Daily blog Wednesday 20th Feb 2013

A new day for us all and the middle of the week which can be quite depressing for a lot of us (especially now the weather has turned again)

What plans do we have for today? Anything nice planned for the weekend?

So there is 8 more days of February, a new month and another smoke free month (for most people anyway but dont dwell if you have had a puff or a whole fag, I aint, just get back on track and you'll do grand)

Still using the e cig, on the lower dose of nicotine now so kinda going in the right direction.

I wonder if there is something about this week in February that is a bad week for people coz there has been a few of us that have given into temptation?

I just hope that we manage to get on track and keep on with our nicotine free journey.

Does anyone know how Jilly is doing?

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  • Good morning Sarah and all :) I think you may be right maybe something in the time of year .

    Ive just got an interview for a job id really like so am really happy..instant reaction was have a fag ..but i didnt ..wierd how association works..i text my friend instead and came on here.

    I have a lazy day planned and then off out this eve . Just had coffee break so time to pop to shop . catch you later ..have a good positive day :) xx

  • Morning Sarah :-)

    How unbelievably fast is time passing?! The March hare will be hopping along before we know it :-)

    I heard from JillyGirl over the weekend and she says that everyone on here is keeping her focussed. I know that she pops her head round the door evry now and again, so she knows she is always on our minds :-)

    I think with regards to having slip ups, both Jan and Sin have some good links last week and some great ways of looking at it and getting back on track (see last nights comments in Jan's blog).

    Remembering that cravings are all part and parcel of giving up smoking and only become a 'slip up' when the person gives in through getting caught out unexpectedly, it only becomes a relapse when somebody smokes again on a regular basis.

    The best thing to do is to be prepared for any of these unwanted visitors. Make sure there are no tempting cigarettes left hidden anywhere and for those of you who have told others that you have stopped smoking, then ask them to support you by encouraging you not to smoke, regardless of whether they smoke themselves or not.

    If you realy do want to stop smoking then it really is up to you to take ultimate responsibilty for yourself. Not everybody has the willpower to stop initially, but will power is something that can be built up on :-)

    Lets get back to being positive and remembering that with all the suport from each other, you can all become the non-smokers that you want to be and lead a healthier smokefree lifestyle - and have the pennies to enjoy it too! :-)

  • Morning Jan, I'd posted before I read your comment! Great news about your interview :-)

  • Wow jan, good luck with the interview.

    You know you can go into the interview smelling fresh and not smelling stale (no matter how much perfume you put on will mask that smell) so that is a point in your direction ;)

    What is the interview for?

    Im glad that Jill is still around even if she isnt posting. Hope she is doing good?

  • Hi Sarah, we'll get there girl ..oh yes we will :))

    job is for an assitant manager in a chrity shop ,so it as all the elemnets Im looking for ,friendly environment,helping people, part time hours,bit of paper work for the grey cells, and pay lol :)

    Glad to hear jill doing ok ,lots and lots of cyber hugs xx

    The smell Sararh ..funny how soon after stopping you really notice it..i was stood next to a couple and that was all i could smell..yuk. And I know Im new to quit and still feel vulnerable to nic but it is an awful smell. I feel good ,stronger and thats all i can do is take each moment ,each hour and add them together ..thats what builds my strength .i have not smoked 132 roll ups ..that makes me smile :)) xxjan

  • Good afternoon all, yes it's a shame that the sun's gone back in again Sarah. Really glad you're keeping on track. I think you need to go round and have a word with your granny. :)

    Jan, good luck with the interview - is it a part time job your after? I know a job would be a good thing for me to do but I don't want to be chained to an employer again if I don't have to, I value my freedom too much for that.

  • Andi I feel much the same..which is why I wont take the office job if im offered it no matter how good the money ..its just not me,it would deplete my happiness..ive worked all my life ,my last job was wonderful,but Im happier where i am now..the job im going for would add to that.

  • Good Afternoon all, no sun here either, at least it's not raining so i'm happy :) got a phone call from my GP this morning, she's sent off the referral letter to Rheumatology so just have to wait now, hopefully i'll get something for the pain then i might get some sleep :D :)

    Glad your back on track Sarah, you'll do this, especially with that positive attitude you've got :)

    I'm kinda the same as you Andi, I like my freedom, although i guess i'll be busy when my grandson is born, maybe i should get a part time job :o :D :D

  • when is your grandson due Sue ? thats one reason why i dont want a full time or hectic job..i look after my 2 year old grandson to help my son out and I love it :)) he's the spit of his dad at that age and those moments are too precious too miss :)


  • Hi Jan, grandson is due on 9th May, he'll be my first grandchild so i'm really excited :) i agree, you don't want to miss any moments with your grandson :) I'm glad i don't have to work full time either, for the same reason :)

  • Not long then now Sue :) yes mine is my first , bit of a surprise but we wouldnt be without him,my son is trying to get a place for them both as he has him every weekend and they only have one room here so my grandson ends up sleeping in 'daddies bed' lol.

