Fat cat! 😾

I knew my 3 legged cat George was getting a bit beefy but now I will really have to do something about it. His favourite place to sleep and survey the manor is on top of the wooden hedgehog box at the bottom of the garden. Unfortunately his vast weight has resulted in it collapsing on him and I have just had to extricate him from the debris. He is now sulking in embarrassment.  I haven't laughed so much in ages. Poor lad.....

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  • I have three cats  and do find it funny how they hate the embrassement of when it all goes wrong! Poor George :) :)

  • Currently George is giving me the bum treatment.... won't look at me or my husband... you are so right they really can't cope with humiliation can they? !! Xx

  • No they can't! Lol -  think it’s cos they have this reputation for being socool and try to live up to it :) but we human companions who share our lives with them see the reality and boy is it amusing!

  • With you allllll the way Mazzie :) :) 

  • LMAO :D :D 

    4cats ha ha ha I know just what you mean about getting the bum treatment :o although I only have 1 cat - monkey - God if she dosnt get her way, things just seem to fly off my computer desk and get lost under the settee or chairs ha ha. 

    Allllllllllsooooooo, if I laugh at her, like the other week, she was cat napping rite on the edge of my work bench, she fell off into a swing bin and there was hell let loooooooose !!!!!!! well, I just cracked out laughing at her, GOSH did I get a LOOOOOOOOK !!!!!! She wouldnt have anything to do with me for 2 days Ha ha ha.

    like you say, I dont think they can deal with humiliation :o   

  • Lmao monky.... Sounds like you've got a cheeky monkey at home... Mmmm wonder where she gets that from !! 😊😊

  • That's so funny poor cat 

  • Heyyyy Bevie, how you getting on gal ?? 

  • Doing really well still in a dream that I've stopped almost 9 weeks enjoying not smelling like an ashtray ,not one headache or coughing since I stopped and 250 richer .hope all is well with you x

  • Thats just flippin ACE Bevie :) :) and 250 richer now, soon mounts up eh :) 

    I'm soooo happy for you especially not smelling of an ashtray any more :) :) sniff sniff, mmmmmmmm, you smell lovelyyyyyyyy :) :) 

    Ermmmm, just wandering what your upto tonight ? cos am at a lose end and could take you for a drink and a meal if you like :o cos our chippy has an offer on at the mo, 2 eat for the price of 1 seeee te he he.

    You take care now Bevie, your doing ever soooo well and am dead PROUD of ya gal :) :) 

  • Thank you 🌷

  • Oh noooo, poor George🙀feeling even more sorry for him as he's only got 3 legs😿  My  cat gets jealous when I have the little ones staying overnight so he's looking for extra attention now they've gone home😻 

  • Arhhh bless him :) he will probably blame you lol x

  • Couldn't cope with being shunned. Just given him some goat's milk and a bit of chicken. He has decided to forgive my laughter. 

  • Heyyy, 4cats, the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach and you've just proved that gal :) :) plus a bit of love eh :) xx

  • 😂😂 we have two cats and yes they particularly dislike hair balls thank god it does not happen often but when it does happen the face on our little furry lady is priceless 😂😂

  • Aup Troll, how you doing ??

    I have a long haired cat and she dosent seem to suffer with hair balls, but our last cat did and I got some ointment in a tube, sorry but I just cant remember the name of it, but I just put some on his paw and he licked it off, sooooo, it helped him :) :)  

  • Lmao poor George, I know how he feels 😂😂

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