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well with a name like griffiths you might think i would support all things welsh, and it must be said that i usually would!

rolling hills, snowdonia, rugby, choirs, great people! but after today and the news that the welsh asembely has launched a white paper on the banning of the ecig in public places as it " normalises smoking" and " can enourage people to take up the real thing," and " it looks like smoking!!" do they not realise how many people are being helped by the ecig and giving up because if it. so if my future is that i have to be sent to vape outside with the smokers, and treated like a leper, and a blight on society, even after i have given up smoking cigs, then i may as well give up giving up!! i feel like crying. they are insane. sorry for the rant but this is a big thing for me. a life changer!

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Hi Jules

I heard this today as well and I have to say I just couldn't believe it! I take it you actually live in Wales?

I can't respond to your upset right now (I can't think fast enough) other than to say please, please, please don't give up on giving up right now. There has to be some other way to continue on this journey. You are 5 months down this road sweetie, that is an amazing achievement, you have done so brilliantly and you have been so supportive of others (like me) as well, you cannot have gone through everything you have to stop now. I totally understand your feelings and frustrations, I'm totally on your side here but I really don't want you to start smoking again because of this ridiculous ruling.

Okay let's take time and think about it sweetie, and I'm sure others will come up with suggestions in my absence anyway - I'll speak to you again soon

Take care

Love Chrissie xxx

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Hi Jules, I heard that on the radio this morning and thought same as you, ridiculous. What do they mean by public places, does it mean you can't walk down the street with one or does it mean the same places as smokers are banned from. I must admit I never use mine anywhere other than at home and outside. The people who I worked with who had them used theirs outside and so did I. One person used to take his in the toilets but I was always scared it might set off the smoke alarms :D

It said on the news I heard that they stated they are just as harmful as cigarettes? If I heard it right, how do they make that out. Where is their research findings backed up by real evidence.

The fact is they haven't done any research have they. But........I also got to thinking, the pharmaceutical industry, is there much of it located in Wales? Bet there is and I reckon it is they, the makers of lozenges, chewing gum, etc, who are now getting really worried that their guaranteed income is coming under threat. They are so powerful that they have any Government or Assembly by the proverbial whatsits and dictate to them what laws we should have.

Ah well Jules, its just a white paper for now, maybe by the time it all goes through you will have given up the e-cig too. I think its time those who have given up smoking thanks to the e-cig took to the streets and protested against this victimisation. A critical mass is what's needed - a mass vape :)

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You got it in one sin! I dont think they acutally want people to give up smoking. Its costing too much in lost taxes.

They have no evidence, nothing, cause there isnt any, not that backs up their argument, anyway.

This is just pure victimisation. It harms no one, no one at all!

I am not gonna take this lying down, they are not gonna take my new life away from me. Not without a fight.



Hi chrissie thanks for your kind words. I am married into a very large welsh family, but I dont live in wales. But remember history, the welsh go first then the scots followed by the english. Its all about political pressure.

I feel that I am living on a knives edge! The only thing that has allowed me to give up the fags is going get banned!

Whats the point, all the stress, all the missery, all the will power. Why?

And what about all the other people who have been helped, how many times do we read on here or others say, its the olny thing that has worked. They are condeming us all and for what nothing!

I was so proud I had done it, my life had changed. I was a non smoker.

Now I am to be told that because it looks like smoking, I am a second class citizen, go outside with horrible smokers.

Sorry but I am both fuming and upset all rolled into one.

Just listening to their comments on the tv and radio today, I just felt like packing it all in. If I am going to be treated like a smoker then I may as well be one.

Havnt lit up yet, but Its so temping.


Noooo Jules, if you do that they've won. Said yourself you think its because of all the tax they're losing. There is an awful lot of fuss being made about e-cigs I have to say and I really don't believe its because they fear for our health. Health campaigners, I don't feel, have the political clout to influence the policy makers to this extent, its got to be down to money and someone is really piling on the pressure, am convinced it's the pharma industry, its worth billions.


I have to go to bed now. Nooooo smoking. You made me feel better about still being addicted to nicotine the other week. I haven't had to suffer the patronising, smarmy attitude of the smoking adviser I was going to go and see about going back on Champix. I am not now lining the pocket of Pfizer the manufacturer of Champix thanks to you, so stick with your e-cig, it'll be ages before the legislation goes through anyway. :) :)

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Thanks sin go to bed. You have cheered me up. No cigs at mu. Just thinking of a mass vape demo right up the street to no 10 xx nite nitexx


Yeah sin deff someone pulling the strings. Its makes no sense.

Not gonna lit up at the mo, feel like it though. But one things fo sure, fo me, if this spreads to england and they do get ecigs treated the same as tobacco, and all the smoking ban restrictions applied to it, then I know I will prob go back to fags. Wouldnt be able to see past the viciousness of this ridiculous approach.

We are just the little people, we have no power, we just have to conform. Its totally depressing.


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