    I do believe spring is here looking out of my window :))

  • mine is a bit of a surprise as well Jan :) I just hope when your son manages to get place he can get him to sleep in his own bed :o :D something similar happened to a friend of mine and it took them ages to get their daughter to do that :)

  • Well Wednesday is neqrly over (6hours till slumberland)) how many of us are happy about that?

    Let us know how you get on with the interview, hope you get it..........

    I could do with a job with more hours but Im kinda fussy in what I do, at the moment I do 9 hours a week in a school doing toothbrushing and it works around the kids because I get all the holidays off and Im no one for getting a full time job just yet coz the kids are still to young and I grudge paying someone to look after my kids.

  • 9 hours would be enough for me Sarah :) yes i would have begrudged paying for childcare and to be honest I didnt to work when they were little,so ok we did without some stuff,but we got by :) and i had lots of fun lol

  • Hey, the sun's come out again - went to Asda, freezing as I left the house and as I came out it was shining. 8-) :)

    First thing this morning (7.15 :o ) it was bright and frosty as I went out for a run then clouded over by 9 o'clock. Went to my deep water aqua class to try and pull out my muscles as I think I overdid it a bit last week and have been decidedly creaky this week so leaving extra rest days between my runs.

    Sue, how's the decorating going? You've been a bit quiet the last couple of days so I guess you're cracking on with it or have you been getting out in the fresh air? :)

  • hi And, i've been busy decorating and fighting sleep at the same time, makes for a strange combination :D :D i get to about 5pm and my energy level goes through the floor, even struggled to get to bed last night :o :D :D

  • dont be scared John :) Im only wanting work as I miss being with people,the money will be handy but I can just about manage on my medical retirement so its more for the fun and pleasure :) what sort of 3d models are you making ?

    Sue Im in the throws of kitchen refurb so it looks abit like a home from an auction at mo lol..i get really tired about 5 but if i doze i know i wont sleep properly later so i keep going

  • Are we following each other Jan :D :D you have a grandson, i'm away to have one, we're both decorating our kitchens, which look like a boot sale, and we both get tired around 5pm 'D :D :D

  • Do any of you have facebook?

    I know Sue does.......... anyway there are some exellent recipes on the tesco facebook page (as far as I know they are not recipe for including horse) I have found a few that I will try for sure...... just thought Id let you all know

  • I like to look for inspiration..... sometimes nice to try different things, we seem to be eating the same old things the whole time at the moment with using up the stuff in the freezers/cupboards........

  • Thank you Sarah, I'll have a look after tea, I'm always looking for ideas for tea :)

  • Ive found a lovely looking chicken pie recipe on it, planning on making one on Friday night ;)

    Am going to have a good look through later and write down a few good ones thst rakes my eye, there is a chicken breast one that looks quite good, that will be for next week!!!

    Think they quite healthy looking too

  • That sounds tasty, i always look for different recipes, i don't eat much red meat,just mince occasionally if i have Lasagne :)

  • Oh I love lasagne..... Stew makes a lovely zitti (kinda like lasagne but with penne and sour cream, mozarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese instead of a cheese sauce)

    I love red meat, stews, steaks, mince, but I also love my pork chops and turkey and chickens!!!!

    Im going to attemp to make a quiche sometime too coz I love them too!!

  • It sounds yummy John, not sure how it would taste with gluten free flour though, cause I don't like GF bread :)

  • Going for my shower now, will be back on later :)

  • John do you eat anything else apart from paella or sweet bread?

    Chicken pie is out for Friday night, Stew had it twice for his piece this week!! Thinking a good fry up instead with tatties ;) black pudding, sausages, lorne sausage, beans and eggs ;) not had that in ages

  • Pot Noodle and brown sauce sandwiches anyone?

