Anxiety after seeing "that someone" :^(

I am two months smoke free, and have been dealing with the symptoms, even though sometimes I get fearful and think, "what if this isn't withdrawal?" Lol. Anyway, yesterday I felt very anxious and jittery, and in the shower I got very weak and had to sit down to finish washing. My doctor can't find anything wrong with me except high CPK "muscle enzymes" which seem to increase everytime I've ever started back smoking. I saw a special friend that I have been in love with for many years yesterday, and we haven't been speaking. Afterward for the remainder of the night my thoughts kept going to this person and I constantly felt a racing heart feeling in my chest. My blood pressure was extremely high all night and I felt jittery and couldn't go to sleep. Heart rate was constantly over 100. In the past I would smoke a cigarette when thinking about or crossing paths with this person. Could my episode last night be related to me not being able to cope with a mentally/emotionally stressful situation without a soothing, heavenly puff on the old veluptuous cancer stick? Or does this sound completely foreign to you guys. Last night was terrifying, but the pressure and racing heart have subsided tremendously this morning, although my pressure is still a bit elevated from getting NO sleep last night and now I'm at work. Sorry so long. Thanks for your help! This is hard! Lol

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  • Hi vizzle, 10 weeks is Fantastic , well done you 😊 I'm glad you got checked out by your doc😄 All I can say is perhaps your right and that it could be related to meeting this person, and emotionally this has upset you. I think when quitting we learn to deal with stress differently, more like facing it head on and then letting it wash over , does that make sense. I know for me I would always turn to cigs, thinking they calmed me , which they don't. I find now I am much calmer and able to cope with stressful situations. Earlier on in my quit I would go for walks , and did breathing exercises which helped me. If you do have more episodes perhaps another visit to doc to put your mind at ease. Stay strong your doing great and I'm proud of you

    Maddy x

  • Hi vizzie really well done on 10wks quit👍 and same as maddy I would turn to cigs to calm any emotion because that's what we did but no more cause we are all much stronger than that now. The huge positive in this is you got through it so give yourself a pat on the back. Post on here when you feel any emotions kicking in that are causing you to feel the need to light up cause it will get it off your chest and also keep your hands and mind busy. Finally don't let anyone or anything come between you and your quit journey. Try and stay strong you're doing fab 😄

  • Hi viz, like the other lovely ladies have said we all used lighting up as a response to everything in our lives☹️ Learning how to get through these emotions is difficult but we have to find other ways to cope. Whether that's deep breathing, going for a walk or putting on music. It's definitely frightening in the beginning but the more we practice the better we get.

    You're doing great so keep going one day at a time and sometimes writing it all down helps too. We really do understand how hard it can be. We're always here for ya🚭😊

  • I really sympathise with you. You have got to remember though that insomnia is a side effect of quitting and any worries or concerns you have in the night always feel 100 times worse than they would during the day. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better today.

  • I would have caved!! No doubt!! That's amazing.

  • Hi my love, i feel really sorry for you that must have been bloody awful to bump into that person :( but well done you for not picking up a cigarette!

    I think maybe you worked yourself up so much after seeing this person, and then starting working yourself up even more because you didnt have a cigarette. Its hard to be rational at times or anger/stress/sadness, so make sure you always keep your reasons for quitting near by. I have mine written on my phone case in permanent marker lol!

    I remember someone on this group saying even after months, maybe years of quitting, new scenarios crop up that usually you would have had a cigarette in, which makes your thoughts wandering to old Mr Nic. Horrible isnt it! Maybe this is what happened here, you wouldnt have even thought about mr nic had this person not popped up!

    You are doing great, and we all believe in you :) keep soldiering on! xxxxx

  • Thank you so much!

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