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Suddenly, I was ready to quit

I quit smoking cold turkey 6 days ago, and it really hasn't been that bad. There are cravings, but I feel a bit more energetic, my apartment smells better, friends and family are supportive, and I am feeling more positive about everyday life.

I have always enjoyed smoking, but last week before bed I saw the ashtray just inches away and a nearly full pack of Marlboro Lights. With little fanfare and lack of drama, I just suddenly felt I didn't need them anymore and lost the joy of smoking. I took the pack of Lights to the trash bin and threw them away. I haven't smoked since, and feel rather confident that I am going to succeed. This is a big deal, it's big, and though it seemed utterly undramatic at first, a week later I can hardly contain myself. For anyone struggling, this is doable. We can do this!!

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Hi TokyoRebel,

Congratulations on almost getting your first week under your belt and heading fast into your 2nd week :-)

It sounds as though you're all fired up and ready to march on ahead, keep the momentum :-)

You're body has overcome the worse parts of the (physical) cravings, you just now have to work very closely with the psychological cravings.

If you feel you're slowing down a bit, or those pesky cravings try to edge their way in, remember that this is a normal part of the quitting process and by allowing these cravings in will enable you to rise to the next level of this 'stopping smoking game'. Welcome those cravings in through the door, just make sure you don't succumb to them. When you finished listening to their woes, show them the door and the way out!

You're doing brilliant, keep us posted :-)


Thats great advice about the psycho cravings just let them flow through. I am on my third week after freezing chicken. what I have found useful to have is I made a personal poster with some happy captions about not smoking, nice and bright and put it up to remind me of what a good idea it is to stop smoking. Also a little card the same sort of thing, just take out with me.I just pull the card out and read it to reassure myself that I would be crazzzzzy to start smoking again.It good to do for your first few days it took me a good few hours to paint my card & poster. Subbout club


Hi TokyoRebel, congratulations on getting into your second week, it's great that you were able to stop just like that :) keep it up your doing great week:), i know someone who did it this way as well and they never went back to smoking again, that was 20 years ago, i hope it's the same for you. merry Christmas and a happy smoker new year :)

Hi rebus, It's great you got to your 3rd week frozen chicken, i could never have done that :), we have some members that have :)

The poster is a brilliant idea :), and the smaller version as well :), that must have been a great help, thank you for posting this :), i'm sure it will help people to stay motivated and stay stopped :) merry Christmas and a healthy smoke free new year :)


Hi Sue52 Hello I was reading about relapse prevention. One of our problems can be that our memorys fail us on how bad something can be for us. So I thought I might frame my lovely bright & happy poster and put it up with the other paintings.Cos I have got a really bad memory Ha Ha.


Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. I am still smoke free through the holidays and feeling fine. Will keep you updated. Happy Holidays!


Hi TokyoRebel and Rebos

What you are both doing is fantastic and your attitude is so positive. What I admire you both for is that fact that you gave up just one and two weeks before Christmas. Most people would have waiting until the new year but you went ahead anyway, that's great :)

Good luck. Stay strong and we are all here for you if you need us but do let us know how you are going on because you are an inspiration to everyone about to give up and those who already have embarked on the journey to a cigarette free life.


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