at all so why is it im exercising now and not losing yet before i didnt but lost! ah well but i have no intention of smoking again i dont miss it at all now, i do think about it maybe once every few days but it dosent take my day up like it was when i first quit. i hope everyone else has managed to stay quitxx


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Congratulations Lindy on 8 weeks and now no more patches - especially whilst living with a smoker. I'll be 4 weeks since lighting up tonight but I chose the cold turkey route!

If you've been following us lately you'll realise I'm into keeping fit but have never got into running. I've recently discovered another of these sites which may interest you (have been stalking it and am getting inspired to run by it!)

It's called C25K (couch to 5 kilometres) and is a programme to get you running 5k in 9 weeks. People keep telling me that running is the best way to tone up and lose weight so you can probably do this without going on a diet but it makes sense to have a diet that doesn't include loads of rubbish! :D

My problems are in the evenings when I get the munchies and can't seem to stop eating crisps, biscuits, nuts etc. Nuts are good but it should be everything in moderation! Well we can't fix everything in one go so one step at a time. My important thing is that I haven't actually put any weight on yet (thank goodness)

but amazingly those magic scales tell me the fat is reducing and the muscle increasing (and muscle weighs heavier than fat) :) I'm still waiting for my jeans to get looser though (not in this weather :o ) so maybe I will start the running thing.

Good luck and let us all know how you get on.



hi andi

i have downloaded this app on my phone and do it now and again on the treadmill evenings are the same for me too biscuits are my downfall crisps i can tae or leave but sweeties and chocloate yummy. my hubby is still smoking sometimes he can be a it thoughtless lie on way to shopping he will light up in the car! so nw i say well take my car this time no smoking in there :) its a pain sometimes but he will quit when he wants im not going to nag him into it. he smokes rollies they dont seem to stink as much as normal ones do dont know why i dont think ive accutally put any more wieight on well no exessive amount anyway ive never been a skinny minnie but i do know im not happy the weight i am now so will keep up with the exercises etc must say though its been harder to lose weight than quit!


Hey Lin, lovely to hear from you :-)

2 months, that's absolutly fantastic and it sounds as though you are quite confident in leading a forever smokefree lifestyle :-)

There are many people who say that when they first quit they experience a 'heavy' feeling on their chest. There are many, many chemicals (over 4,000 including over 60 carcinogens) in cigarettes and tobacco smoke. Some of these will even numb and widen your airways, allowing more smoke into your lungs which will then 'help' you to become more addicted. So, thinking about this, is it any wonder that you may feel a more heavy feeling. Smoking just masked the problems that it was causing you. It's all good positve signs :-)

However, it is also worth mentioning to your GP that you have stopped, I an sure she will be so pleased though. They can also check on your asthma for you then.

As Andi has already mentioned, the C25K (Couch to 5K) is a fantastic project which encourages people to get into exercise, slowly but surely. It's worth checking it out :-)

Well done to you and keep us posted :-)


hi emjay i am so confident that this is my final quit, i have tried so many times before and failed but this is different i love the freedom of being fag free no more wondering where i can have my next cig have i got enough fags to last the evening and have i got enough money to buy more ciggies, my teeth are cleaner my tounge is pink, i did suffer from mouth ulcers when i was quitting painful too also so tired i still feel like that at times but hopefully all that will clear soon,


Hiya Lin, well done on 8 weeks that's wonderful! I too live with a partner that still smokes, so I thoroughly understand how frustrating it is.

Choc and crisps were also my downfall- I have replaced chocolate bars with a low calorie chocolate drink (it sends those choc cravings running)! Crisps is a tough one, I admit there are times when I would kill for a pack of Monster Munch so, I have a pack. Cereal is crunchy so I reach for a handful of Special K too but I am not depriving myself of anything, I am finding a happy compromise :)

Keep us updated on how it goes at docs?


A friend told me about the breakfast cereal ( she likes Cheerios as I do) - only problem with that is it doesn't do the savoury craving like say pistachios do!!


Ahh yeah maybe a nutty granola? I think nuts are much more easy to eat than chocolate even though they are still quite high in calories but it's natural and healthy :)


Hi LIn, i'm so glad to hear your doing so well, 8 weeks eh, and off the patches, so theres less wind then gal, :D

I'm sorry to say that i lost the plot last weekend, so back to square 1 again tomorrow, but am determined to doit, and i know i WILL !! :)

As for your weight, i think the Girls have said it all, but nuts are a great form of nutrtion, they are just jam packed with it, although they are high in cals, but like i've said before, you dont see a fat bird!! do you, and the birds around here just cant get enough of them!!

Speak soon Pete. :)


We can all diet when we are ready .... after the 8 weeks being smoke free you need to congratulate yourself ... what you have done is amazing ... I cannot stress that being free from fags is a bigger self esteem boost than being slimmer. You will tackle the weight issue but need to take stock that you've stopped smoking and that is a massive achievement. Well done. I have only lost 1.5lb since Xmas, I put 7lb on when I first stopped smoking and have now got that off .... I have a BMI of 33 ... that's classed as obese (but I can still jog and have just joined a boot camp fitness class ...and hope by stop substituting my initial cigarettes with chocolate ... (which I've finally stopped doing) ... my weight will come off.... or maybe it won't ... whatever happens .... I'm a non smoker and so are you ...fantastic life change isn't it :)


hi wonder morning all thank you all for your kind replies, i went to the doctors yesterday to renew my hrt have asked to come off them now been on them 6 years so cutting them down slowley, as for the tightness in my chest she has said it is normal to get like this and also the hot weather dosent help she checked my chest and said there was some tightness there but it wasnt a chest infection, we then went onto the weight loss side if things i told her my scales at home must be broken as it it showing me at 12st 10 :( which means i have put 6 pounds on since i quit so she asks me to stand on scales i protested as it was halfway through the day and would weigh more :) she was having none of it lo and behold i weighed the same as my own scales so nothing wrong with mine then i was gutted she asked me what weight i wanted to be i said 9 stone she laughed and said why so we are now working on getting me to 10stone 10 so i have 28 pounds to lose :) she has signed me up for a weight maintainance programme at our local sports hall apparently they have weekly sessions to teach about portion control etc which im looking forward too but she was so pleased about me quitting smoking i blew on the peak flow meter at just over 400 not sure what it means will keep you posted on stuff (oh by the way weighed in this morning lost a pound) :)


Morning Lindy, I keep weighing myself but I really should stop and maybe just do it once a week!! ;-) Have already tried to cut the extras down since giving up but still really finding it difficult in the evenings. :(

My PT phoned me this morning to book in tomorrow's session and has frightened me by saying we are going to be doing some running!!! :P Help!!! :X


ha ha oh Andi i would love to have someone to run with hubby wont run with me bless him he is debating to ride his bike along side of me which would be fine, its lie i said to the doctor yesterday i have had to do all this on my own which has been very hard my husband has been very supportive but can only do this up to a point, i work all day im home at 6 after tea im on treadmill for 20 mins it would be nice to have some one to work out with, my daughter works odd shifts at the hospital she goes to the gym each morning before work, but i am determined to go onwards and upwards we have all done so well with our quits havnt we and should be proud i know i am :) doctor said yesterday to keep using the nic gum until im ready to come off those she said well worry if your still on them in 8 years :) :) but i only have about 3 pieces of 2mg gum a day in between its normal chuddy gum so im pleased with that



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