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3 Months and over the worst! Just got to remember NOPE

Well this has been and up and down struggle and I wouldn't have got here without this forum and all you lovely people, Monkey Glolin Roneo, too many others to mention!

Ok I'm still on the NRT dissolvable strips and having 5 or 6 a day, but I have not had one single puff and have no intention to. Have been stressed , have been out with smokers , have been to the pub over the past few weeks and have no urge to smoke.

I did not have the will power to go cold turkey as I did before , my intention was to break the physical smoking habit. To find methods to cope without lighting up and NRT has really worked.

Over the next few months I will reduce the NRT. Im not rushing this.

Sometimes I do think about, like you would an old friend, and I have a wave of sadness, but I am reminded of what I'm missing when I seeing smokers standing outside, often by themselves- having to have that cigarette because it has enslaved them.

I'm free of that! and so pleased that I will not go back to it.

Keep going everyone! If you think you are going to relapse , come on here and tell us all.

If you do , remember its a blip, start again immediately and work out why you did it, how it made you feel after you did it and put in place a means of coping with it if it happens again.


Love Jim

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You are doing absolutely brilliantly and have put every effort into working as hard as you can to get to where you are :-)

You know that we are here if you need us, and follow the sound advice of whoever is looking after you with your local stop smoking service. You take those oral strips for as long as necessary :-)

Carry on putting your best foot forward :-)


Wow Jim that's a great post and an even better quit you have got going on there 😀

There is some great advice on your post and your right about taking your tIme with the NRT.... ITS whatever gets you through it and quit for good 😀😀

Well done hun😀😀


Congrats Jim on 3 months quit and thanks for a lovely post, it really helps others to read 😃 you have done an amazing job, well done 👍 😃 x


Fantastic!!!!!!! You are doing so well Jim and thank you so much for sharing your journey as I am sure it will help newly quit members and new ones looking at quitting 👍

Keep up the fantastic quit you have going😀😀😀


Thats just ACE Jim, flippin ACE ACE pal love it love it love it :) :) am sooooo glad your doing so well :) :)

When and only WHEN your ready to reduce, we will be waiting for ya ta give ya a kick up the butt if ya need it pal :o :D :D

Stay focused and positive now cos your a WINNER !! :) :)


Onya Jim,

I'm sure we'll have heaps more to share in the coming months. I'm hanging in there but I think I'm becoming addicted to breath mints.


there are a lot worse things out there Roneo :D :D :) :) . stay strong and true to you xx

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Congratulations, keep up the good fight!

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