  • Yuk! :(

  • I think that's more my daughters thing Fags, she likes things like chips and ice cream, using the ice cream as a dip for the chips :D :D

  • Yuk! :(

    :D :D

  • John, I think you'd make that paella the same as before but where it says chicken you just replace it with horse, okay? :D :D

  • Sarah, how about fish and chips with mushy peas as it's Friday or bangers, beans and mash? :) (Keep it simple :o )

  • Would be grand but had fish and chips last night......

  • fish and chips with mushy peas is right up my street Andi I could live on that :D :)

  • Think it's off my radar at the moment - I'd probably get told off if I ate that at the moment. :o :(

  • Your allowed one treat though, so make it that :D :D :)

  • Had some chocolate last night. :)

  • yummy, did you put marshmallows in it :)

  • Wouldn't know how to. I am being sooooo good at the moment - well almost! :o I'm keeping a food diary, writing down everything that I eat and discussing it with pt. I gave him my first one last week and he's marking it so I'll find out what he says tomorrow - it'll be a bit like being back at school I think. :o :D :D

  • Just don't do what i did when i was at school......cheat :D :D :D I'm sure with all the exercise you do you could eat what you liked, the fat wouldn't be able to catch you :D :D :)

  • I've got to get rid of all the excess I've put on then a few pounds more. I probably won't get there til the summer, if I'm lucky, cos all this time I've had setbacks what with injuries and holidays and more holidays yet to come. :( :) Don't you remember all those boxes of chocolates, packets of pistachios, sausage rolls, pork pies, crisps, hula hoops, etc etc I was eating? :D :D

  • Is Pete late tonight or am I just tired earlier :o :)

  • Was wondering where he ia for a while now - think he's late. :(

  • That's true, i was eating all of that as well, I'm trying to lose weight but it just won't shift, then when i went to the docs the other day she said i'll never lose it cause it was my thyroid going that put it on :( all i can do now is eat healthy and hope for the best :)

  • It's a simple equation really, eat less calories and use more calories then you'll achieve weight loss. So tough when trying to quit smoking though - even if you haven't got any medical issues. If your metabolism is reduced by 10% when you quit, at least I didn't add 10% to my weight overall. :)

  • Hi all, sorry am late :( :( bin chopsin to one of my Sisters :o :)

  • Hiya Pete, wot's chopsin? Am guessing it means gassing? Did she give you an update on your Mum? :)

  • Evening Andi, yep you got it gal, gassing !!!! :D :D

    There isnt any update on my Mam, cos they aint done the endoscope yet, cos they say it's not urgent :o so she has bin put on a list :( :X

  • It is really hard but you'll get there :) the way i see it we'll both be really healthy and that's the main thing, as my doc said you can be slim and unhealthy, my cousin is like that cause she has a really fast metabolism so eats loads of unhealthy food, mine has flat lined :D :D :)

  • Evening Sue, erm your what has flat lined :o :o :D :D

  • me :D :D :D seriously my metabolism has :)

  • Hmmmmm that sounds good Sue :) :) erm where can I get some of this metabolism from then :o ??

  • Hi Pete, how's your mum doing? :)

  • My Mums about the same Sue, but she is very tired now and dosnt talk much :( :( which I assure you is not like my Mam :) :)

  • I'm signing off now, nite nite Sue, Pete and everyone else, sleep well, love you all. :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, thank you for asking about my mam :) :) you take care now and dont overdo your exercising eh :) sweet dreams and loves ya gal xxxxx :) :)

  • I hope she gets better soon Pete, it's ridiculous that they won't do the endoscopy now :( it should have been done as part of the diagnosis, give them hell for that :)

  • nite nite Andi, see you tomorrow, luv ya xx :)

  • sorry Pete i'll have to go to bed too, nite nite, sweet dreams, luv yas xxx :)

  • Nite nite Sue, there's no need to say sorry to me gal :) luvs you too xxxxx :) have a good nights sleep and see you tomorrow :)

  • Hi Pete, sorry to hear your mum's not had the endoscopy, dread to think what constitutes an urgent need for the procedure if not being able to eat doesn't. Hope you get something sorted soon, it must be worrying. Are you managing ok with not smoking.

  • Aup Sinfree, I hope you are keeping well :) :) and thank you for asking about my mam, yeah the thing is my erm - my goby sister is on holls at the moment, cos she knows how to erm lets say, get things moving :) :) maybe I will have to have time off work to get it sorted :)

    Hmmmm am managing at the moment gal, huh there's always something isnt they :(

    Nite nite now Sinfree, you get a good nights sleep gal xxxx :) speak tomorrow :)

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