Day 9 still going fine😝

Day 9 still going fine😝

Well I made it over 9hrs without my ecig today. Was stood in line to catch the bus and someone was smoking a roll up so I walked behind my daughter to get away from the smell. I didn't realise how sick the smell of tobacco was till today... NO THANK YOU!!! Fresh air all the way for me. I'm smiling a lot more now everything tastes even better I can't believe I didn't do this years ago

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  • Hey Andy, your doing soooo well 😀😀 over a third of the day without anything... Well done 😊

  • Thank u. Decided to leave it at home I know I can go for long periods as I know it's sat at home when I get back at the end of the day so why carry it x

  • That's a really good attitude to have 😊😊

  • well done i tryed 2days without the ecig but got to dizzy without it but i used it again : ( i try to go long periods without it

  • Nice one Andy :) am just flippin loooooooving it gal :) :) :)

    But please remember, having the e-cig is a whole lot better than the flippin stinking fags eh :o :) Your doing ever so well Andy, you really are :) :)

  • i see thing about these ecig expoding on facebook is that true

  • Aup Dizzy :)

    Well, I've used an e-cig for 16 months now, and never had an explosion yet :o :D :D I think what it is, is some people use the same batteries charger for other e-cigs, batteries and they are different voltages :o soooo, you get a caboooooom !!!!

    So if you have an e-cig, then my advice is to stick to the manufactures charger :) :)

  • Thank for the info i got the usb that came with it so i should be safe :D

  • Nice one Dizzy :) :)

  • Congratulations making it 9 days🌸 I'm going to be celebrating my 1 week in 3 1/2 hrs...............its been a hard go for me but I'm not turning back............keep up the good the people on this website 🌺

  • Congratulations on ur first week quit

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