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4 months today.. still going strong

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jim22448834 Months Winner
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Can't believe another month has ticked by.

Folks it gets easier , There are occasional waves of desire and need, but these pass very quickly.

These craving weaken as the date when I last put a white stick in my mouth and lit it get further and further away.

"Do I want just one more to see, one more wont hurt will it". Well no.

For a start Id have to start all over again but do I want a chesty cough, a sickly taste in my mouth, having to stand outside in all weathers, worrying when I get down to 2 at 11.00pm , feeling the guilt of what its doing to me, constantly thinking of opportunities of when and where to smoke.

I feel so much better and to top it off, I haven't given a tobacco company £1000 of my money. Yes £1000!!

I have been ill, a worrying cough, bleeding gums, stomach aches, becoming paranoid of my health etc etc. The funny thing is we ex smokers didn't really think of our health while we were smoking! Think of the number of times you felt unwell and forced yourself to have one.

We can all do this, we are all or can become non smokers. There is no need to let a little white stick that just keeps you topped up to rule your life an enslave you. Stop.

If you fail, try again and again. The more times you try the more likely you are to succeed in the end and those little breaks will help your body anyway.

Big love to all the team and Administrators. Part of the process has been coming on here and writing and helping others.

So if you are giving up and are just browsing these pages for help, sign up , say Hi, tell us where you're at and lets all help each other

Jim x

9 Replies
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Hi Jim your doing great. Thanks for the post this will surely encourage others. :) :) xx

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You are doing ever so well Jim..Thank you so much for sharing your story so far as this will surely help many others :) :)

You are a true winner xx

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EllaJ196814 Month Winner

Great post and Big Congratulations to you Jim. I echo all your sentiments. Giving up has been by far the best thing I have ever done in my life (bar having my son). I made it to 3 months!

Keep on keeping on and looking forward - the future without smoke is indeed much brighter....

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Congratulations to you Jim and thank you for sharing your view of how you see your achievements :-)

I agree with all that you have said and do think it's funny (funny strange - not in a ha-ha kind of way!) that it's the early days of when we stop smoking that we really do become very concerned about our health, what we have done to it and is it too late! No, it's never too late and the sooner we stop, the better :-)

Well done to you and once again, thanks for sharing how it was for you as this will help others who are in the early stages of their journey :-)

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Hi Jim, well done and pleased your cravings are weakening. I enjoyed reading your post - it's as though you have set yourself free from a burden.

Like you and Emjay say I have been feeling really worried about my health since stopping, maybe you just block it out when you're still smoking.

Although some health risks go completely other health risks will remain a lot higher than non smokers for most of the rest of my life - probably not good I left it until 57.

But I'm trying to be positive about that......i can't change the past.

best wishes



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jim22448834 Months Winner in reply to Kas100

Hi Kas

57 is the best time to give up, because it is. No one hows what's around the corner. This health worry is psychological. You have the same worry that someone who is 30 may have now. What a waste it would be to burden yourself with regret and worry only to live a happy and long life , so stop it right now.

If you were still smoking you may not even think about it.

So enjoy life because life happens whether you worry or not.


Jim x

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Kas100 in reply to jim224488

Thanks Jim, you talk so much sense


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Wow Jim, 4 fandabidosie months.... whooooflippinfantastichoooo 😀😀 well done hun😀😀

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Wow Jim, 4 months and you're doing an amazing job so huge congratulations to you my friend👏👏👏

Love reading your posts, so many thanks for all your help and I'm so proud of you, well done 👍😃😃xx

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