Be fat or smoke???

HI all going onto my 17th week of being a non-smoker I do feel great cravings do come and go so quickly during the day, one thing is I am eating so much, keep asking myself do I want to be fat or should I just smoke again and lose all this weight I am putting on, anybody else got any suggestions on this eating eating eating, I have a bad habit of loving chocolates and I love puddings.

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  • Hello miracle123, BIG well done on reaching 17 weeks. Thats fantastic. As for gaining weight a lot of us struggle especially at first. Its trying to replace ciggys with chocs etc. Now you need to replace chocolate with healthy food. try having lots of fruit and nuts around so you can nibble. exercise when you can. have a look through the healthy recipes and hints and tips for ideas. Your still better eating than smoking believe me. :)

  • Hey Miricle, your doing soooooo flippin well :) dont you even think about caving in gal :o

    Rite, stopping smoking is by farrrrrr the best thing you can do, I think we all put weight on during our quit, but then your body will stabilise, AND then you can sort your weight problem out eh, cos if you can quit the fags, you CAN quit anything :) :)

    Just go with the flow until you feel confident enough to knock the snacking on the head :) hmmm, I must admit, I get through some, erm, chocy eh :P yum :P flippin yum :) :)

    Try to exercise more, it just might help a bit :)

    17 weeks quit, is a hell of a long time to get rid of !! please please keep on your quit :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Thank you for those words, I really do wrestle with feeling of why am i doing this, of course i do come to the conclusion i will win the battle against fags, and now i need to move my attention onto my weight . I think i need to motivate my mind before Xmas else i think i will look like a ten ton truck by jan. Was a size 16 now a 18

  • Hi

    I stopped 18 weeks ago this Friday and I am in the same position as you, all was fine until around 6 weeks ago when I noticed the weight coming on big time, which is concerning me now. I was aware this was going to happen and had planned to seek help in the new year from Slimming world but fear I need to bring this forward, as by Christmas I will not be able to live with myself.

  • I agree, i feel really fat but I'm going to find some fruit and things for the house not chocolate and persevere i can't can't go back

  • Morning Miracle 123, Well done on 17 weeks :-)

    I'm only on 8 weeks and can feel the weight going on around my middle !!! and yes exercise is a must, but because we getting our ' taste buds ' back to normal that's what makes foods more interesting :-/

    We can do it :-) I'm flying the banner here :-d

  • Hello - & this is exactly what I have also found - around week 6 the weight started going on and now I have a problem doing my shoelaces up !!! Hasn't made me feel too good either recently !!!!

    I see the answer as more exercise and eating less but easier said than done. I have now taken up jogging in small distances & then stop & rest and let the asthma recover... but as Pete says if we can give up smoking we can deal with this extra weight problem when we feel able. Good luck to us all with this.

    Best wishes



  • Hi miracle 123

    I've given up for a similar length of time and now have the same problem as you. In the main I've tried to stick to the way I ate before I gave up smoking. However, I've still put on a lot of weight which has gone on my waist & tummy and I look, and feel, very lumpy!

    I was told that as your metabolism slows down when you give up smoking you naturally put on weight anyway. Has anyone else found this to be the case as this weight gain is quite depressing.

  • Hi TW62

    Yes - agree, exactly the same and just gone on to the Daily chat with Jilly to say the next challenge is to get back to normal size again for us all. Life is like this, you think you have climbed to the top only to see you have to start on the next flipping mountain !!

    Anyway we have still done something amazing by quitting the smoking and all the damage that was doing.

    Best wishes



  • Thanks Jonathan. Yes it is like another mountain! I'm probably a bit more sensitive to weight gain as I had anorexic problems when I was younger and the feelings never completely leave you. Love this forum as you find lots of other people to share your feelings with.

  • I was told to stop smoking & loose another 10lbs (I've lost around 31lbs since April) to help get me ready for a back surgery in December.I'm now 7 weeks quit but getting heavier, just so hungry all the time.I see getting rid of the smoking habit as the very best thing I can do for myself and the weight will take care of itself later.I'm fat but I don't smoke anymore and that to me is a victory.

  • Wow so many replies and basically we are all in the same position, we are conquering a very big hurdle in our lives and we have to keep swimming like dora says lol, i have been doubting myself today and i must not, i have come this far, bring on the fruit lol

  • The first few months of my quit I didn't worry too much about the weight gain, like everyone said, better to have quit the fags then worry about the weight later. I had tried to keep the weight gain to a minimum but was plagued with a variety of setbacks in injuries and holidays before finally making a concerted effort to reduce the weight 1 year after I quit. That was in May and five months later I've virtually lost the stone that I had put on.

    I have never dieted in my life but was quite strict with not eating any rubbish food, cooking everything from scratch and cutting the carbs. I consider rubbish food to be things like chocolates, cakes, biscuits, crisps and virtually all pre-prepared supermarket food. Most of this stuff has little or no nutritional value. Snack on nuts, seeds and fruit. The key to it is everything in moderation. (I do go mad occassionally. :o ) Best of all is to keep a food diary of everything that you eat and drink for a while. This helps to keep you focussed - might even keep your mind off the cigs too. :)

  • Thanks Andi

    Voice of reason - mind you Pete made me laugh big time with his reply to my previous post !!!

    Off to watch a scary movie now & no more snacks.

    Over and out



  • Hi Well done on getting to 17 weeks!!! I am on week 8 I think and have lost 12lb!!! When my partner and I decided to give up smoking we decided to use that money to join a gym!!!! (Considering I have never been inside a gym I wasnt to impressed!!) I have used giving up smoking as a whole new life style change, We were over weight anyway so it was a good excuse to start loosing weight and get healthy and fitter. The gym is very addictive and now feel as addictive to that as I did with the fags!!!!

    I remember going to a quit class few yrs ago and this skinny non smoker said will never loose weight and quit smoking at same time!!!!! I hate anyone telling me u wont be able to do something!!!

    Just take 1 step at a time I know that if I lite a fag now I would never get through my time at gym!!!


  • gday. yep put on 11 kilo since stopping 27 weeks ago.i think its a good trade off to be able to breath and walk agiain.i also read some where that when ya stop ya metabolism slows down...not to sure how this happens. the last 2 weeks been making me own frit vegie juices and walking light jogging a bit taken bout 2.5 kilo off .17 weeks is top your asthma getting better..mine seemed to get worse at first few weeks. now realy getting under control

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