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Day 6 and I feel like killing someone

I've been so smug about how overall I've found quitting ease. Until today. I woke up in a foul mood which got worse when I remembered I wasn't smoking anymore. I've got a cough, earache, a headache, bleeding gums. I had to go to the chemist and the sound of people breathing made me want to kill them all.

Sorry this isn't a cheerful post. Please someone tell me this doesn't last!

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Hi Ellie, don't worry - this is all pretty normal and I promise you that it won't last :-)

I'm not sure about the earache, but everything else sounds like the positive signs of recovery through giving up smoking.

I'll 'bump' up and older post for you regarding the coughing, and there is a picture on it that might help you to understand.

Drinking plenty of water will help with your headache, you could initially take a couple of paracetamol to help.

A lot of people complain that their gums did not bleed until they stopped smoking, again this is a positive sign that blood, carrying good clean oxygen is reaching your gums again. Whereas before when you were smoking, your circulation would have been very poor.

I promise you that all this won't last and as long as you keep saying 'no' to that next cigarette, then you are onto a winner :-)

If you hadn't stopped smoking, then none of the above would be happening. This is all a positive sign that your body is recovering from all those poisonous toxins that you have been feeding it over the past number of years.

You are doing really well, just remember that :-)

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Thank you xx I really needed to hear that it's normal. I'll have a look at the coughing post.n


haha, I feel a bit like that myself today. No, it doesn't last. I can't remember, have you gone cold turkey or are you using NRT? I've just written a massive reply to EmJay's post about being positive. Then I deleted it cos it was bitter, cos that's the way am feeling today and it was no help to anyone except me. So, suggestion. Write it all down somewhere, how you're feeling. It gets it all off your chest and then you feel a bit better for it and if you do it on your computer and then delete it, no one can accuse you of having lost the plot :) It's the stress of constantly telling yourself you can't do something that you really would like to do. It makes you frustrated and angry. Perhaps you could go for a walk? Mind you its cold and windy out there so if you have earache wear a hat and stuff some cotton wool in your ears. Sorry you have earache, that is enough on its own to make you in a bad mood. Hope you're soon feeling better.


Thanks Hun xx

I'm on the patches. It's like they aren't working today.

I'll try writing my crazy rants down. I tried telling the cat but she's not interested.


I am also on the patches, finish them in 2 more weeks. Tell you what helps me is chewing sugar free gum or have you any nicotine gum? X


I'm not a gum fan. I do have sugar free lollipops though. Trying to replicate the smoking motions with them

Have you been stepping down on the patches ready to come off them?


Yes started on the 15 mg (should have been 25 mg) in the hospital after a heart attack ten weeks ago, dropped to 10 mg before Christmas and sometimes have forgotten to put one on until mid afternoon oh that's why I have had more cravings. I go to smoking cessation every 2 weeks and she said I will come off the patches at 12 weeks because the receptors will have died down then and it will then start to get much easier with the cravings but doing really well thanks to everyone on this site and you will too


Hey Rainbow,

Most of us have all been though this.

Stick with it, although you may not think so it will get better.

Everyday will just get that little bit easier. Keep reminding yourself why your quitting.

I'm now coming out of the other-side, can I can now bike around without evening getting out of breath.

It's hard work, and I often wondered if this is worth it!

Trust me, it is :-)

Polo's and cough sweets and a cup of tea worked for me for the cough. O and if you can, try and do at least 30 mins moderate exercise a day.

Keep it up, you will get there :-)

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It doesnt! I go through all sorts of physical problems too and quitting has not helped me much!! Try to keep yourself busy!! Whenever I am in a bad mood like this I give myself a treat! A little chocolate always helps !!!

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Hi Rainbowlilybet 👋

This is soooo so normal.

Last week I had to take the afternoon off work as holiday because I told the boss if I had to talk to just one more idiot I was going to punch them ....... and it was the staff not the customers I was talking about 😂😂

Take some deep breaths, use your nrt if you're using any, and just take 5 minutes to yourself.

Things will get better xx Virtual hugs heading your way

Karen xx


Thanks guys but you are replying to a post that was posted 3 years ago!


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