No more patches for me

After 4 nights of interrupted sleep and going to work like an absolute zombie, i have decided to give up on the patches and just go with my NRT Gum and my Vape (which has 0.6mg of nicotine).

So today is the first day with no patch, no gum (as i accidentally left it at home! duhhhhh!) and just my friendly vape by my side.

Wish me luck :D


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  • All the best Jess. Use the newly found breath of yours, did wonders for me at work yesterday. In for 4, hold for 4, out for 8. That's my new routine instead of nip out for a smoke. I got really challenged yesterday and it worked. I felt that, 'yes' later when I realized I'd found a way through without smoking. Quiet Triumph's that our Quit Family understand. All the best, let us know how you get on :O) NOPE

  • Good luck Jess .me too had to give up the patches gave me nightmares :( I too am on the vape and it is working , never tried it before , but doing the trick whatever works to keep you off the cigs is good. You can do it :)

  • Good luck Jess. You can do it. :)

  • hang in there jess - you got this :) :)

    Stay strong and NOPE NOPE NOPE all the way :) :)

  • Good luck 😀😀👀

  • I trust you'll have a good day!

  • Good luck. I am using the Champix tablets which gave me some weird dreams at firts but that has stopped now. Several friends have quit with a vape.

    best wishes

  • Hi Holly,

    So glad the champix is working for you and the nightmares have stopped...👏🎉🎉

    Nope Not One Puff Ever

    1 puff=1pack

    Arizona xx🇨🇦

  • Absolutely wishing you luck Jess☀️

    I've never tried a vape..... Keep it close.... Don't forget it somewhere ... Ol Mr. Nic will catch you when you're vulnerable...... Addiction is cunning and baffling.....

    Not One Puff ( no matter what )

    Arizona xxx

  • I have trouble sleeping too. 2weeks and 2 day clean for me. I went cold turkey so I know its just with drawl and nasty Mr. Nic . So if the patch is causing prb I think u can drop them and depend on you iner self a little more and your vape. Stay strong my dear

  • I believe in the vape. Im 6 days in no cig only vaping and not all that much to add. Just something about the patch being on all day and night and not being in control of the nicotine for me was not something i felt i would be able to do. So instead i vape. Good luck you got this :)

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