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Is Vaping just you still smoking kind of?

Ok Alot of my friends/family have stopped smoking ciggarettes (yay I am so pleased they're not inhaling all those nasty chemicals) but instead have opted to vape. I understand stopping the nicotine addiction is hard and opting to still have nicotine in your system by inhaling it threw vaper seems like a healthier option but nicotine is a poision and isn't ment to be in a humans system, so I say your still smoking and putting yourself at risk when your vaping, if you can't for any reason vape the nicotine in your system will demand that you feed it and quickly, at some point you will buy ciggarettes again unless you use the vape kit as a NRT product and have a structured 12 week plan your going to be a nicotine addict forever, to stop smoking (nicotine addiction) you need to stop smoking (putting nicotine in your system), I'm 158 days free of nicotine and my continued success counts on never having nicotine in my system again and the support of ex smokers. So I feel happy they are not smoking ciggarettes but I don't class Vapers as non smokers, am I alone in this thinking??

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Hiya Xsmokey, massive congrats on 158 days nicotine free, terrific achievement, well done to you 😃

I see where you're coming from about vaping but i know a lot of people who have used it the same way as gum or patches. That is to slowly wean down and off it but having said that sometimes it takes a bit longer. It's really a matter of choice and each individual is different. In an ideal world no one would smoke but unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world and therefore I respect anyone who attempts to quit in whatever way they can. There is no easy way and no right or wrong way. It's whatever gets a person off those nasty cigs is the right thing for them. Thats what's so brilliant about this site as it offers support to everyone 😃

Have a lovely weekend Xsmokey and be proud of what you have accomplished 💐 x

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Aup Xsmokey, its lovely to see you and doing soooo well on your quit too :)

I really 2nd what Briarwood has said, we are all made differently and for some of us, like myself, the 12 week plan just dosnt work :o

I think you quit using champix, this is great for some of us, but for others, the side affects are just too much :o so we have to find whats best for ourselves :)

I am vaping and slowly cutting the nic down and I've been quit for 9 months now, but I tell you, although I'm still vaping, I feel sooooo much healthier than when I smoked :) :)

Take care now and see's ya soon :)

Pete :)

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Thanks briarwood, yes I don't want anyone to think I was belittling their quit anything is better than smoking them horrible ciggarettes with thousands of rubbish chemicals in them .... I think I wish it was an ideal world and being nicotine free I think I get over excited and want all my friends and family to feel how it feels.

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Hey, Xsmokey, its flippin great to have a bit of a debate and bring things out in the open eh :)

At least, as you say, we're all getting rid of those 4.000 toxins that come with smoking cigarettes :o :) :)

I too, wish it was an ideal World :) But sadly its not :( sooooo, we just have to do the best we can :)


I have been using e cigarettes for a couple of years.

I never lied to myself or anyone about the addiction when asked.

I looked at is as somewhat more "smoking on my terms". I describe it as "the diet cola of smoking", it's not good for me, but it's a lot less bad for me than cigarettes.

I don't stink, something I always hated.

I don't have to stand in the rain when I don't want to.

I'm now preparing for the final jump from e cigarettes.

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Good for you David H83, I love the diet coke metaphor to describe the ecigs, it hits the nail on the head, well I raise a glass to you cutting down the mg and wish you all the success that I know you will achieve when you make that jump ... :)

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The cutting down is going well (slowly trying less each day). Last night I didn't have any puffs after getting into my flat and didn't have one until I left for work this morning. The past few days I haven't had a puff during the working day (except Friday but that was a day I wanted to shoot half the office).


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