Morning everyone on this rainy Bank Holiday Monday. I would love some advice about weight after quitting, i have done all the carrot and healthy snacks ,walking 60 mins a day and have still managed to put  on half a stone .    I really am disappointed with myself. I know its only been 4 weeks but if it carries on like this i could easily get a job in a grotto by christmas.  any tips would be gratefully appreciated. 

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  • Morning J160, I'm pretty sure when the majority quit smoking the metabolism takes a bit of a hammering and decides it's going in to hibernation. Weight gain is unfortunately a really common side effects of quitting but can be kept to a minimum by doing what you're doing, healthy snacks, upping exercise a bit. Once you're body gets used to not having nicotine to boost the metabolism it will start doing it on its own again and any gain should start to come off. 

    Try not to think about it too much as you're doing the absolute best thing you can for your body by quitting 😊 one step at a time.

    Good luck x

  • Sorry for grammar, autotext on the phone decided your should be 'you're' 😖

  • Thank you LilyMay i had visions of  the weight just piling on weekly, and never being able to have that little treat again.

  • I think Ive stopped gaining--Im just maintaining my obesity now-despite everything--Lily has a good point --but it is hard not to get discouraged when you only have 2 pairs of pants left you can wear--and people wonder how someone this old could be pregnant--Hate going anywhere---closet full of clothes I cant wear--poor me, poor me,pour me another drink!!  Just kidding--Only have a glass of wine couple times a year-It will be interesting to see how this weight thing goes with everyone..-MmeT

  • I know exactly how you feel i have just eaten a chicken kiev and i don't like garlic. It seems i will put anything in my mouth . I am going to get a grip i feel yucky, bet i still eat at least 6 biscuits tonight

  • lmao  sorry--I so get it--im like a shark

  • Ive had 3 eggs,chicken,peanuts and cheese and its only noon--imagine the rest of the day--

  • your a shark and i look like a beached whale haha.

  • a big orca--thinking about supper now

  • done supper i am thinking about bed and breakfast. I promise myself a good and healthy day tomo will let you know how it goes. ( who am i kidding)

  • Im going to clean a little and go for a swim--Typical shark behavior--It is almost 1 pm here is all--I have a lot of time left to eat or fight it--we will see how we do--One day at a time--lets both try tomorrow--to what? Not eat or just cut down?? MmeT

  • Arhhh j160, you have done Fantastic. Yep I put on 7lbs in the first 4 weeks, but to be honest it's stayed at that, I thought like you if I carry on will be several stone in a few months, but No that's been it so far. I have decided to join the gym next week . God help me, not been for years. I like walking, so been doing a lot of that. I also switched the chocolate for Grapes :) quite like them now.

    I wouldn't worry about the weight too much, you will loose it. And Hey what an achievement 4 weeks no smoking. That's Fantastic. Keep strong  sending you hugs . Your a winner xxx

  • Maddy-have you tried freezing grapes?? They are delicious and refreshing and have a much longer shelf life * MmeT*

  • Hi ya, No, will try that :) Thanks xxx

  • let me know if you like them--I lovem   MmeT

  • Will do will buy some more tomorrow when I get home x

  • Thanks Maddy im not ready to join gym yet but will keep walking if i only put on the 8 i will cope with that.

  • Ha ha me neither,, we will see how next week goes for me  :) x

  • Don't feel too bad about it.  You must realise that your bones are recovering from the thinning smoking causes and if you are excercising then your muscles are growing too.  Just eat sensibly, lay off sugar and fat and all will become we'll eventually.  Good luck 😀

  • Hi J, nothing like a wet Bank holiday Monday to make us feel a bit down☹️

    As the other lovely ladies have said, our metabolism slows down without nicotine and I'd say most people experience weight gain. You're doing all the right things👍🏼 So don't be dissapointed, be happy and proud that you're a 4 weeks winner. Keep going coz you're doing great and it's honestly sooo much better for your health being a non smoker🚭  It'll all come right given a bit of time, so please be patient and don't bother applying for the job in the grotto, as you really won't need it😂

  • thanks so much you always give amazing advice , God i love this site ha ha.

  • Great people-great site--yes?

  • I remember reading an article in medical report some time ago, saying that even if we put on 30kgs, it was less damaging than smoking....don't know if agree with it...but I guess what I am saying is work on your quit first, spend a few days writing down everything you eat (you may be surprised) 

    If you eat well and increase your activity - you will prevent a big weight gain. 👍👍🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • J160, Your doing really well, keep on  as you are and  your body will settle down.  Like Glolin says  eat well and exercise.  xx

  • Great job on 4 weeks!!  Remember muscle weighs more than fat, and by exercising you are burning calories and building lean muscle keep up the good work and I'm sure the results will start to be in your favor!!

    I find that I am still getting bloated very easily with whatever I eat even if it's only a little bit!

  • May I suggest you join the weight loss community too?


    I quit smoking and over-eating nearly 8 months ago and to date, have lost 5st and stuck to the the NOPE mantra. You can do it too :)

  • That is amazing you must have fantastic will power i will check it out when i come off here thank you

  • Something just switched in my head, thank goodness :)

    I expect I'll see you over there :)

  • I know what you mean have you tried tracking food it really puts things in perspective we eat more than we think sometimes! 

  • yes i think you are right there. i will keep a diary for a week

  • Lol I think it happens to us all, even doing exercise every day I have put on loads of weight an don't eat loads,, hoping my metabolism kicks in soon to help sort it,, if not I'm gonna look like a beached whale on hols will let u no either way 

  • oh god now i am really worried haha

  • I had to chuckle--Im sorry....... I know what you mean--I never knew food could be so good--and when Id get hungry it was real sudden and my stomach just felt weird--like I had to eat "right now" Im slowing down some now(that awful urgency not as strong)--but the damage is done-and food is still the center of my universe except for love-Ive gained at least 15--I hate it--but think I could smoke 100 cigarettes now and it wouldn't go anywhere--I walk,swim  and it just stays there--Id like to lose it--It is the last big challenge for me --(I hope) Ill be in the grotto with you as Mrs Claus by xmas if it don't start comin off--Oh here is a weird thing--Im up at night eating too-what a pain-just so hungry--so what do you do??  MmeT

  • i suppose i am just substituting i get up full of great intentions have porridge ,walk for an hour and then eat the contents of the fridge.  I used to skip meals before the big quit now the day seems to be one long meal. i hate it but i don't seem to be able to stop it all willpower for this has gone out the window. I seriously feel like one big blob. As i write this i can feel another chin starting to appear lol. Someone must know the answer and please do not say veg and water i know they are good for me but i want nice things i deserve it.

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